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Wax cylinder

How Many Music Playback Formats Have There Been?

And how many have you used? A quick inventory of my music collection says that I’ve used (or at least possess) music in the following formats: Wax cylinders 78s (both Berliner and Edison-style discs) LPs 12-inch singles EPs (Both 33 1/3 and 45 varieties) 45 RPM singles Cassettes DAT MiniDisc Reel-to-reel 8-track Compact discs (5-inch [&hellip.. more

Dollar sign

Watch Internet Giants Make Money by the SECOND

How big is Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and the other Internet giants. Big, really, really big. REALLY big. Pennystock has this graphic that shows much these companies are making every second. And notice how much goes to Apple. (Via The Daily Mail) Click above to view the full version [h/t penny stocks.. more

Music industry

A White Paper on the State of the Music Industry

If you’re bored by football, football and more football, take Bobby’s recommendation and browse through this white paper on the current state of the music industry. (Via Altimeter). The Future of Music: What Every Business Can Learn From The State of The Music Industry from Altimeter Group Network on SlideShare.. more

Camp Halftime copy

Super Bowl 50: Camp Halftime

The Super Bowl halftime show–all 12 minutes of it–is, for many, more important than the game itself. With a potential audience of 100 million people, it’s certainly one of the simultaneously-watched music event in this part of the galaxy. It’s definitely a Big Deal. This brings me to a Pepsi-sponsored video series called “Camp Halftime” where [&hellip.. more

Coldplay logo

How Coldplay Became Cool. Wait–What?

About ten years ago, someone asked me why Coldplay was so popular. “It’s simple,” I said, “No one really hates Coldplay. They either really like what they do or they’re, like, ‘meh.’ They’re innocuous. No one really hates Coldplay.” But that was during the Rush of Blood to the Head days, before Coldplay became ubiquitous, [&hellip.. more

Nick Soulsby - Cobain on Cobain

A Very Early Interview with Nirvana at Kurt Cobain’s House in 1989

I don’t have the book Cobain on Cobain yet–it was just published this week–but I’m definitely going to have to pick it up. This excerpt can be found at Medium.com. April 22, 1989 The first time I saw Nirvana was at the HUB Ballroom in February of 1989. I had second-degree burns on my hand, [&hellip.. more

Copyright Symbol

A History of Copyright Law. Watch This If You’ve Ever Illegally Downloaded Anything

If you’re rolling your eyes at the idea of spending one second immersing yourself in copyright law, take a breath. Copyright–literally “the right to copy”–became an issue within months of Gutenberg firing up his printing press. Violating copyright was a problem in Shakespeare’s day (people bootlegged printed copies of his plays sometimes even before he [&hellip.. more

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