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The Ongoing History of New Music, Episode 765: CONSPIRACY!

I love me a good conspiracy. Who really shot JFK? Is the British royal family actually lizard people? Did NASA fake the moon landings? It’s not that I believe in them, though; instead, I love to hear the ramblings of people who do. Conspiracy theories thrive because humans have a pathological desire to have the [&hellip.. more


How To Fund Your Career in the Music Industry

I’m excited to announce my next Music Technology Event (November 17, in downtown Toronto). This time we have joined forces with Digital Media at the Crossroads to help you explore funding avenues available to music technology startups (see event poster below). As usual, attending the event is free. And even though we’re a total non-profit group, we will [&hellip.. more


This Week’s Top 11 Playlist: 28 October 2016

Once again, here’s another hand-picked list of new tunes from my that I hope will pique some kind of interest. Speaking for myself, I’m really loving the Flasher, Emma Ruth Rundle and the glorious live version of Kate Bush’s “King of the Mountain.” Feedback is always appreciated–and thanks to Mediazoic for the hosting. ARTIST SONG [&hellip.. more

Stewie (Nice)

Please Welcome the Parody Boy Band, One Erection (Probably NSFW)

Take one part boy band (in this case, One Direction) and mix in a little gay porn and you end up with the Cockyboys parody of boy bands which they call One Erection. “One Erection: The (un)Making of a Boy Band” was our first foray into Porn Parody. Shot as a mockumenatry (we call it [&hellip.. more


Why the Cleveland Indians Should Be Renamed the Cleveland Rocks

Like a lot of people, I have serious issues with Chief Wahoo, the hideously offensive caricature that the Cleveland Indians insist on using as part of their image. And I’m also on board with any movement that involves changing the name of sports teams with names that offend native peoples. Washington Redskins? Really? In the 21st [&hellip.. more


Oh, So THAT’S Muse’s Halloween Surprise

Muse dropped a cryptic tweet the other day, hinting towards some kind of Halloween surprise. Turns out it’s a new song. Watch as Muse channels their inner Goth (while also letting some Stooges out) by covering the Cramps‘ “New Kind of Kick.&#.. more


Pitchfork Releases Clip from The Smart Studios Story

As we approach the November 25 Record Store Day, Pitchfork has shared an exclusive clip from The Smart Studios Story. Currently on a screening tour of the US, the documentary is the official film of Record Store Day. You can watch the clip here. The movie traces the roots and rise of independent music in [&hellip.. more


A Pussy Riot View of Trump’s America

You can always count on Pussy Riot to provide some exciting politcal commentary. The 2016 U.S. Presidential election is no exception. The video is a look at the potentially (hah!) dystopian future of a Trump presidency. (He won’t be please. Will order his lawyers to grab them by the…oh, nevermind.).. more

Music News

Random Music News for Friday, October 28, 2016

It’s Halloween party weekend. No, I’m not going to any. I’m the WORST at Halloween. And now, the music news… This Stevie Wonder song has been remixed to turn its ire from Richard Nixon (its original intent) to Donald Trump. No, Justin Bieber isn’t being investigated for any US presidential voting violations. Damn. That would [&hellip.. more


I Like This: David Usher and “We Will Be Free”

Here’s another sample of Moist man David Usher’s upcoming covers album entitled Let It Play, which will be out next Friday (November 4.) This is his English version of a track called “Ce Soir” by Montreal’s Monogrenade.. more

Tool meme 3

The New Tool Album, Update #3,729

Earlier this year, there was real optimism that we’d have a new Tool album before the snow flies. However, Tool being Tool, things are always taking longer than anyone expected. According to someone who was at a meet-and-greet before a Tool show in Salt Lake City, Adam Jones says that the band is working in [&hellip.. more

Apple logo

Apple Says Music Revenue is Up 22% Over the Last Year. But What Does That Mean?

Apple announced Q4 financial results on Tuesday, wrapping up another fiscal year for The World’s Biggest Company.™ While they did beat expectations from analysts, iPhone sales were lower year over year (they say they can’t make iPhone 7s fast enough), margins slightly smaller and profits slightly lower. Still, it’s not like Apple is going out [&hellip.. more

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