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The Ongoing History of New Music Episode 719: Pseudonym Bands

Every once in a while you’ll run across an author who releases a novel under a different name. Stephen King comes to mind with this Richard Bachman novels. Bands have been known to do something similar. It’s not that common, but it does happen. For example, do you know the real identity behind The Nappies, [&hellip.. more

Hamilton Music Awards 2015

Here are the Nominees for the 2015 Hamilton Music Awards

I’m a long-time participant in and supporter of the HMAs, although this year I’ll be out of the country when the event happens this year.  The date is Sunday, May 24 at the Dofasco Centre for the Arts. 1. Female Artist of the Year Bianca Bernardi – Bianca Bernardi Katie Bulley – Sun Wolf Laura [&hellip.. more

Record Store Day 2014

Happy Record Store Day! Here’s Some Essential Reading and Watching

Or is it “Merry Record Store Day?” I can never remember.  If you’re out shopping and communing with other music nerds today, here are a few things you can talk about. 1. First, a word from your 2015 Record Store Day Ambassador, Dave Grohl. Note that at the time he bought his first record, K-Tel [&hellip.. more


Random Music News for Saturday, April 18, 2015

It’s Record Store Day! Remember: the idea isn’t necessarily to buy anything. The important thing is that you visit your local record store(s) and just hang out for a while, communing with like-minded people. Beethoven’s deafness was apparently caused by a faulty gene. Do some rock stars suffer from the same thing? Here’s more audio [&hellip.. more


Finally: A New Song from SLAYER

Still no word on an album, but at least we have this. It’s nice and bleak starting with the very first line: “Blood like paste on the wall.”  .. more

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