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Britain Triumphs Over Germany Again, This Time in a Battle of Ukuleles

One of the great introductions to a newspaper column appeared in the Daily Mail on July 30, 1966, on the morning of the World Cup final between England and Germany. If you believe the legend, sportswriter Vincent Milchrone wrote” If, on the morrow, the Germans beat us at our national game, we can console ourselves [&hellip.. more

Creed - My Own Prison

Is This the Weirdest Rock Petition Ever? It’s Close.

In case you haven’t heard, Rocky fans, there’s a spin-off called Creed in which is all about Apollo Creed’s son. Who could possible have an issue with a film like this? A Creed fan, for one. As in the band Creed. And he has started at petition at Change.org demanding that MGM change the name [&hellip.. more

Simpsons - Ralph

Are Pop Songs Getting Dumber? (Read This Before You Answer)

Pop has always had some dummies making music. Things got pretty stupid in the 60s and 70s. This, for example, was a multi-million seller in 1968. And let’s face it: pop is supposed to fun.  And sometimes fun equals dumb. At the same time, though, there are plenty of songs that are socially-conscious and/or spiritually/emotionally/politically [&hellip.. more

Byta logo

A New Way of Swapping Music Online

As part of what I do, I’m always sending big files from the studio in my house: Music, interviews, commercial reads, TV narrations–the lot. Some of these files are awfully big since the people on the other end insist on uncompressed .wav files. Others are just big enough that email won’t work. Some clients prefer [&hellip.. more

Maisha Superstar

East Africa’s Version of American Idol: An Insider’s Story

Here’s a story by Will Kennedy on the kind of talent competitions we’re now seeing in Nairobi. He’d know because he was hired to be a studio producer for one of these new TV shows. Six blue-masked doctors in white coats stood before us, each monitoring an infrared detector, checking for signs of fever in [&hellip.. more

Stadium concert crowd

Is Touring Revenue Enough for Today’s Artists?

No one (except maybe Taylor Swift) is making the kind of money artists used to off the sale of music. Most of the revenue can be found in selling tickets, merch and licensing. But back to tours for a second: is playing live enough? A site called SeatSmart takes a look. (Thanks to Steve for [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Friday, July 3, 2015

Oh, dear, America. You’ve only got 24 hours to brush up on what tomorrow means. Rush wants to make a movie from their Clockwork Angels concept album… …and Slipknot wants to make a concept record. At one point, Taylor Swift’s Big Machine label/management company was on the market. Not any more. In fact, it’s a [&hellip.. more

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