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Gord Downie

Gord Downie and his Brain Cancer: What We Know

After the shocking announcement earlier today (May 24) on The Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie’s diagnosis with incurable brain cancer, there was an update from his doctor: Downie was diagnosed in December with glioblastoma, a cancerous and aggressive form of brain tumour that affects two or three people out of every 100,000, making it a common [&hellip.. more


Breaking: Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie has Terminal Brain Cancer

In a statement released by the legendary band very early this morning, The Tragically Hip share some pretty shocking and sad news: their lead singer and enigmatic frontman, Gord Downie, has terminal brain cancer. Here’s the message in full, as was sent to members of their fan club: Hello friends. We have some very tough [&hellip.. more


The Summer of Gord Is Upon Us

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that The Tragically Hip will be setting out on the road this summer. Hearing the Hip in the warmer months is as natural and normal as lingering on porches and calling in to work with an exaggerated cough to spend just a few more hours outside while the sun’s [&hellip.. more


Radiohead Play “Creep” – So?

It may seem like a big ‘so what?’ to find a band like Radiohead played one of their biggest hits. Until you realize it’s been 7 years since they’ve done it! Plenty of bands tire of playing their biggest hit, bowing to fans’ pressure by mixing up the arrangement, running through it in a perfunctory [&hellip.. more

Tin Machine

Inside Bowie’s Tin Machine

Many of you will recall the brief outing David Bowie had in a side project called Tin Machine. Rolling Stone has an inside look. During the late Eighties, David Bowie was one of the world’s most successful pop stars. But he wasn’t exactly thrilled about it. “It was great I’d become accessible to a huge [&hellip.. more

David Bowie Bw

Bowie Rarities Featured in BBC Doc

Bowie fans will get a treat in an upcoming episode of BBC4’s The People’s History of Pop. Several rarities are set to be featured in the documentary. One of them includes a version of “My Way”, a song made famous by Frank Sinatra, although Sinatra immediately rejected Bowie’s lyrics in favour of Paul Anka’s. NME [&hellip.. more

Justin Bieber

Bieber Not a Fan of Awards Shows

After performing at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards, Justin Bieber took to Instagram and wrote about his dislike of music awards shows. He says that he finds them hallow and when he looks into the audience, all he sees is fake smiles. In his Instagram post, Bieber stated: “I don’t know about these award shows.. No [&hellip.. more


The Boss Is A Gentleman

Bruce Springsteen’s mother (oddly enough named Adele as well) didn’t raise a bad kid. Here’s proof: Bruce Springsteen gave Adele his own jacket to wear when she turned up at his gig in a skimpy dress. The Boss was shocked to see the Hello star wearing light clothes to his outdoor Rock In Rio gig [&hellip.. more


Of Mice & Men Surprise Teenage Fan with Cancer

In January, a 14-year-old named Cassy was told she had maybe six months left to live. The teen was diagnosed two years ago with terminal brain cancer. Of Mice & Men surprised Cassy, a fan of the Orange County metalcore band, by featuring her on their new album. The album includes a recording of Cassy [&hellip.. more

Eminem Brick

Eminem Sells Bricks, Boards from Childhood Home

It’s a new practices for celebrities to offer their fans the opportunity for exclusive things– pre- or post-show meetings, photos, dinners, discussions, even little momentos to those willing to pay big bucks for the privilege of getting up close and personal with their favourite singers. So how about the opportunity to buy a piece of [&hellip.. more

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