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The Latest News Roundup of News on the Death of Dolores O’Riordan

Details surrounding the death of Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan still in short supply. I’ll keep updating this post for as long as it makes sense. Officially, the Cranberries sold 567,000 albums in Canada. However, because they started released albums before the institution of SoundScan in Canada in 1995, the actual number is much higher. As of [&hellip.. more

How Big is the Apple App Store? THIS Big

The last time I checked, I have 188 apps on my iPhone X. I figure I use about a dozen of them regularly, so I could delete the other 176 and barely noticed. But since I actually paid for a bunch of them (and I can’t remember which ones), I can’t bring myself to initiate [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Now that Blue Monday is behind us, we can concentrate on getting through the second half of what’s been (generally) a brutal month. Here’s your music news for January 16, 2018. Please don’t ask Dave Grohl if rock is dead. He’s tired of that question. Canadian album sales vs. this time last year: Total albums, [&hellip.. more

The Weekly Survey is for Gen Zers: Who is the voice of your generation?

I’m pretty sure it was the music historian Simon Frith who said “Every generation has the biological right to believe the music of its use is the best music ever made.” (If it wasn’t Simon, I apologize. But it’s too good a quote not to use.) There’s a musical sweet spot between the time you [&hellip.. more

What Does the Internet Look Like in Real Time?

Every second of every day, billions of people are online doing…something. This graphic from Betfy illustrates what’s happening with the Internet in real time. It’s an awesome research for tool for anyone who needs to quantify what’s actually happening out there. Click on the graphic to get started. Your mind will be blown.. more

Why It Is So Hard to Buy Concert Ticket, Part 1: The Bots

[This is the first of a series of articles I’m writing for Global News. The goal is to explain all the complexities and unknown aspects of buying concert tickets. -AC] It’s almost go time. You’re at your computer with six open browser tabs, all on the Ticketmaster website. As the clock ticks towards 10 a.m., [&hellip.. more

Say what? No, really: unpronounceable band names

A band’s name says a lot about them. But what if the name can’t be said? We’re talking about bands like ******** or !!! or ttttttttttttttttttttt, bands who decided on purpose to name  themselves something that can’t easily be pronounced because… well, sometimes speaking is dull. Apparently. It’s also counter intuitive, considering how often people [&hellip.. more

The World’s First Cryptocurrency Pop Band. Wait–What?

Only in Japan would someone come up with the idea of launching the “world’s first cryptocurrency pop band.” Please welcome Kasotsuka Shojo (translation: “Virtual Currency Girls.” The brainchild of a Japanese entertainment corporation called Cinderella Academy, the eight women in the group all wear furry hats designed to represent a different cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, r.. more

2018 Brit Awards Nominees Shows How Much Hip-Hop has Taken Over the UK

The nominations for the 2018 Brit Awards came out Saturday and if you still think that hip-hop and R&B aren’t the dominant genres of popular music these days, give your head a shake. With the exception of Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, The Killers and LCD Soundsystem (all Best International Group), Liam Gallagher (Best Male Solo [&hellip.. more

New Music from the Inbox for January 15, 2018: Mobley, The Inoculated Canaries, Now, Now, & More!

Artist: Mobley Song:”Tell You” Album: Single Mobley singlehandedly writes, performs, and produces all his music, showing just how important his art is to him. Listen: Artist: The Inoculated Canaries Song: “Count Me Out” Album: Trying Times EP New York-based rockers The Inoculated Canaries write about personal experiences. Watch: Artist: Now, Now Song: “SGL” Album: Single [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Monday, January 15, 2018

It’s Martin Luther King Day in the US. Canadians could use a stat right about now, don’t you think? Any ideas for something to commemorate/celebrate? Think about that as you browse through music news for January 15, 2018. Taylor Swift has been warned about a guy with a gun who’s claiming to be her boyfriend. [&hellip.. more

So We Can Say “Shitholes” on TV and the Radio Now?

Well, sort of. Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, America’s Federal Communications Commission and the UK’s Ofcom take a dim view of using profanity on the radio and TV. There are times when they turn a blind eye–the best example might be the “watershed” time, which allows naughty words on TV and in songs after a certain [&hellip.. more

This is Your Brain on Hip Hop

[Shane Alexander, a writer at brother site Geeks&Beats, has this special report on our brains and the effect of hip hop. – AC] Hip Hop is the most dominant musical culture. Based on this realization, an essay has been published by Mashable titled This is your brain on Hip Hop: how Rap music affects human emotion. It includes audio [&hellip.. more

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