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Lenny Kravitz - Strut

Listen to Lenny Kravtiz’s New Song, “Sex”

Given his vast real estate and development empire, Lenny Kravtiz doesn’t have to rely on music to pay the bills these days.  Which, when you think about it, must be extremely liberating. He has a new album called Strut coming September 23.  Here’s a single.. more

I Love Hip Hop

This is Nuts: Prosecutors are Using Rap Lyrics to Build Cases

The criminal justice system is a very weird ecosystem, especially in the United States.  Slate looks at how prosecutors are using rap lyrics as evidence to throw more people in jail. [A] recent New York Times article sheds light on a growing and deeply disturbing practice of using lyrics by aspiring rappers as evidence for the prosecution in [&hellip.. more

Casey Kasem 2

Can the Casey Kasem Story Get Any Weirder? Why, Yes. Yes It Can.

If Casey Kasem believed in an afterlife, he certainly didn’t expect this. To recap, Casey died in a hospital in Gig Harbor, Washington, back on June 15.  As he suffered from a variety of debilitating conditions, his family fought over his custody, care and, presumably, Casey’s vast fortune. On one side were his children from [&hellip.. more

Screaming Girls

Why Do Young Girls Scream at Boy Bands?

Never thought about it, actually.  I just figured it was something the young female of the species is programmed to do.  The Washington Post tries to figure it out. Why do young women assembled at pop concerts express their collective ecstasy with the most alarming sound available to their bodies? Why do they scream?In some [&hellip.. more


Random Music News for July 28, 2014

I’m visiting my parents this week and sleeping in my old basement bedroom.  It’s weird.  But n0t as weird as when my mom insisted on watching Family Guy with me last night.  I had to explain a lot of the jokes, which was exceedingly awkward. Someone finally came up with a Morrissey drinking game. Blur’s [&hellip.. more

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