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Fogel On Today’s Touring Game

Arthur Fogel is a name we have heard more in recent years. You may recall the recent documentary called “Who The F**K Is Arthur Fogel” with interviews with the likes of Bono and partially penned by our own Alan Cross! Fogel is the man behind most of the massive touring machines of the last decade [&hellip.. more

NPR Asks: What’s Your Spinal Tap Moment

I remember seeing Billy Idol at Massey Hall in Toronto way back when. He was so drunk he was flopping around the stage like a caught fish on land. Still managed to perform. At one point he stopped the show to yell at a couple of guys down front smoking pot. He was screaming at [&hellip.. more

Single Mothers

I Like This: Single Mothers

I’m a sucker for noise bands who know how to tame the noise. Introducing Single Mothers out of London, Ontario. Read more about them at Vice.. more

For demonstration purposes only

Demos That Don’t Sound Like the Hits

Tom passed along this website that lets us hear the demo versions of songs that later became big hits. For example, when Kurt Cobain was writing “Heart-Shaped Box,” he had this in mind. The result was, of course, this. A better example might be this demo of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.&#.. more

CERN Collider Music – Sheldon Would Approve

Any science buff or Big Bang Theory fan has heard about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The CERN particle physics lab is celebrating its 60th anniversary on Monday. To celebrate, some scientists there with a passion for music decided to do some ‘composing’! The threads of the melody come from the ATLAS, CMS, ALICE and [&hellip.. more


Slipknot Music Festival Will Smell Like Camel Shit. By Design, Actually

It’s almost time for Knotfest, a three-day Slipknot-run music festival in San Bernardino. Along with an interesting line-up of performers, the event will have a particular smell: burning camel shit. I quote from Rolling Stone: “Knotfest has its own aroma that will infest your brain, body and clothes for days after the festival is over. [&hellip.. more

S03E74 Album Art

Geeks&Beats Podcast, Ep. 73! Show Notes! Show Notes!

Sorry I’m a day late in publishing these notes, but I’ve been travelling too much this week (Toronto-LA-London-Toronto-Winnipeg-LA) so I’m not sure what time zone I’m in at any given moment.  (Michael: Got you your Kate Bush t-shirt.) Here’s what was discussed on this week’s show. The growth of AI in music Be a driving [&hellip.. more

Computer viruses

Could You Get a Computer Virus from Bruce Springsteen?

If you’re not careful, yes. McAfee, the makers of anti-virus software, decided to scan a variety of celebrity-related sites to see if there is anything malicious about them. Turns out there is.  The Daily Mail published this chart of sites that can turn your computer into something useless–or even dangerous.. more

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