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The Ongoing History of New Music, Episode 699: The History of Power Pop

First, the good news: Producer Rob’s collapsed lung–a spontaneous pneumothorax–has been re inflated and he’s breathing just fine. That means we can return to our regularly scheduled OH programming. Power pop is one of the most enduring forms of rock. What began with the Beatles has since been subsumed into the alt-rock world and is [&hellip.. more

Pomplamoose 1

More Fun with Pomplamoose

You probably know the song, right? The hiring of string quartet was made possible by donations from their patrons. The story of Pomplamoose (and it’s a good one) can be found here. (Thanks to Blaine for the link.).. more

Road noise

New Tech Might Help Your Car Stereo Sound Better

The cockpit of a can can be a noisy place to listen to music. Of the three sources of noise–engine, wind and road–the last is the worst. Tires rolling on pavement can be awfully loud. This is where GizMag picks up the story: As automakers attempt to make vehicles more energy-efficient, they’re increasingly turning to [&hellip.. more


How Music and iPods are Helping Dementia Patients

In April 2013, my grandfather died at the age of 102 1/2. He was in pretty good shape up to 100, but a never-ending parade of tiny strokes began to poke bigger and bigger holes into his memory. By the time he died, he was almost completely uncommunicative. Almost. There was always a radio on [&hellip.. more

Mercury Prize

So Where’s the Sales Bump for the Winner of the Mercury Prize?

Part of the reason you want to be part of an awards competition is that a nomination can result in a significant boost in sales for your album. And if you win, the theory is people will rush out an buy your music. This is exactly what hasn’t happened to Young Fathers, the Scottish hip [&hellip.. more

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