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The Tragically Hip DESTROYS the Canadian Music Charts Following Their Tour

The numbers are in for the week following the final(?) Tragically Hip show. Let’s examine the sales fallout. All 17 albums in The Tragically Hip catalogue are now in the Top 200 on the Billboard Canadian Albums chart (album sales, digital song sales and audio on-demand streams). That includes four in the top ten. Yer [&hellip.. more

Nirvana set list Glasgow 1991

Cool Video: Nirvana Playing “Teen Spirit” in a Small Club in 1991

Twenty-five years ago, this sort of scene was fairly common. But come September 24, 1991, everything for Nirvana–and music–would change as the result of Nevermind. I remember playing the song on the air for the first time. I was doing middays at CFNY (soon to be renamed the Edge) when a friend walked in with [&hellip.. more


The Millennial Whoop: Continuing to Make Pop Music All Sound the Same

A lot of people complain about music today always sounding the same and there being no originality anymore. In reality, pop music has been that way for quite some time, with songwriters discovering what chord and note progressions that the mainstream population enjoys listening to and sticking to that. Listen to Axis of Awesome’s “4 [&hellip.. more


The 2016 VMA Winners (If It Matters)

Here’s your list of winners for Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards in case you missed watching it. Beyoncé walked away with most of the awards during one of the lowest-rated MVAs in memory. Let’s face it: Quee Be aside, it was a boring self-indulgent show. Video of the Year: Beyoncé — “Formation” Best Female [&hellip.. more

Vinyl Collection

Tuesday Timesuck: Let’s Review What We Should Know About Vinyl

With vinyl sales still ticking upward year-over-year–Canadian sales are up 35% from 2015–it might be time to take a breath and look at vinyl in general. I’ve compiled a few resources that you might find helpful. 1. Watch a Vinyl Record Being Made A good article from Nerdist.   2. What You Should Know Before [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The cicadas in my backyard are still bloody deafening. Must be the heat. And now, the music news. This is why traditional broadcasters should worry about the connected car. This is the song that made Michael Phelps mad and pumped up for his Olympic events. Measuring the popularity of podcasts: tougher than you might think. [&hellip.. more


Monday Surprise: Rebecca Black Has Released a New Single–and It’s GOOD!

Rebeccas Black’s “Friday” remains one of the Internet’s weirdest unintentional jokes (and at nearly 100 million views, a pretty profitable one), but give the woman props. She didn’t succumb to the ridicule and just kept going. Now she has a new single called “The Great Divide” and looking at it objectively, it’s a pretty good [&hellip.. more


Throw a Punk Party for Your Kids.

[This is an older article–2014–but when we stumbled across it over the weekend, we just had to highlight it.] Do you have children? Are they little punk rockers in the making? Martha Stewart’s website has an adorable, and somewhat cheesy “how to” on throwing a do-it-yourself (DIY) “punk rock-inspired party”. It’s a little bit punk-lite, [&hellip.. more


New NWA Biography Entertaining and Accurate Account of Rap Group’s Influence

Last year Straight Outta Compton was met with huge success. Even just the hype was massive. People were changing their profile pictures on Facebook. The movie was given fantastic ratings and positive reviews from the critics. Despite some more problematic aspects of the group’s history being brushed to the side, it seemed like everyone was [&hellip.. more


Here’s a Fully Functional Boom Box Purse. For $9,000.

Ladies (and gents, if you’re into handbags), if you have ever looked at your purse and thought “this really could be more like a boom box”, then you’re in luck because such a product exists…for about $9,000. Dolce & Gabbana have come out with a radio bag that includes build-in speakers and a cord so [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Monday, August 29, 2016

There’s a guy down the street who still has winter tires and rims on his Camry. Should someone say something? And now, music news… John Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman, has been denied parole again. He’s been in jail for 36 years and is now 61. Japan has an alert out after a fan with [&hellip.. more

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