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These are the nominees for the 2019 Prism Prize

The Prism Prize is the annual award given to the best Canadian music video of the year with the winner getting a cheque for $15,000. Let’s being with a sizzle reel of the top twenty nominees. This list will be narrowed to a top 10 shortlist on April 2. The grand prize will be awarded [&hellip.. more

Here are your 2019 Brit Awards winners

The Brit Awards, the UK’s answer to the Junos and the Grammys, were handed out yesterday. (Weird that they do this in the middle of the week, innit?) Here are your winners. British Female Solo Artist Jorja Smith British Group The 1975 British Single Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa – One Kiss Global Success Ed [&hellip.. more

UPDATE: Can anyone help with a mysterious artist named Latesha Escalero?

With all the digital smog that we create about ourselves every day, it’s frightening how much of our personal information is available with a quick Google search. That’s why I’m fascinated whenever I come across someone who is difficult to Google. Adrian sent me an email asking about an artist named Latesha Escalero who has [&hellip.. more

New Music From The Inbox: Toro y Moi, RY X, Adia Victoria, and more!

Artist: ThelmaSong: Stranger LoveAlbum: The Only Thing Brooklyn based musician Natasha Jacobs is Thelma. Her voice flutters like a hummingbird, making her poetic lyrics shine on this adventurous synth-folk track. For fans of Joanna Newsom. Watch/listen: Artist: Toro y MoiSong: Ordinary PleasureAlbum: Outer Peace This smooth, funky, understated pop track is a total party. It’s [&hellip.. more

Random music news for Thursday, February 21, 2019

This is the 71st birthday of NASCAR. As for music news for February 21, 2019… Just when we thought the Jussie Smollett story couldn’t get any weirder, it does. He’s been arrested. Here’s the mugshot. Imagine Dragons are the new Nickelback. Discuss. Once you’re done with that, discuss this list of the 25 best female [&hellip.. more

Rock My World Canada, chapter 47: Moist

[Mike Carr has put together a massive volume on Canadian music history entitled Canadian Alternative & Indie Reference and Collector’s Guide. It’s an incredible discography of hundreds of bands. This is the latest excerpt from his book. – AC] Moist is an alternative rock band that originally formed in 1992. It consists of David Usher as lead [&hellip.. more

The ridiculousness between the Gallagher brothers just got kicked up a notch

The trouble with trying to follow the goings-on of the Trump administration is that as soon as new salacious allegations come to light, they’re immediately eclipsed by the next day’s revelations. Kinda like the relationship between Noel and Liam Gallagher. Liam is working on a new documentary called As It Was, which will follow Our [&hellip.. more

RIP Hollerado. The band says they’re done. Almost.

Sad news from the world of Canadian indie rock as Hollerado says that they’re calling it a day. They put out a press release yesterday. “For the past 12 years we’ve had the best time, all the time, and now it’s time to move on to other things. We are all still best friends in [&hellip.. more

Happy birthday, Kurt Cobain

Had Kurt lived, he would have turned 52 today. Here’s a post by Gilles LeBlanc from two years ago on what was Kurt’s 50th. Kurt Cobain would have turned 50 years old on February 20th, 2017. In that brief, less-than-three-year window between Nevermind’s release in the fall of 1991 and the Nirvana frontman’s suicide on [&hellip.. more

Random music news for Wednesday, February 20, 2019

This is the date–February 20, 2003–of the Station Nightclub Fire in Rhode Island when 100 people died and 200 were injured when the pyro went wrong during a Great White gig. As for music new for February 20, 2019… The real-like Arthur Carlson–the GM of WKRP in Cincinnati–has died. AC/DC really appreciates what this Canadian [&hellip.. more

This Dutch boy band is on a mission to keep Britain in the EU

The UK faces a deadline of March 29 for striking a Brexit deal with the EU. The consequences of a negotiated deal is bad enough, but a no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic. It would send an economic tsunami around the world. Elizabeth May’s Conservative government completely divided. The Leavers won’t listen to reason. The Remainers [&hellip.. more

What’s the next tech after streaming? Nothing, right? Well…

[This was my weekend column for GlobalNews.ca. – AC] When the compact disc was unveiled in late 1982, many thought we’d finally reached perfection with music storage and playback technology. With their clear sound, the absence of hiss, crackles, and pops, and excellent portability, there was no more room for improvement. Not that the tech [&hellip.. more

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