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New Music From The Inbox, 27 July 2015: Bec Sandridge, Princess Century, CaveMouth, The Pink Noise, A Great Big World

By: Juliette Jagger (@juliettejagger) Artist: Bec Sandridge “In The Fog, In The Flame” Album: Single “In The Fog, In The Flame” is the latest from Aussie songstress Bec Sandridge. Self-described as spaghetti disco pop, that pretty much hits the nail right on the head. Link/Listen/Watch:   Artist: Princess Century “Discoset” Album: Lossy You might recognize [&hellip.. more


I Like This: The Lockhearts

These guys are from Sydney, Australia, and have just released a double EP entitled Tales from the City. If you’re familiar with the Sirens from Greek mythology, you’ll find something to like about The Lockhearts.. more

Declining sales

A Summary of the Music Business’ Problems in 2015

This analysis of the music business comes via Jason Hirschorn, the CEO and Chief Curator at REDEF. The disruption of the music industry has undoubtedly benefited consumers, but for many on the inside, its consequences have been both profound and painful. Artists finally have direct connections to their audiences, but they must fight through more [&hellip.. more

Radio - Old Fashioned 4

The BBC Now Offers Downloadable Music Programs. Why Can’t We?

I wish, wish, wish it were possible to make my Ongoing History of New Music shows available for on-demand listening and downloads. Well, technically, it is possible, but the expense would be so enormous that it’s just not worth it. The problem lies with the music. First, let’s handle the on-demand issue. Current copyright rules require [&hellip.. more

Human ear

The Internet of Sound (And No, This Just Isn’t About Music)

I found this at TechCrunch. The whole Internet-As-Sound thing is being pursued by a lot of big businesses. The history of sound-as-signal is deep. In the beginning, horns, drums and bells rang the alarm, roused the congregation and directed military troops and urban workers: city-sized ringtones guided our lives. These sounds were primarily communicative, musicality [&hellip.. more

GnR Demo tape

How to Get Your Music Heard by the Right People

Nine great pieces of advice from The Music Goat: Here’s the deal: Knowing how to get your music heard is one thing. BUT knowing how to do it without ripping hours away from your practice and creative time is something else entirely. If you’ve been a DIY Musician for any amount of time, I’m sure you know first hand [&hellip.. more

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