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DEC3 - Hey Ashley

Someone Has Written a Song About Ashley Madison

Various hunks of poo continue to hit multiple fans in the Ashley Madison hacking case. Adding a little more manure to the spray is DEC3, a New York City outfit who have released something they call “Hey Ashley.&#.. more

Ride - Vapour Trail (Robert Smith 2015 remix) copy

Robert Smith of the Cure Remixes “Vapour Trail” from Ride

I’m kinda pumped at the number of 90s bands that are touring again: Lush, Veruca Salt, My Bloody Valentine, Kula Shaker. And as an unrepentant shoegaze fan, I’m thrilled that Ride is back. So is Robert Smith from the Cure. He agreed to remix “Vapour Trail” for the 25th-anniversary reissue of their Nowhere album. Listen.. more


Ever Hear of the Road Gold Award for Indie Bands?

The Canadian Independent Music Association–CIMA to their friends–has something called Road Gold certification, an award they give out to their members who show all exceptional resilience and dedication when it comes to doing what’s necessary to make it in the Canadian music biz as an indie performer. Previous winners have included USS, Big Wreck and [&hellip.. more

Bob Marley 1

Tinfoil Hat People, Pay Attention: Did the CIA Assassinate Bob Marley?

[Note: This is an article I wrote for Nightflight.com. You should check out that site for 80s and 90s material. – AC] It might not rank as high on the conspiracy scale as the fake moon landings, the death of JFK and the creation of AIDS as a method of population control, but the assassination [&hellip.. more


Hear a Sample of the Upcoming “Kurt Cobain Solo Album”

Sadly, Kurt is still dead. But because a trove of unreleased recordings was uncovered during the filming of the documentary Montage of Heck, there’s enough material to gather together for an album. Most of this material is Kurt working out stuff on his own (demos, song fragments, rejected songs, etc.), so I guess it’s appropriate [&hellip.. more

DJ Arch Jr copy

This Three Year-Old is a Better DJ Than You

Actually, it’s a better DJ than most people. Check out South Africa’s Arch Jr. lay ’em down on the one’s and two’s. Beats headphones must be thrilled. He’ll be getting a few boxes of gear from them… (Via Pigeons and Planes).. more

Music News

Random Music News for Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bad news: winter is coming. Good news: I can stop mowing the lawn soon. And now, the music news. Here’s a feel-good music story about opera that will make you forget that it’s still only Tuesday. Read it. Seriously. For the first time in the 60-year history of the Billboard Hot 100, the top four [&hellip.. more

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