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Here’s a Good Timesuck: YouGov’s Music Fan Profiler

YouGuv–a site that has absolutely nothing to do with any government or government organization–offers a tool that (allegedly) mines Big Data to offer up a profile of an artist’s typical fan.  For example, when I entered “Nine Inch Nails,” I got this. (Click on the image to embiggen.)   When I entered “bull terrier” (I [&hellip.. more

Ozzy-Osbourne- (with Jessica Simpson)

The Weirdest Duets of All Time

It’s that time of year again when people talk about the time a coked-out David Bowie somehow ended up singing “The Little Drummer Boy” with Bing Crosby on Bingo’s annual Christmas special. That still ranks as one of the weirdest duets of all time–but there have been more. Salon (via Tom) points out that Ozzy [&hellip.. more


The Truth Is Out There: “Stevie Wonder is NOT Blind!” Wait–What?

Truthers are an interesting bunch. Which of the following do they believe? (a) 9/11 was an inside job; (b) Barack Obama was born outside the US (c) Aliens are among us and working for the Illuminati; (d) Stevie Wonder is faking his blindness; (e) All of the above. According to this report from The Concourse [&hellip.. more

Soundgarden print 1 (Las Vegas)

Gift Idea: Soundgarden Prints

Is someone on your list a hardcore grunge fan? Then they might appreciate these collectible Soundgarden prints. They’re not too expensive, either. Here’s one for this past summer in Toronto.    .. more


Gift Idea: Ugly Xmas Sweater from the Foo Fighters

Ugly Christmas sweaters have turned into  thing over the last couple of years (cf. Tipsy Elves) so I’m not surprised that the Foo Fighters have got into the act. These really are wretched.  I want one, of course. Thirty bucks US. Get yours at the Foos store.. more

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