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Trent Reznor Slaps Down Alberta Politicians

You knew this had to happen. When Alberta premier Rachel Notley got together with the mayors of Edmonton (Don Iveson) and Calgary (Naheed Nenshi) to create a “building Alberta together” initiative, some bright staffer suggested they create special T-shirts to highlight the N-I-N connection.     It was only time before this big of copyright and [&hellip.. more

Live Air

30 Years After Live Aid: Where Are They Now?

I remember Live Aid well: Saturday, July 13, 1985.  It’s hard to overstate just how big an event this was. No one had ever conceived of staging such an event (on two continents!) and then broadcasting it to the world in real time. It was a technical triumph, reaching 1.9 billion people in 150 nations. [&hellip.. more


10 Great Punk and Alt-rock Songs That Run Under Two Minutes

In 1987, Napalm Death managed to make a statement in all of 1.316 seconds with “You Suffer.” According to the Guinness Book of Records, it’s the shortest song ever recorded, and it’s great if you like a burst of noise. Here are ten songs that last a bit longer, but still do what they do [&hellip.. more


U2 Gives a Toronto U2 Cover Band Their Dream Gig

Mark Baker–aka U2Brothr–is a U2 superfan. Earlier this year, he managed to get onstage with U2 in Montreal. Last night in Toronto, he managed to get his entire band–a U2 cover outfit called Acrobat–onstage. U2–the real thing–took a break and let the wannabes (and I mean that with great affection) do their thing. This performance [&hellip.. more

Homer Beer

Music Festival Recycles Urine into Beer

Usually it’s the other way around: lots of beer = lots of urine. But leave it to the crafty ecologically-conscious Danes to reverse that equation at the just-completed Roskilde Festival, the largest event of its kind in Northern Europe.  They called it “from piss to pilsner.” But it’s not exactly how it may sound. Some [&hellip.. more

Metallica fire accident

10 Weird Onstage Accidents

There’s been a slew of onstage mishaps so far this year, but such accidents have been a part of rock’n’roll for years. Loudwire put this video together to prove it.. more

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