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Apple CarPlay (WWDC)

Don’t Have a Connected Car Yet? You Will. It’s Inevitable

Even though the least on my car has another couple of years to go, I’m already shopping around. I love looking at cars. And I’m fascinated by how much new technology is being crammed into every model. And the pace of innovation is accelerating. According to Jacobs Media, 75% of every car shipped in 2020–less [&hellip.. more

Tragically Hip - Man Machine Poem

Big Surprise: The Tragically Hip’s Man Machine Poem is Off to a HUGE Start

The Tragically Hip released their Man Machine Poem album on June 17 and as you might guess, sales traction was immediate. It sold 20,000 copies, pushing it straight to the top of the Canadian album charts. Of that, 1,200 were vinyl–but since there are plenty of indie record stores that don’t report to SoundScan, the [&hellip.. more

British guitar

The Brexit Could Actually be Very, Very Good for British Music.

It’s been impossible to escape the fallout from last Thursday’s Brexit vote. So many questions. Whither Scotland? What will happen to the pound and London as a centre of international business? Will the young, shafted in the vote by the old, rebel against the future that’s been laid out for them? And what about music? [&hellip.. more

Bitcoin Blockchain Music

Building with Blockchain: The POLR

The biggest buzzword around the music industry is blockchain. Some individuals and companies are devising their own fully electronic data bases for storing, categorizing and tracking all components of the recording process to ensure all royalties and credits are rightly attributed and that everyone gets paid their fair share promptly. Others are designing their infrastructures, working [&hellip.. more


Remastered Songs are New Recordings, Judge Rules

A judge recently ruled that any remastered version of a song, regardless of when the song was originally released, is considered a new work and will have full copyright protection for the life of the artist plus 70 years. That’s right – a song released in 1965, for example, remastered in 1980 or 2016 or [&hellip.. more

Apple logo

Another Sign That the iPhone 7 Will Ditch the Headphone Jack

Will they or won’t they? For months, we’ve been hearing rumours that Apple will eliminate the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, opting instead to have headphones connect through the Lightning port, forcing users to buy (a) a new adapter for their old ‘phones and ‘buds or; (b) a brand new set. (Wait: Doesn’t Apple [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Monday, June 27, 2016

I played softball for four hours on Saturday. My Apple Watch told me I exercised for two minutes. That tells you everything about my game. And in music news… A fun read: a history (and future) of music. (Via Tom) Into techno? Which one of these kids are you? (Collect them all!) Your favourite British [&hellip.. more

Glastonbury mud 2016

That Was the Muddiest Glastonbury Festival EVER!

“You’ve got to go to Glastonbury,” the veteran festival punter said to me. “There’s nothing like it–especially when it rains and the field turns to mud.” This is exactly why I never want to go to Worthy Farm. I don’t get along with mud. My trip to Woodstock in 1994–a near humanitarian disaster cured me [&hellip.. more

South Park - Satan 1

What to Do with England’s Empty Churches? Turn Them into Concert Venues

With church attendance declining, there are plenty of empty places of worship that could be repurposed. In England, some of these buildings are being turned into venues for rock’n’roll. Oh, the irony. From The Telegraph: For centuries, they have been filled with congregations singing hymns to send spirits soaring. Now, empty churches are to be [&hellip.. more


A Cool New Amp from Fender That Even SMELLS Like Rock n’ Roll

Upcycling has been a growing trend for quite some time. Now, Fender has caught on and given the environmentally friendly movement a rock n’ roll makeover. They took their classic amplifier, repurposed some solid oak barrels that once contained Kentucky Bourbon, and have created the “80 Proof” Blues Junior Limited Edition. Priced at $2000, they’re [&hellip.. more

ReverbNation logo

Sunday Service: Our 15 ReverbNation Picks of the Week

Our Sunday Service of ReverbNation picks is back for its eighth instalment. 1) “Rule Your Day” – Jupiter In Velvet Born in the United States, but based out of London, England, Jupiter In Velvet has been involved in music from a young age. His music is upbeat and modern, but there is a definite Classic Rock undertone. [&hellip.. more


Japan’s 68 Year-Old “No Dancing” Law is Toast

This weekend, for the first time since 1948, Japanese club-goers can dance after midnight. Think about that for a second. A lot of people don’t even start getting ready to hit a dance club until after midnight. Up until now, though, it was illegal for any such club in Japan to stay open beyond then. [&hellip.. more

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