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The Ongoing History of New Music, Episode 786: The Diversity Show

Here is a truth that some people find very uncomfortable: rock, alt-rock and indie rock are predominantly white. Why is that? The answers—and there is more than one—are complicated. There has actually been a quite a lot of study on this question. Perhaps its because non-white people don’t choose this music as part of the [&hellip.. more

The Business of Being A Band

I’m very excited to announce our first Music Technology Event of 2017 is May 30th at the beautiful Shopify Offices in Downtown Toronto. We are very lucky to have this amazing Canadian technology company helping us out with our event.  They are not only a great company but are doing great things in the community as well. This [&hellip.. more

FCC is Ready to Kill Net Neutrality Protections

The US Federal Communication Commission this week released its outline for killing net neutrality. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, considering the current administration’s overwhelmingly anti-individual, pro-business (at the cost of everything) stance, but it’s disheartening. As reported by the Washington Post’s Brian Fung, new commissioner Ajit Pai, a longtime opponent of the.. more

Last Call For 2017 Emerging Artist Mentorship Contest

If you’re an artist or band looking to get discovered, you’ll want to pay attention! The Emerging Artist Mentorship Program is still accepting applications from musicians, but you’ll have to act fast – the April 30 deadline is fast approaching. Presented by Canada’s Walk of Fame, the Mentorship Program is a huge sweepstakes designed to [&hellip.. more

Two Beatles-Branded Turntables in Time for the 50th Anniversary of Sgt. Pepper

June 1 will mark fifty years since the Beatles released their groundbreaking Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Along with a super deluxe box set, there are a number of other Sgt. Pepper products in the pipeline, including these two Beatles-themed high-end turntables from Pro-Ject, the largest manufacturer of record players in the world. [&hellip.. more

Metalheads, Kitty Cats, and the Colouring Book You Didn’t Know You Needed

Nothing screams heavy metal lover more than jean jackets, gutteral screaming, and adoring cute kitties, right? Apparently that’s the dynamic discovered by photographer Alexandra Crockett while doing promotional shoots in the Bay Area. After shooting her friends and local bands, she had the bright idea to highlight the more human side of the metal scene [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Saturday, April 29, 2017

The LA riots after the beating of Rodney King started 25 years ago today. And now, the music news for April 29. Damn, I wish these proposed festival ticket packages were real. Can someone please think about offering stuff like this? A new survey says people prefer watching TV on their computers than on their [&hellip.. more

I Like This: Earth’s Yellow Sun

I’m not sure how to categorize Toronto’s Earth’s Yellow Sun. Is this jazz fusion mixed with math-rock? Prog jazz with metal flourishes? Prog rock with a horn section? However you want to look at this track, you’ll be impressed with their chops. I just wish this piece was longer!.. more

As blink-182 Songs Go, This Could be Their Strangest One Yet

Come May 12, blink-182 will release a deluxe version of last year’s California album. Among the eleven (!!!) new tunes will be “6/8,” a song written in 6/8 time–not exactly the most punk rock time signature. Still, it’s pretty aggressive. Let’s have a listen. This is the strangest song blink have ever recorded. It’s in [&hellip.. more

Which Genre of Music Mentions Drugs the LEAST? (Nope. You’re Wrong.)

Exclaim! points us to a new study from Addictions.com that tracked drug mentions in music. Using data from SongMeanings.com and after examining the lyrics of a staggering 1.41 million songs, they uncovered a fascinating and totally unexpected fact. Broken down by genre, the most drug references are heard in country music. Rap has the fewest, [&hellip.. more

This Week’s Top 11 Playlist: 28 April 2017

Another Friday, another list of recommended new tunes, hand-picked by me. Lemme know if anything on this week’s list floats your boat. Thanks, as always, to Mediazoic for the hosting. ARTIST SONG ALBUM 1 U2 Red Hill Mining Town (2017 Remix) Single 2 The Altobeelays Unkle Furious Weaponized Magik 3 DVSN 88 Planet 9 Single [&hellip.. more

Record Store Day Sales Numbers are In. Here’s What People Bought

According to organizers of Record Store Day, the biggest sellers this year were titles from David Bowie and the Grateful Dead. And while stores were crowded (I was at Kops on Queen West in Toronto on Saturday and it was a ZOO!) there was little to no growth in sales over 2016. Buzz Angle Music [&hellip.. more

Burlington’s Sound of Music Announces Free 2017 Father’s Day Weekend Lineup

Sound of Music festival is back with more news! The Burlington event announced The Offspring and LIVE as their Kick-Off concert headliners last month, and have now released the bands performing in the free Father’s Day weekend concerts. Some big names will be taking over the Burlington Waterfront from June 15 – 18 for the Father’s [&hellip.. more

Osheaga’s Day-by-Day 2017 Schedule Announced

Osheaga’s full lineup was announced early last month, but now it’s time for some detailed planning – the daily schedule has arrived! Muse, Lorde, and The Weeknd are the headliners for this year’s rendition, taking place from August 4-6 in Montreal’s Parc Jean-Drapeau. But, now we actually know who will be playing when: The Friday [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Friday, April 28, 2017

Fifty years ago today, Muhammed Ali refused induction into the US Army. He was stripped of his championship and his boxing license during the prime of his career. And now, the music news for April 28. Good trivia question: Can you name the four acts who had Top 40 hits in the 80s, 90s, 00s [&hellip.. more

Let’s Play Facebook’s 10-Concerts-One-Is-A-Lie Game

For reasons that baffle everyone, Facebook blew up this week with a game where people offer a list of ten artists that they claim to have seen live. Nine are true, but one is a lie. Some people really seem to like this game, but others (cf. here and here) think it’s insane. Okay, I’ll [&hellip.. more

Watch Dave Grohl’s Mom Embarrass her Son on Colbert

Ginny Grohl is on a promotional tour for her new book CFrom Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars, escorted by son Dave. And it’s been going very well. Mostly. Learn more about the book here. &nbsp.. more

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