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The Ongoing History of New Music Episode 719: Pseudonym Bands

Every once in a while you’ll run across an author who releases a novel under a different name. Stephen King comes to mind with this Richard Bachman novels. Bands have been known to do something similar. It’s not that common, but it does happen. For example, do you know the real identity behind The Nappies, [&hellip.. more


Jay Z’s Tidal Is Already Firing People–Including the CEO

Amber Healey writes in my sister website, Geeks&Beats: News broke Friday that Tidal CEO Andy Chen, along with more than 25 staffers, is no longer with the company. First reported by Swedish website Breakit and later picked up by VentureBeat andDigital Music News, Peter Tonstad is rumored to be stepping in as CEO for the [&hellip.. more

Camondian Rock

Reviving the Rock’n’Roll of Cambodia

It’s been a long time since “Cambodia” and “rock’n’roll” have been used together in a sentence. When the genocidal thugs of the Khmer Rouge overran the country in 1975, they did their very best to stomp out anything in the country that didn’t meet their political, social and philosophical view. The cities were empty in [&hellip.. more


How Did K-Pop Become Such a Good Thing? With Government Help.

That’s right: it’s all a South Korean plot.  From NPR: In the late ’90s, when Asia went through a huge financial crisis, South Korea’s leaders decided to use music to improve its image and build its cultural influence. So the country’s government poured millions of dollars into forming a Ministry of Culture with a specific [&hellip.. more

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