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Virginia Is For Ticket Scalpers and Resellers

Bought a ticket to a show in Virginia but can’t attend? The reseller market is now wide open for you. And scalpers. A bill was passed by the state’s legislature this week eliminating restrictions on how, when and where tickets to concerts or sporting events can be resold, a move that directly opposes efforts to [&hellip.. more

Lenny Kravitz, Interior Designer

Lenny Kravitz continues to make a nice living from music, but he’s also serious dosh from his work in real estate and interior design. For example, people in Toronto have been watching the construction of the Bisha Hotel and Residence over the last few years. To learn more, let’s turn to the New York Times. [&hellip.. more

Heavy Metal Yoga. Wait–What?

If you’ve ever attended a standard yoga class, you’ll know that there’s often a certain style of music played in the background. But then some people in Massachusetts thought “Why not try something different?” The Satanic Temple in Salem–yes, the site of the infamous witch trials–is about to launch Black Widow Yoga. The description on [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Saturday, February 25, 2017

For everyone who lives in my area wondering why we don’t have any snow, you can blame/thank me. I decided to spend $500 on a snow-clearing contract back in December. And now, the music news. Are there whispers that a plan might be in the works to rescue at least some of HMV Canada? What’s [&hellip.. more

25 Years Ago Today, Kurt Cobain Married Courtney Love

The ceremony was decidedly non-traditional. On February 24, 1992, on a cliff overlooking a beach in Waikiki with the bride wearing a white lace dress (formerly part of the wardrobe of actress Frances Farmer) and the groom wearing, er, flannel pajamas, the marriage was witnessed by eight people, including Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, a few [&hellip.. more

Science Discovers Which Radiohead Song is the Saddest

All Radiohead songs sound sad, even the ones written in a major key. But which of their songs is the absolute saddest? And while we’re at it, which is their most cheerful? A data scientist band Charlie Thompson analyzed every single Radiohead song using a methodology that ranked each in turns of sadness. While valence [&hellip.. more

Behold The Bob’s Burgers Music Album

There’s been some interesting musical moments through all seven seasons of Bob’s Burgers, so it kind of makes sense that everything be collected and released as an album. The Bob’s Burger’s Music Album features 112(!!!) tracks, mostly featuring members of the case but also cameos from people like Bill Hader, Will Forte, Fred Armisen, Aziz [&hellip.. more

Who Will Replace Beyonce at Coachella?

Beyonce has wisely bailed on Coachella, given her mother-to-be condition. So who will replace her as headliner? Naturally, you can place a bet on who that might be. An online wagering company called Betfair has provided these picks and odds: Daft Punk                3/1 Jay Z                      5/1 Kanye West             7/1 Lady Gaga       .. more

London, Ontario: Working to Create a Diverse Music Culture and Industry

Over the summer of 2016 the London Music Office conducted a census that looked back at the music sector of the previous year. With results gathered from 650 London, Ontario residents, the census offers insight into the local music industry. Just like the rest of Canada, music fans in London listen to a wide variety [&hellip.. more

This Week’s Top 11 Playlist: 24 February 2017

This week’s playlist was posted using the WiFi aboard EVA BR0036 enroute from Taipei to Toronto. Ain’t technology cool? Thanks to Mediazoic for the hosting. ARTIST SONG ALBUM 1 Ride Charm Assault Single 2 Cameron Avery Wasted on Fidelity Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams 3 Fairmont Bones A Spring Window 4 Xenia Rubinos L.O.V.E. Single 5 Rolling [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Friday, February 24, 2017

Well, that was a long day in the air: PER-SIN-TAI-YYZ. It will take a while before my soul catches up through those 13 time zones. And now, the music news. Beyonce has decided that playing Coachella while pregnant with twins isn’t a good idea, so she’s canceled… …and promoters have dropped the price of tickets [&hellip.. more

New Video For Leonard Cohen’s “Traveling Light”

Gone but certainly not forgotten, Leonard Cohen has an exceptional legacy. His son, Adam, put together the video for “Traveling Light” from You Want It Darker. It is an emotional tribute to his father using clips from across his storied life. Rolling Stone has a brief write up on it. Leonard Cohen’s gritty and soulful [&hellip.. more

Ottawa Bluesfest Announces 2017 Lineup

The closer we get to the summer, more and more music festivals begin to announce their summer lineups. For Canada’s 150th anniversary, Ottawa’s RBC Bluesfest has announced one of their best line ups ever. As always, Bluesfest includes a wide range of artists from various genres, not just limited to blues. Confirmed artists include: Tom [&hellip.. more

Wayhome 2017: Anyone Have Thoughts on the Lineup? Let’s Discuss.

It’s only February, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about music festivals to attend this summer. Last week Wayhome announced their lineup for this summer and it looks like it will be another great festival. Full passes are available on the Wayhome website. Tier 1 General Admission passes cost $229.99 and VIP [&hellip.. more

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