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Why It’s Time for an Actual Shithead in Parliament. Elect Joey Keithley!

Just as D.O.A. has risen from the dead, Joey “Shithead” Keithley has decided once again to take a run at politics. After a respectable showing in the last BC election–he ran for the NDP but lost–Joey now has his sights set on Ottawa as a member of the Green Party.  Here is the official announcement [&hellip.. more

Dollar sign

And the Richest Pop/Rock Star in the World Is…

…NOT Paul McCartney. Nor is it Madonna. It’s Bono. According to The Mirror, Bono’s tech investments have paid off very, very well. In 2009, he bought a 2.3% share of Facebook at a cost of $76 million through his investment company, Elevation Partners. Facebook, as you may know, has done okay. That 2.3% is now [&hellip.. more


Why Having a Song of the Summer Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Now that we’re in September, we can probably agree that there was no dominant song of the summer for 2015. But as Bloomberg points out, this might be a good thing for someone. By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard of rapper Iggy Azalea, the 25-year-old Australian blonde with the face of a model and a disproportionate [&hellip.. more

Tea Party

Jeff Burrows: The Tea Party Interview

[This comes via Chris Mihas, writing for Citizen Edge. – AC] The Tea Party are re-releasing their iconic album Edges of Twilight (my personal favourite from their catalogue) on September 4th. I chatted with Jeff Burrows (drummer of the Tea Party) and discussed the re-release and the upcoming tour C.M. You and the band are [&hellip.. more

Apple earbuds

What Do the Next Generations Want from Music Tech?

The future of music is mobile. But what does that really mean?  TechCrunch takes a guess. As music fans go mobile, music festivals are following suit. The kids in America are rocking out to T-Swift with a Natty Lite in one hand and a mobile phone open to native festival apps in the other. Schedules, [&hellip.. more


Canadian Musicians Continue March Towards World Domination

SOCAN–the Society of Composers, Authoris and Music Publishers of Canada–is in charge of tracking where and when songs by Canadian artists get played and then collecting the appropriate performance fees which are then distributed back to the artists. SOCAN is uniquely qualified to measure how well Canadian artists are doing on a global scale. And [&hellip.. more

Doors - 13

An Open Letter to 17 Year-Old Boys Who Just Discovered the Doors

The person who introduced me to The Doors was a girl named Sharon. She was several grades ahead of me in school but had for some reason taken an interest in me. I was in love. Knowing that I had a pretty good stereo system hidden in my bedroom, she had me transfer some of [&hellip.. more

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