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Kurt Cobain (Really)

New Kurt Cobain Doc to Premiere on HBO in 2015

The man’s been gone for 20 years but there’s still a huge fascination with Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. The latest examination of his life will debut in 2015 when HBO will offer a documentary called Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. Director Brett Morgen has been working on this project since 2007 and is the first [&hellip.. more

Noel Gallagher 1

More New Noel Gallagher: “Do the Damage”

Noel’s new album, Chasing Yesterday, won’t be out until March but we’ve already getting an idea of where his head is at these days. Check out this clip for “Do the Damage” (the B-side to the first single, “In the Heat of the Moment”) which features an appearance by the LA Derby Dolls. Yes, they’re [&hellip.. more

Elephant Stone - The Three Poisons

I Like This: Elephant Stone

I’ve been following this Montreal band for a number of years now. Last week when I was at the M for Montreal Festival, I told all the out-of-towners I met that they needed to check them out. Here’s a sample of their new album, The Three Poisons.  .. more

OK Go (Logo)

OK Go Will Release an Album on DNA. Yes, Deoxyribonucleic Acid.

Give it up to the guys in OK Go for continually finding new ways to be creative with their music.  Hungry Ghosts, their latest album, is available on DNA.  And yes, I’m talking about deoxyribonucleic acid. Here’s how. The band is working with a UCLA biochemist named Sri Kosuri who is trying to figure out [&hellip.. more

Justin Bieber- mug shot

Meanwhile, in the World of Justin Bieber…

Item 1: Remember the guy who plotted to castrate and kill the Biebs a few years ago? He still hasn’t been charged with any crime. Item 2:  He’s the highest-earning celebrity under the age of thirty. According to Forbes, he made over $80 million USD over the last year, most of it from touring. Item [&hellip.. more

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