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Fox News Declares the Red Hot Chili Peppers to be the “Worst Band on the Planet”

A couple of things: (a) No one should ever take music recommendations from Fox News; and (b) This comment isn’t as incendiary as it first seems. It’s more clickbait than anything else. Let’s deconstruct this. It all begins with this adorable video of Koko the Gorilla playing Flea’s bass. Upon seeing this video, Fox’s Greg Gutfeld turned [&hellip.. more


Awesome Music Created Around–Wait, INSIDE–Volcano

If you had the chance to spend the night around a volcanic crater and create music inspired by it, would you? Fifteen musicians recently did just that. From the New York Times: “[Fifteen] musicians gathered at an active volcanic crater on this small island in the southern Aegean Sea for an experiment in improvisational site-specific [&hellip.. more


A Couple Neat Gadgets for Listening on the Go

Technological evolution means some cool new gadgets for music lovers. For people who enjoy attending concerts, but want to protect their hearing, you might want to check out this Indiegogo campaign from ProSounds. They have created a product that both protects and enhances your hearing. From the campaign page: “The H2P gives you the best [&hellip.. more


Forgotten Formats: Who Remembers the Digital Compact Cassette?

Before recordable CDs became a thing (they told us the technology would never happen on a consumer level because it was just tooooo complicated and waaaaaaay too expensive; blank discs went for $40 each), the only digital option for recording was tape. Sony introduced Digital Audio Tape (DAT) in 1987, which was quickly set upon my [&hellip.. more

Kingswood Music Theatre

Remembering the Kingswood Music Theatre

If you grew up in Southern Ontario in the 80s and 90s, there’s a better-than-average chance that you drove up the 400 to see a summer concert at the Kingswood Music Theatre, the 15,000-ish capacity venue on the grounds of Canada’s Wonderland. I saw a bazillion shows there: Depeche Mode, the Ramones, China Crisis, Kim [&hellip.. more


More Music From The Inbox 24 Aug 2016 Silver Story, The Coral, Blossoms and More!

Artist: Silver Story, “I’m Not A Hero” Album: Cold Street Lights Fantastic band out of the UK Sounds like: The type of storytelling we all like Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: The Coral, “Million Eyes” Album: Distance Inbetween This UK band has some quality sound and depth Sounds like:  A fuzzy bit of style Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Blossoms, “Charlemagne” [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It was on this day in 2001 when Air Transat flight 236 ran out of gas on its way from Toronto to Lisbon. Fortunately, it landed safely in the Azores. Now some music news… The Gord Downie brain cancer fund has raised $265,000 and the money keeps coming in. Here’s a disease I’ll never have [&hellip.. more


Turn Your Old Concert Ticket Stub into a Floor Mat

When I started going to shows, I’d carefully smooth out my ticket stub and tape it to the wall above my bed, creating a chronological history of my concert-going experience. I still save all my ticket stubs (well, for the shows that actually still have physical tickets) and put them into a shoebox. But what [&hellip.. more

Letterman Warren Zevon

Musicians Who Are Running Out of Time

Now that the Tragically Hip tour is over, some people are turning to more sombre things. Medium published this article entitled “Everything You Love Will Die.” You’re welcome. As pleural mesothelioma ravaged his lungs, sapped him of his breath and robbed him of his voice, the idiosyncratic American songwriter Warren Zevon appeared on the Late [&hellip.. more

YouTube money 082216

The Great Streaming War of 2016

FastCompany says musicians are at war with YouTube for lost revenue due to unauthorized streams of their songs, or allowing unsanctioned remixes, covers and other interpretations of their work to remain online. Rolling Stone says YouTube is at war with musicians, possibly not doing everything it can—or should—to keep unauthorized work off the platform, all while [&hellip.. more

Toronto #courageforgord Fan Fundraiser Raises over $18K

As we’ve all seen in the aftermath of Gord Downie’s public announcement of his terminal brain cancer diagnosis and during the Man Machine Poem tour, Tragically Hip fans are absolutely amazing. Across the country, people held #courageforgord Fan Fundraisers that helped raise funds for the Sunnybrook Foundation. Rob Ferreira, who led the Toronto series of [&hellip.. more


Hip Hop and Dance Dominate Streaming Era. But Why?

For a great read about how the relationship with technology differs with rock music and hip hop and dance, you should check out this article from Midia. There has long been a divide between producers and rock bands, with the exception of a few, such as Brian Eno. “The divide was simple: producers did the [&hellip.. more


Ford Improves FM Radio Listening Experience in 2017 Models

For those who listen to the radio while driving, Ford has come up with a new way to get clearer FM radio by using two receptors. According to AutoGuide.com, “the system, which will debut on the 2017 Escape and Fusion, uses the rear window heater grid as a second antenna, allowing the vehicle to choose [&hellip.. more

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