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A History of Grey Cup Halftime Shows

[This was my column in the Metro papers this week. – AC] Sunday marks the 103rd edition of what some still call The Great National Drunk. And while the Grey Cup will always be dwarfed by the Super Bowl, we Canadians should remember that our game was into proper halftime spectacles before the NFL. The [&hellip.. more

Milli Vanilli

Revisiting the Milli Vanilli Scam, 25 Years Later

Once upon a time, before Auto-Tune and before artists routinely used backing tracks in concert situations, there was a group called Milli Vanilli. Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus looked great–all clothes and hair, perfect for MTV and MuchMusic–but they harbored a secret. They didn’t actually sing any of the songs on their records or when [&hellip.. more

Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams

Coldplay Goes Ape in New Music Video (Sorry for the Weak Headline)

Coldplay has been reimagined as apes in the new music video for “Adventures of a Lifetime.” It’s not exactly Moonwatcher in 2001, but, hey, you need Kubrick for that. Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime (Official video)Here it is! The full video for Adventure Of A Lifetime, the first single from the new album, A [&hellip.. more

Mainland copy

An Interview with Jordan Topf of Mainland

[Reviewer-at-large Scott Jones liked the band Mainland so much that he tracked down singer Jordan Topf for an interview. – AC] I had the opportunity to chat with Jordan Topf, lead singer of California via Manhattan band, Mainland, about their recently-released single “A Bit Out of Time,” featured on their EP, “Outcast,” due out on [&hellip.. more

Compact Disc

CD Ripping is Still 100% Illegal in the UK. No, Really. It Is.

How many CDs have you ripped to MP3s? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? Ever wondered about the technical legality of doing that? Nope. Me, neither. I bought the CDs, so all I’m doing is transmuting the format so I can listen to the music I own on a different device. CDs are so 90s. I can tell [&hellip.. more


How Metal and Hip Hop Are Fighting in Syria

With all the horror stories coming out of the Syrian civil war, who would have time to make music? Well, surprise. Music can thrive under the worst of circumstances. From the Guardian. In the first heady weeks of the Arab spring, commentators made much of the role played by social media, but far more significant [&hellip.. more


Requiem for a Stream

The Globe and Mail takes a look at the demise of Rdio. This bums me out greatly–and I’m not alone. From the looks of things, the death of Rdio will be felt more in Canada than just about anywhere else in the world. As we approach two decades of upheaval in the music industry, it’s [&hellip.. more

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