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Sax It Up

By Susan Andrews Think fast, and no the answer is not guitar, bass and drums. What instrument do all the following bands have in common? Colin James, the Sam Roberts Band, Chris de Burgh, Dave Matthews Band, The Pogues, Nathaniel Rateliffe and the Night Sweats, Bruce Springsteen, and the Brian Setzer Orchestra. And, to an [&hellip.. more

Daft Punk (2014 Grammys)

This is the Geekiest, Code-iest Cover of Daft Punk Ever

I know sh*t about coding–a failing, I know–but if you’re into computer languages you will certainly appreciate what a software engineer named Sebastien Rannou has done with Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic.” A fitting tribute to a couple of robots, no? For a full explanation of what’s going on here, go to .. more

27 Club

A New Take on the “27 Club”

We’ve all heard about the “27 Club,” that group of rock stars and famous people who died at the same tragic age. Reader Dennis has gone down a rabbit hole on this one. You’ve spoken often of the 27 Club. Scratch your head thinking about this one: 27 x 2.72727 = 73.63629 Joe B. Mauldin – [&hellip.. more

Chris Martin and Coldplay Better Stay Off the Internet Today

So: thoughts on Coldplay’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl? I thought it was a bad decision to book them in the first place. Not that I find anything wrong with Coldplay; it’s just they don’t exactly scream “NFL football,” do they? The Internet’s verdict is in and it’s not pretty. Here are some random [&hellip.. more

BBC Music copy

Great Doc: The Music Moguls

You’re not ready to go back to work. There’s the Super Bowl hangover exacerbated by the gastrointestinal consequences of too much chilli. Put off doing what the boss wants you to do until you’ve had a chance to watch this hour-long BBC documentary on music moguls.. more

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