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I Like This: Preoccupations and “Memory”

I stumbled across this one when poking around SoundCloud. Preoccupations, who are from Calgary (the formerly named Viet Cong, t00), issued a self-titled record on the Flemish Eye earlier this month. I’m besotted with this track for the moment. Good for anyone who might need more Interpol-style music.. more


This Week’s Top 11 Playlist: 30 September 2016

Curation and music discovery is the name of the game today, so I’m trying to do my best to help you sort through all the crap to find songs that I hope you will like. Here are my eleven picks for the week, hosted (as always) by Mediazoic. ARTIST SONG ALBUM 1 Powell Clock Pablum [&hellip.. more


This is International Podcast Day! Who Knew?

I’m a big fan of podcasts. There are five I listen to religiously when driving, jogging, walking the dog or preparing supper. I even hosted 135 episodes of a podcast called Geeks&Beats, which sadly ended when the equation “work in = money out” wouldn’t balance. But maybe we quit too soon since everywhere I turn, [&hellip.. more


So How Did Music Sales Do in Canada This Week? Here’s Your Nielsen Music Update

Nielsen released their North American market update for this week and it shows some interesting things. In Canadian music sales and consumption, Drake’s Views returns to the number one spot on Billboard Canadian Albums for consumption — the first time since early August — and was streamed 6.3 million times this week alone. However, it [&hellip.. more


Use This for a Bar Bet: Which Artist Has the Most 10 Million-Sellers in America?

The highest-known sales certification is the Diamond Award. While a gold album is nice (500,00o copies sold; all figures deal with US levels) and a platinum album is even better (1 million) and multi-platinum (1 million +), nothing beats getting a Diamond: certification by the Recording Industry Association of America that your album has sold [&hellip.. more


Apple’s New London HQ Will Need Its Own Floating Pig

All rock fans are familiar with this piece of album art from Pink Floyd’s Animals album. I remember being stunned when I realized that this artwork depicted a real building: the Battersea Power Station, an old coal-powered generating station. I was on a train heading into London on my first visit. How could this place [&hellip.. more


SCOTUS to Hear The Slants’ Case

The Supreme Court of the United States will hear the case of The Slants, the Portland, Ore.-based pop band that has spent the better part of the past six years’ trying trademark its name. It’s unlikely the court will hear the case before 2017, with a decision to come without prior notice months later, but [&hellip.. more


Ticketmaster and Costco Are Now Partners. Seriously.

Ticketmaster has teamed up with Costco. Yes, you read that right: the ticket-selling giant and the bulk items superstore have partnered together. From TechCrunch: “A unit of LiveNation, the $7 billion (2015 revenue) company that is the largest producer of live entertainment in the world, Ticketmaster has in the last year or so started acting [&hellip.. more


Label A&R People: Four Commandments (and Why They’re Still Important)

Half a century ago, record label A&R representatives had their heyday. A rich history of names like John Hammond (signed and produced Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen), George Martin (the Beatles), and Chris Blackwell (founded Island Records and created a market for the Wailers and reggae) shows the historical importance of A&Rs. A post on [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Friday, September 30, 2016

Anyone know of any radio stations that have flipped to all-Christmas music yet? There’s gotta be a couple already. In other music news… It’s ON! Radioplayer vs. iHeartRadio. CBS is getting out of radio business. What does this mean for the future of the medium? (Hint: Not much. Radio will endure but in an evolved [&hellip.. more


Is Spotify Ready to Buy SoundCloud?

That’s the word. “Advanced talks,” we’re told. Good idea? Bad idea? Music Industry Blog takes a look. The Financial Times has reported that Spotify is in advanced talks to buy Soundcloud.Soundcloud has been shopping itself around for some time, while Spotify needs to continue outpacing Apple as it heads towards an IPO. Which is why [&hellip.. more


Some Tips to Keep You Safe at Music Festivals

Music festivals are fun to go to, but sometimes bad things can happen. You can drink too much alcohol, take too many drugs, or be a victim of a crime such as theft or sexual assault. Ally Kern worked with Cooney & Conway, a Chicago personal injury law firm, and sent us this helpful infographic [&hellip.. more

Polaris Music Prize

Short List for the Polaris Heritage Prize Released. VOTE NOW!

If you have been waiting to vote for the Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Prize, now is your chance. The short list has been released and voting is open until October 17. On October 24 the results will be made public. Remember, there are some changes to this year’s Polaris Prize. From FYI Music News: “For [&hellip.. more


Copyright Infringement Not One of Jay Z’s Problems

Jay Z and his Roc-A-Fella record label successfully dismissed a $7 million copyright infringement lawsuit. Reuters explains that the logo, created by Dwayne Walker, was free and clear for Jay Z to use and that Walker was not owed any royalties from a contract signed nearly 20 years ago between artist and the label’s co-founder, [&hellip.. more

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