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Payola is Still a Thing in the Music Business. It’s Just Moved Online

Payola–the practice of paying someone to play your music on the radio–has been around since at least the 1950s. After the practice got way out of control, the US government stepped in made it illegal, saying that not only was it unethical but that it distorted the music marketplace by giving pay-for-play songs an unfair [&hellip.. more

And the Most Re-Tweeted Band in the World Is…

The Guinness Book of World Record has a category for everything. For the 2018 edition, it has just certified K-Pop monsters BTS as the most retweeted band in the world. Congrats to @BTS_twt on a stellar performance at last night’s @AMAs! 🌟#DYK? The South Korean band has succeeded in earning a spot in this year’s [&hellip.. more

Gift Idea: A “Wearable Guitar?” What?

What, pray tell, is a “wearable guitar?” Something that could (a) make you look like a dork; (b) annoy people around you; (c) help you do something more constructive than play air guitar; (d) all of the above? Based on this Kickestarter video, I vote (d). But before we dis too much, note that the campaign [&hellip.. more

A Handy Tool: A Celebrity Perv Apology Generator

With so many famous people being taken down for a variety of indiscretions big, small and horrendous, the need for apologies has never been greater. But who can afford an expensive publicist who can craft these important pieces of groveling? That’s where The Celebrity Perv Apology Generator comes in, a free Internet-based service that will [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Friday, November 24, 2017

Is it “Happy Black Friday” or “Merry Black Friday?” I can never remember. And now, some music news for November 24. Shopping for earbuds/headphones this weekend? They, along with home assistant devices (read: smart speakers) and video game gear, are the hottest items this year. Here are some recommendations. How about a Black Friday deal [&hellip.. more

This Weird Al Yankovic Collection Comes in the Best (Worst?) Box EVER

When I was a kid, my parents allowed me to choose which musical instrument I wanted to turn. Did I pick the guitar? Drums? The piano? Violin? No. I inexplicably picked…the accordion. Yes, of my own free will. But I was young with a still-underdeveloped brain and obviously incapable of making important life decisions. Still, [&hellip.. more

Cool Party Trick: Break Glass with Your Voice

Back in 1972, the makers of Memorex cassettes ran a famous commercial that featured Ella Fitzgerald singing so powerfully that she was able to shatter a glass. But was she singing live or was it a recording of her? Impressive–not. Here’s how you can do it, too.. more

These are 2017’s Highest-Paid Women in Music

Once again, we leave it to Forbes to snoop about the earnings of celebrities to come up with another highest-paid list. In this case, it’s the world’s highest-paid women in music for 2017. All figures are in USD. Beyonce, $105 million: No surprise here, given the success of her most recent tour. Oh, and she earned [&hellip.. more

Daft Punk’s 2017 Line of Christmas Gifts are Out!

In one of the, er, more unusual marketing initiatives in music, Daft Punk has once again come up with a line of Christmas items. Would you like to see any of these things under the tree? Shop here. The official DP snow globe A 1000-piece DP Puzzle A mood candle &nbsp.. more

Random Music News for Thursday, November 23, 2017

U.S. Thanksgiving. Turkey. Football. Shopping. Yeah, we get it. But there’s still music news on this November 23… Michael Buble has been tapped to host the Juno Awards next year. The event will be held in Vancouver, his hometown. John Wayne Gacy, ex of Marilyn Manson, still doesn’t like Kurt Cobain very much. (Via Moe) [&hellip.. more

Got a Friend with Terrible Taste in Music? Magnets Might Help.

We all know someone with wretched musical taste. No matter how much we try to help and educate, their idea of good music continues to suck. I, for example, have a good friend who believes that all the best music was made in the middle 80s. He believes with his heart and soul that Rick [&hellip.. more

Manson Covers Manson

Given that half of Marilyn Manson’s name came from Charles Manson, you’d think that he’d have covered Manson (the killer’s) music in the past. After all, the Beach Boys, the Lemonhead and Guns ‘N Roses have all recorded tunes that Manson (the killer) wrote and released in the late 60s/early 70s. (To learn more about [&hellip.. more

Is This Old Steve Martin Music Video Racist?

When Steve Martin was still in his Wild and Crazy Guy phase in the late 70s, he jumped on the King Tut craze that was sweeping America. The boy king of ancient Egypt was on tour through the U.S. and everyone was talking about the mummy, the jewels and all the treasures that was included [&hellip.. more

Geeks and Beats Podcast, Episode 154: Babel Fish

And yes, that title is a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference. If you don’t get it, go here. So we get a big-shot Google Canada person on the show and the first thing I did was ask Maria Cortellucci a tech support question. What? Wouldn’t you? Eventually, we get to why those language translation [&hellip.. more

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