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Sony's new CEO

Kim Jung-Un for the Win!

Now that Sony has caved and canceled the release of The Interview over the hack perpetrated by North Korea (probably costing the studio $100 million or maybe $200 million), Kim Jung-un can rightly say that his state stood up to the US and won. Okay, it’s not exactly the Cuban missile crisis, but the DPRK will take whatever [&hellip.. more

Loucin Guitar copy

This is How You Make a Custom Guitar

Garren Dakessian of Oakville, Ontario, makes some of the most extraordinary-sounding acoustic guitars I’ve ever heard. He brought over a guitar he made for Serj Tankian of System of a Down over to the house and strummed a couple of chords. Wow. Darrien–under the guise of Loucin Guitars–has created instruments for Alex Lifeson, Zakk Wylde, [&hellip.. more

St_Vincent - St Vincent

I Like This: St. Vincent

Behold the video for “Birth in Reverse.” St. Vincent’s self-titled album really is one of the best of the year.. more


Why Have So Many Rock Stars Died at Age 27? Let’s Ask Science!

Kurt Cobain. Jimi Hendrix. Janis Joplin. Jim Morrison. Amy Winehouse. They all died at the age of 27. Can science explain the so-called 27 Club? From Mic.com: When Kurt Cobain committed suicide in a Seattle suburb 20 years ago, the idea of the 27 Club entered the public consciousness. “I told him not to join [&hellip.. more


How Sound Affects Taste

From the medical mysteries file via Boing Boing: White wine goes with fish and red wine goes with meat. But somenew research from the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the University of Oxford has apparently unearthed evidence of an implicit relationship between what we eat and what we hear — between taste and pitch, as Scientific [&hellip.. more

Oxford English Dictionary

Awesome Words-in-Songs Analysis

Let’s start with a Consequence of Sound report on the work of statistics nut Brian Chesley. He took a look at the lyrics of a bunch of rock bands to see which of them has the largest vocabulary. Put another way, he wanted to find out which of his chosen rock bands used the greatest [&hellip.. more

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