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Music Technology Event: Lifting the Curtain on the Music Industry

I’m excited to announce my next Music Technology Event (August 16, in Toronto). This time we have joined forces with Ryerson University’s Music Den to “lift the curtain” on the music industry and shine light on the misconceptions surrounding the business of making and selling music. As usual, attending the event is free. And even though [&hellip.. more

Calvins facepalm

Justin Bieber’s Dude Fans

Yes, they exist. From Fusion: The boys are up in the nosebleeds when Gabe gets a phone call. He gestures to Sam and Will, and the three men start to mobilize as if they are summoned by God. Something about getting into a suite. Apparently, Girls of Interest are there. Ja Rule is allegedly also [&hellip.. more


“Am I Emo?”

Yahoo! Music would like us to remember 2002 when magazines like Seventeen tried to help us identify our inner-emo-ish-ness.. more

Sid and Nancy rerelease copy

Sid and Nancy Coming Back to Theatres for 30th Anniversary Release

Sid and Nancy, Alex Cox dramatization of the relationship between the Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious (played by Gary Oldman) and his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen (Chloe Webb) was panned when it was first released in 1986. Since then, though, the movie has taken on an interesting culty appeal. The film has been cleaned up for a [&hellip.. more

Ice Cream Truck

The True Story of the Ice Cream Truck Song

There’s a dude who drives an ice cream through my neighbourhood at least once a day. I know it’s him because I can hear that 20-second song loop that heralds his imminent arrival. Every time I hear it, I wonder “How does this man not go insane?” The AV Club has the story behind the [&hellip.. more

Question mark

A Brief History of Secret Concerts

Not all gigs are announced in advance–at least not to the general public. Maybe it’s something that only insiders know about. Perhaps it’s the culmination of a contest. Or maybe no one knows about it and you just kind of stumble upon a really cool surprise. Heather Lang, one of the writers in the Citizen [&hellip.. more


Thom Yorke: Satan

I’m sure there are plenty of examples of religious groups trying to spread their message that God’s not dead in a variety of strange, and sometimes unintentionally amusing, ways. Here in North America, it’s mainly groups of conservative Christians. The latest attempt by a Christian movement that’s trying to appear “hip and happening” in spreading [&hellip.. more

Wacken (Stage at night)

The “No Backpacks” Ban at Music Festivals Has Begun

Here’s another sad sign of the times. With all the massacres and shootings and suicide bombings involving clubs and music festivals in the last year, music festivals are starting to really tighten security regulations and procedures. The Wacken festival, an awesome three-day metal event in Germany that’s been going on forever that attracts upwards of [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Thursday, July 28, 2016

My parents are coming to visit us for the first time in seven years. The dogs will be confused, especially the young one who doesn’t know she’s a granddog. And now, the music news. What’s it like to run the porta-potty concession at a music festival? Love this: Donald Trump’s Trumpettes are now suing him because [&hellip.. more

Third Man Space Records

Jack White and His Effort to Play Vinyl in Space

Jack White is always looking for ways to promote the use and enjoyment of vinyl records. His new project is a moonshot of sorts as he looks to become the first person to play a record in space. Okay, so he’s actually not going to space to drop the needle himself. Instead, he’s involved in [&hellip.. more

Boombox collection 1

Kiwi Man Selling Vast Collection of Boomboxes

Sometime around the turn of the millennium, New Zealander Craig Kenton started hoarding all manner of boomboxes. He now has more than 400 of them–and now they all gotta go. How much? He’s asking $20,000. Seems like a bargain to me. Read more at Pitchfork.. more

Megadeth Beer copy

Megadeth Beer. Brewed in Canada, Too.

Dave Mustaine teased the release of a Megadeth-branded beer called Tout le Monde, a Belgian-style ale brewed by a craft outfit from a Quebec called Unibroue. Points if you picked up on the fact that the beer is named after a song on the band’s 1994 album, Youthanasia. We’re not sure when it will be [&hellip.. more


Watch This Barber Shop Quartet Sing a Medley of Pop Songs

Barber shop quartets are all about singing songs from “the good old days”–whenever that was. Songs that seem a little, well, almost antiquated now. As time keeps on rolling forward, the “good old days” do, too. This barber shop quartet, called Main Street, proves this in their satirical medley of pop songs. Watch and listen [&hellip.. more


More Music From The Inbox, 27 July 2016: TCIYF, AJJ, Batuk and More!

Artist: TCIYF, “Tupperware” Album: N/A Soweto is home to this genius thrash outfit Sounds like: you never thought this could be punk! Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: AJJ, “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” Album: The Bible 2 Phoenix, Lansing and Oakland are home to this fascinating group. Sounds like:  Just sayin’ Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Batuk, “Vida ft Nandi Ndlovu” Album: Musica [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Flying back from Dubai today. Only 13 hours and 30 minutes nonstop–in economy. Remind me: Why do I do this again? And now that the whining is done, here’s some music news. If you’re going perform in the Broadway edition of  School of Rock, it’s always nice when Slash shows up to supervise a rehearsal. [&hellip.. more

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