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The Ongoing History of New Music, Episode 721: Ten Things About Muse

North America was kinda late to Muse. Even as they were playing arenas and stadiums in the UK, Europe and Asia, they were still playing clubs when they came to this side of the world. I remember sitting with the band in full view in a sushi restaurant in downtown Toronto, something that really freaked [&hellip.. more

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The New York Times Previews U2’s Innocence + Experience Tour

From Sunday’s Arts&Entertainment section wherein U2 discusses the upcoming tour, the stage setup, a different sound system and Bono’s injuries: VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — It was definitive arena rock, loud and clear, filling Pacific Coliseum here with surging sound. The Edge blared a distorted two-chord guitar riff, Larry Mullen Jr.’s tom-toms and cymbals landed hard [&helli.. more

Peter Griffin - Thumbs up 2

Why Do You Like This Song?

Think of your favourite song. Now ask yourself this: Why is it your favourite? What is it about that particular collection of notes and rhythms that resonates with you emotionally and physically? Now think of another song that you really, really like. Why? And what’s the relationship of that song to your all-time favourite?  Finally, think [&hellip.. more

Dollar sign

So Who Were the Top Moneymakers in Music in 2014? I’m Glad You Asked.

Now that everyone has filed their taxes–you have filed your taxes, right?–it’s time to gawk at the squillions of dollars various artists have made. Check out Billboard’s list for all the class envy details. All amounts in USD. One Direction: $46 million. (Note to Zayn: Are you crazy?) Katy Perry: $30.1 million Justin Timberlake: $27.9 [&hellip.. more


Coming This Summer: A Kurt Cobain Solo Album. Wait–What?

Yes, Kurt’s still dead. But so is Jimi Hendrix and that hasn’t precluded him from releasing a series of albums since his passing. According to an interview with Montage of Heck director Brett Morgan, there’s going to be a release of rarities found in Kurt’s belongings. These recordings come from the 107 cassette Morgen found [&hellip.. more


Weekly Music Sales Report and Analysis: 29 April 2015

Here’s what happened this past week starting with Canada. Overall album sales are up 2% over the same period in 2014. Physical CD sales continue to decline, 5% over last week, 3% over the same week last year and down 6% year-to-date over 2014. However, digital album sales are up 12% year-to-date over 2014. Digital [&hellip.. more

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