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Breaking News: U2’s Tour Manager Dies

In what can only be called another notch in a year full of mishaps and disasters, U2’s Tour Manager, Dennis Sheehan, passed away Last night. U2 played their first of five nights in Los Angeles last night. Whether this impacts tonight’s show, doubtful, we’ll keep our eyes open. They have a three day break before [&hellip.. more


Geeks&Beats Podcast, Episode 107: No Sex Robots, Please

It has been noted by more than one person that I make at least one reference to porn on each and every G&B episode. I assure you that this is quite accidental and should not be interpreted as some kind of mental aberration. I’ve been tested. That being said, this week’s program (with me doing [&hellip.. more

No Singing

Think You Can’t Sing? Hold On a Sec

I cannot sing. I refuse to sing even when I’m alone for fear of offending myself to the point of nausea. I’ve accepted this situation for decades and see no reason to alter my thinking about this particular severe lack of talent. But hang on: maybe I’m wrong. From CNET: Even if you think you [&hellip.. more


Is the Boombox About to Make a Comeback?

Honestly? Why would anyone want to resurrect this thing? From the Sacramento Bee: Bust out that dusty old boombox and unearth the Walkman buried in the garage. Just when you thought vinyl records were the coolest old-school music format to collect, cassettes are making a comeback in the age of all-things digital. That’s right, cassettes [&hellip.. more

Moby 1

Moby Is Very, Very Concerned About the California Drought

He’s worried that he talked to Pamela Chelin for Forbes. As one of the self professed “poster children for California for advocating for California water reform,” musician/DJ and activist Moby says California’s water crisis’s biggest problem is that no one wants to face reality. “As a species, it’s almost like we hate consequences and being [&hellip.. more

Homer - Thinking

Is the Notion of the Song Due for a Shakeup?

Let’s speculate for a moment on the future of songwriting. This comes from Medium.com. In songs, we get new, and repeated, information doled out to us in an engaging way that makes it stick in our heads. We learned language like this — we sing the A,B,Cs — and in many ways pop songs are like nursery rhymes for [&hellip.. more


Watch This Doc on the History of Krautrack

You may have stumbled across the term “krautrock” when reading about how this genre influenced Damien Albarn, Sonic Youth and so many others. But what, exactly, is krautrock? Take a look.. more

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