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Judas Priest - KK Downing

Judas Priest Guitarist KK Downing Owns a Golf Course? Really?

Yep. This is according to an interview published in Digital Journal. [A]lthough he no longer tours the world with the group he co-founded back in 1970 (bassist Ian Hill is the only co-founder left in the current lineup, that also consists of singer Rob Halford, guitarists Glenn Tipton andRichie Faulkner and drummer Scott Travis), the [&hellip.. more

David J - Who Killed Mr Moonlight

Bauhaus/Love and Rockets Bass Man Releases His Memoirs

David J’s look back at his career with Bauhaus and Love and Rockets was released yesterday. From the press release: “I was compelled to write this book,” says founding member David J. Haskins.  “It took seven years to finish. Every day at noon I would sit down at my desk in the old 1920‘s haunted apartment [&hellip.. more


The Guitar Is a Better Musical Instrument Than an iPad. (But Wait…)

As musical devices go, it’s hard to beat the guitar. However, the CTO of Qeexo, Chris Harrison, multi-touch devices like the iPad have a chance to catch up. From GigaOm: The iPhone has been called a pinnacle of multi-touch interfaces. Chris Harrison, professor at Carnegie Mellon and CTO of Qeexo, doesn’t agree: He believes that a centuries-old tool [&hellip.. more

Beatles - Sgt Pepper

Are These the Best Albums for Testing Audio Systems?

When I was a kid, I used to go around to all the stereo shops in Winnipeg pretending to shop for high-end speakers. I’d bring some of my favourite albums and then make the salesperson cue them up and then crank the sound. It was really cheap entertainment. A site called Noise Addicts has just [&hellip.. more


What Kind of Music Should You Listen to at Work?

We’ve known since ancient times that music can make us more productive at work. Even the Romans knew this, which is why they went into battle to the sound of music. Centuries later, we were given the gift of Muzak which was designed to make office and factory workers more productive. But what about for [&hellip.. more

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