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Music Technology MeetUp – The Business of Podcasting-UPDATED

UPDATE: WIN at Our Next MeetUp! Hey Music Tech Enthusiasts we have a special announcement. RSVP and attend our next MeetUp (July 26) for your chance to win a free, 30 minute consultation on publicity for your company or band from the PR geniuses at rock paper scissors. Valued at $200 a piece, they are happy [&hellip.. more

Linkin Park Among the Most Popular Artists in the World on Spotify This Week

To the surprise of no one, streams of Linkin Park’s music shot up following the news of Chester Bennington’s death. The result was that Linkin Park–a rock band–was the most popular artist in the world on Spotify. Rock bands NEVER reach that peak. According to a streaming music data monitor called Kworb, there were 14.77 [&hellip.. more

If You’re into Audio Gear, Follow Me Down This Rat Hole

I’ve always been a gadget nerd, especially when it comes to audio gear. Here are several examples of the kind of things that audiophiles love to watch and read. In the Olden Dayes, the longest you could listen to a playlist uninterrupted was about one hour (one side of a C120 cassette, although that time [&hellip.. more

Life Before the Internet: How Did We Manage?

Medium.com has this great article reminding/educating people what it was like before this thing called “The Internet” came into our lives. I was alive back then and I have a hard time believing that we managed to survive. And keep reading until you get to the bit about music. Actually, it was totally fine. There [&hellip.. more

Tuesday Science Fun: 10 Creepy Sounds Recorded in Space

Sound doesn’t travel without some kind of medium (like air), so things don’t tend to make a lot of noise in space. Unless, of course, you listen in different ways. PCMag has this list of 10 sounds that NASA managed to record in space. Here are a couple of examples: Here’s what Europa, a most [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I have to take one of the bull terriers to the dentist today for her annual cleaning. This is gonna cost me. And now, the music news for July 25. It was another miserable week for the sales of physical albums in the US. Jay-Z’s 4:44 is still at number one, but it only sold [&hellip.. more

Linkin Park’s Facebook Statement on Chester Bennington

Linkin Park has broken their silence over the death of their frontman, Chester Bennington, with this post on Facebook. Here’s the statement in full: Dear Chester, Our hearts are broken. The shockwaves of grief and denial are still sweeping through our family as we come to grips with what has happened. You touched so many [&hellip.. more

Arcade Fire Files Multiple Lawsuits Over “Millennial Whoop.” Wait–What?

The what? You know, the “wha-oh-wa-oh” vocal pattern we hear in, like, a billion songs. Arcade Fire claims ownership based on things like the signature hook in “Wake Up.” Billboard tries to explain: As both [music and product manager Patrick] Metzer and the various suits filed by Arcade Fire argue, the Millennial Whoop musical sequence [&hellip.. more

Techweek is in Toronto!

Starting today and running until Friday, Techweek will be celebrating the best of the Toronto tech scene with events throughout the city. Check out the schedule ;­ for more information on the week’s events, and if you’d like to join in the festivities. Tech Week holds events across North America with conferences in: DETROIT CHICAGO TORONTO KANSAS CITY [&hellip.. more

Monday Fun: “Despacito” Goes Metal

“Despacito” is the biggest song of 2017 and the most-streamed music video of all time on YouTube. But maybe the song’s appeal has escaped you. Perhaps this metal version will do it for you. &nbsp.. more

Can Siri Sing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody?”

No. But she does give it a good shot. Ask Siri “I see a little silhouetto of a man” and see what happens. Chances are, you’ll get this response. She does a little better when it comes to beatboxing. Got any tips for weird Siri requests? Let me know. (Thanks to Brad for the idea.) &nbsp.. more

Linkin Park Has Created a Chester Bennington Tribute Website

Linkin Park has set up a new website where fans can upload messages, photos and videos in memory of Chester Bennington. https://t.co/HEEHjTKUHW — LINKIN PARK (@linkinpark) July 22, 2017 The text at the beginning of the page reads In case you or someone you know needs support, here are some resources: Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK [&hellip.. more

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