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The Next Leader of the Federal NDP Might be a Punk Rocker

The federal NDP needs a new leader, someone with fresh thinking. Why not turn to a punk rocker? Charlie Angus, a multi-term member of Parliament, announced last night that he’s making a run for the leadership. And what better place to break the news than the Horseshoe Tavern? Angus saw his first punk show there [&hellip.. more

Looking Back at the Music Career of Actor Bill Paxton

Because he was such a prolific actor, Bill Paxton’s past as a musician has largely been forgotten. If you go here, you’ll learn about how as a young filmmaker he directed and appeared in the ultra-weird video for Barnes & Barnes’ uber-weird song, “Fish Heads.” But that wasn’t his only music project. In 1984, he [&hellip.. more

Downloads to Your Phone Will Soon be Lightning Fast

Most of us with smartphones have LTE (4G) data connections, which, for the most part, can be pretty quick. But there are other territories–South Korea, Japan, parts of Australia and a few others–that have moved up to 4.5G. Now comes news from a telecommunications meeting in Barcelona that all the standard technical aspects of 5G [&hellip.. more

Sunrise Records is Going to Scoop Up 70 Vacant HMV Locations

Late last week, whispers began to surface about the fate of HMV. Virtually every record label in the country had been conspicuously silent on the impending death of the country and the subtraction of 102 retail outlets for physical product. Losing so many stores would constitute a major hit for distribution of CDs, vinyl, DVDs [&hellip.. more

It’s a Beer! It’s a Record! It’s Both!

Music-themed beer isn’t anything new. But come Friday, 5 Paddles Brewing Company of Whitby, Ontario, will attempt to take things to the next level. Their new brew will be called Jukebox, an 8.5% coffee vanilla stout that will come with a removable label that can be played on a turntable. The music on the label–a [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Monday, February 27, 2017

I couldn’t make it through the Academy Awards last night. I just couldn’t.  You? And look at all the drama we missed! Dammit… And now, some music news. The Gorillaz album is finished and tour rehearsals have begun. With this Facebook post, Beyonce took a subtle shot at Donald Trump. Nicki Minaj’s clothing line has [&hellip.. more

Remembering the Ultra-Weird Music Video Directed by Bill Paxton

Game over, man. It’s game over. Bill Paxton–Aliens, Titanic, Big Love, Apollo 13, A Simple Plan, Twister, etc. etc.–died Sunday from complications following heart surgery. He was just 61. Weirdly, he was apparently nervous heading into the procedure. We’ll let others recount Bill’s movie and TV career, but I will point to the most famous [&hellip.. more

Garbage Announces Autobiographical Book

American alt-rock band Garbage recently announced the upcoming release of their autobiographical coffee table book This Is the Noise That Keeps Me Awake. To be released on July 4th, this is the first time the band’s four members have shared their incredibly journey in their own words. Written by former Rolling Stone journalist Jason Cohen, This Is the Noise That [&hellip.. more

Depeche Mode Tells Alt-Right Douchebag to F*ck Off

If you’ve been following the antics of some of the weirdos orbiting the Trump administration, you’ll know the name Richard Spencer, a far-right alt-right. His views are so repugnant that he was actually forcefully removed from the Conservative Political Action Conference. (If you’re too far to the right for Steve Bannon and his crew, that’ll [&hellip.. more

Beautiful Noise: A History of Guitar Distortion

I love stuff like this. How did distortion and feedback go from being noise to an essential part of rock’n’roll? This article from Noisey explains. The discovery of guitar distortion just may be one of the happiest accidents in modern music history. Born the bastard child of dysfunctional amplifiers, its unmistakable fuzzy squall has since gone on to define countless careers (an.. more

The Day David Bowie Said He Was Gay and How the World Shifted

Up until 1967, homosexuality was a crime in the UK, so when in early 1972 David Bowie stated to Melody Maker that he was “gay and always had been,” the universe shuddered. No celebrity of any sort had declared such a thing. But rather than destroying his career, this simple statement not only elevated Bowie [&hellip.. more

Your Anti-Trump Song for the Day: “Impeachable”

It’s not just the youngsters who are writing anti-Trump songs. Here’s septuagenarian folky Noel Paul Stookey–the Paul in Peter, Paul and Mary and a student of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and the old masters–with a spin on the Nat King Cole song, “Unforgettable.” Some background on this gentle anti-Trump song here.. more

Virginia Is For Ticket Scalpers and Resellers

Bought a ticket to a show in Virginia but can’t attend? The reseller market is now wide open for you. And scalpers. A bill was passed by the state’s legislature this week eliminating restrictions on how, when and where tickets to concerts or sporting events can be resold, a move that directly opposes efforts to [&hellip.. more

Lenny Kravitz, Interior Designer

Lenny Kravitz continues to make a nice living from music, but he’s also serious dosh from his work in real estate and interior design. For example, people in Toronto have been watching the construction of the Bisha Hotel and Residence over the last few years. To learn more, let’s turn to the New York Times. [&hellip.. more

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