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Is Apple Building a Stage for U2 for the Release of the iPhone 6?

It’s official: Apple will hold a major event on September 9 to unveil the iPhone 6 and, quite possibly, the much-rumoured iWatch. I wish they’d say more, too.  For example, what’s the point of building this three-story side stage outside the Flint Center? Why would you need something like this to launch a phone or [&hellip.. more

Singapore Airlines IFE

The Future of In-Flight Entertainment Systems

If you do any amount of flying, you probably rely on the aircraft’s IFE (in-flight entertainment) system to while away the hours in that cramped seat. Since I find myself aboard 12- and 15-hour flights several times a year, IFE choices keep me from going insane. And some years ago, I was a supplier of [&hellip.. more

Connected Car - acadia-dashboard

Connecting the Dots on the Connected Car

This is from a radio industry website called RadioInk, one of the organizations behind the DASH Conference, a now-annual meeting between broadcasters, developers and auto manufacturers held in Detroit in October. The goal of the conference is to get all these people together to discuss where both industries–broadcasters and automakers–need to go in the era [&hellip.. more

U2 (Bono medal)

Bono: Last of the Rock Stars?

We are never, ever going to see artists of the magnitude of the old timers ever again. No one will ever be as big as the Rolling Stones, Springsteen, Madonna, Nirvana or U2 ever again. Why?  Blame technology. With each of us now empowered to seek out any song we want, anytime we want, wherever [&hellip.. more


Why Your Voice Sounds Different to You

Everyone has experienced this: when confronted with a recorded version of your voice, your reaction is “I sound like that?  Really?  It’s not how I sound to me. Eeewwwww.” First, you’re not alone.  Second, you’re not imagining things; you DO sound different to you. This is from Gizmodo. The voice in your head is a [&hellip.. more


The Album Only Dogs Can Hear. Your Heard Me.

All of my English bull terriers have shown musical preferences.  Willy Bumpers was partial to both Rough Trade (“High School Confidential” was a favourite) along with the theme from Dallas.  Sponge was more of a Music for Airports sort of dog (I hope to tell that to Eno one day). Schmooze likes to rock out; [&hellip.. more

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