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Got dirty vinyl? This new machine will clean things right up.

Vinyl is wonderful, but it does attract crud. Dust and static electricity can seriously gum up the works. While there are many solutions, they can be messy and cumbersome. This is why I’m intrigued by this new device called the Degritter which will go on sale May 8. Read more here.. more

If you love camping out at music festivals, have I got a vehicle for you

Camping out at a summer music festival can be fun, but not if you don’t like sleeping on the ground in a smelly, cold tent. What you need is the new Volkswagen Discarvery [sic] Open Flair Edition. A German custom shop called Bochum is reinventing VW T6 Kombi minivans into a rolling party central for any [&hellip.. more

Is quadraphonic vinyl trying to make a comeback? It looks like it.

Long before 5.1 Surround, Doby ATMOs, DTX and THX, sound engineers sought to expand music listening beyond two stereo channels. In the early 70s, quadraphonic records and amplifiers were briefly all the rage. In today’s parlance, quad (which is what the cool kids called it) was 4.0 surround sound. Discrete signals were sent to front [&hellip.. more

Gymnasts bust out the metal for this routine

Back in February, purists were taken aback when Olympic figure skaters were allowed to perform to music with lyrics for the first time. Everyone else really seemed to dig it. Now it looks like gymnastics is loosening up, too. US gymnasts Emily Davis and Aubrey Rosilier competed in Belgium recently debuting a routine choreographed to [&hellip.. more

New Music From The Inbox: Harlequiin, Galaxie, Tryrer and more!

Artist: Harlequiin Song: Your Heart’s Afloat! This is definitely an interesting one. Discordant synths and glitchy beats contrast a soulful voice and catchy vocal melodies to create something delightfully bold, fun, and unique. Listen: Artist: Galaxie Song: Phénoménal Album: Super Lynx Deluxe From Montreal group Galaxie comes an energizing and intoxicating mix of hip hop, [&hellip.. more

Random music news for Thursday, April 26, 2018

Today is Melania Trump’s birthday. I wonder what she really wants? Meanwhile, in music news for April 26, 2018… For some reason, Panic! At the Disco has been sending fans potatoes. The Arctic Monkeys usually release music from a new album ahead of time. Not for this next album. Moby is selling off some of [&hellip.. more

Geeks and Beats Podcast, Episode 180: The Danger Zone

Let’s subtitle this one “Songs from the Big Screen.” There was a time when a movie soundtrack could make a musician. Kenny Loggins, anyone? Jeff Bock of Exhibitor Relations Corporation joins the geeks for a preview to the summer box office. Plus, the death of Verne Troyer and how you can get your own HAL [&hellip.. more

When you go to a concert, your brainwaves sync better with other people

There’s something about a live music experience that just can’t be duplicated. We all feel it, but what exactly is going on? IQ Magazine says it has something to do with our brainwaves synching with the people around us? The brainwaves of music listeners synchronise better when they attend a concert, demonstrating that people enjoy music [&hellip.. more

How streaming saved the music industry

A report this week says that global music sales increased by a healthy 8.1% in 2017, indicating that the bleak post-Napster years are a thing of the past. In fact, just the last three years have seen growth. Everything after about 2002 saw declines in sales. What gets the credit? Revenue from streaming. For the [&hellip.. more

So what did Spotify end up announcing on Tuesday?

After quietly hyping things up over the past couple of weeks, Spotify had some announcements for us on Tuesday (April 24). First and foremost, the free tier of Spotify is now more feature-packed than before. Very soon, the free ad-supported version of the app will look and act a lot like what we get with [&hellip.. more

More Music From The Inbox 24 Apr 2018 Added Color, Kelsey Lu, Priest and More!

Artist: Added Color, “Panic Attack” Album: Mr. Industry A Brazilian/American band based in Brooklyn Sounds like:  we’re all having one right now Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Kelsey Lu, “Shades of Blue” Album: N/A Out of NYC and bringing some intrigue Sounds like:  there’s just something about this one Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Priest, “New King” Album: The Lost Lions [&hellip.. more

Random music news for Wednesday, April 25, 2018

If you use any piece of electronics today, remember that 57 years ago today, Robert Noyce patented the integrated circuit. If we turn our attention to music news for April 25, 2018, we have this… Those limited-edition Record Store Day releases should be showing up on eBay at inflated prices right about…now. On that note, before [&hellip.. more

I Like This: Bon Villan

When I first saw the name of Toronto-based Bon Villan, I was expecting one thing when I clicked on the link to their video. I got something quite different. The trio likes their electro-pop, taking their influences from acts like MGMT. Help on the video came from Jordan and Zack from Monowhales, ballerina Annabelle Holland [&hellip.. more

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