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The New Martin Scorsese HBO Rock’n’Roll Drama Will Be Called “Vinyl”

Rock’n’roll on TV is hot right now. Dave Grohl scored huge with Sonic Highways. Fox has a hit on its hands with Empire. Denis Leary’s new comedy, Sex’n’Drugs’n’Rock’n’Roll, is off to a good start. And it won’t be long before the Martin Scorsese drama, Vinyl (at least we think that’s the title), shows up on HBO. [&hellip.. more

Vinyl record and SL1200

Weird and Cool Ways to Release Records

Sure, you could just shrink wrap a CD or a piece of vinyl and put it on a shelf, but where’s the fun in that? Jack White knows that the novelty by which a record is sold can be more than half the fun. Take what his Third Man Records has done with this classic [&hellip.. more

No Beatles

How the Beatles are Letting Down a Whole Generation

Executive summary: the Beatles are screwing over younger generations of music fans by not allowing their music to be streamed. This comes from The Next Web: For musicians, there’s a lot wrong with streaming services. They replace substantial sales revenue with a trickle of income, and they arguably encourage listeners to snack on individual songs [&hellip.. more


The Economist Does a Story on Why Mexicans Love Morrissey

Yes, The Economist. The story is called “Girlfriend in a Conga.” THE lugubrious strains of “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” waft across a sunny beach in Acapulco. If that song in that setting surprises you, then you do not know about the strange affinity between Mexicans and Morrissey, the morbid, underdog-loving front-man of The Smiths, [&hellip.. more

Stadium concert crowd

The Concert Business: Still Living in the 20th Century

An interesting perspective on the live music business from Cuepoint. Damn, this hits home for me. Imagine this: it’s the summer of 1995, you’re 15 years old, and you’re about to go see Veruca Salt open for PJ Harvey and Live. You pick up the ticket that you had to adjust your schedule to buy [&hellip.. more

Prayers - Young Gods

Pet Shop Boys Covered by Chicano Gang Goths. Er, What?

San Diego’s Prayers has a style all its own: Chicano gang culture mashed up with the world of Goth. Here’s what happened when they decided to cover “West End Girls” by the Pet Shop Boys. Learn more at Noisey and at the band’s Facebook page. (Via Brent).. more

Dr. Seuss - What Pet Should I Get

Tyler, the Creator, Raps the New Dr. Seuss Book

Dr. Seuss is still dead, but that hasn’t stopped a new book called What Pet Should I Get? from being published. The manuscript, found in a pile of papers twenty-five years after ol’ Theodore’s death, is getting rave reviews around the world. And now, enjoy Tyler, the Creator, rapping a portion of the text. (Via [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Monday, August 3, 2015

This is the weirdest holiday of the year in Canada. Some people have it off; some don’t. And here’s a tip: this is the best day of the year to apply for a passport in person. Trust me. Naturally, there’s music news to be had. “Donald Trump is the Nickelback of GOP Candidates.” How’s that [&hellip.. more

U2 - Innocence and Experience Tour

Interesting Things Happen When U2 Plays NYC. See?

A number of guests dropped in on U2 during their stint at Madison Square Garden, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen. Then there was Melissa, the woman who called 911 when Bono had his horrific bike accident in Central Park last November. The band invited her onstage the other night as a way [&hellip.. more

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