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Orouni - The Peanut Specialist copy

I Like This: Orouni

A French band named Orouni came to my attention the other day. Take a listen to their current slice of indie rock called “The Peanut Specialist.”  .. more

Sam Phillips - Peter Guralnick

Gift Idea: A New Book on Sam Phillips of Sun Records

If a gun was pointed to your head and you had to name the one person most responsible for the birth of rock’n’roll, blurting out “Sam Phillips!” would probably save your life. Phillips, the man behind Sun Records in Memphis, not only discovered Elvis Presley but was instrumental in the careers of Ike Turner, Howlin’ [&hellip.. more

Slayer Bob Lights

Slayer Bob’s 2015 Christmas Lights Display

Slayer Bob lives in California. He loves Christmas and metal. Why not combine the two? Imagine living on the same street as this guy. His first programmed display involves Slipknot’s “Psychosocial.” When that runs its course, he switches to Disturbed. And for fun, let’s go back to 2013 for the display that gave Slayer Bob [&hellip.. more

Chef John Hurkes

Hungry? How About a Slayer Pizza or a Danzig Burger?

Chef John Hurkes loves food, but he also loves metal. The Creators Project points us (via Tom) some of the fine work Chef Hurkes has done in the kitchen including this Slayer-themed pizza… …and this badass Danzig burger–on a black bun, of course. And what wine would go with this Sabbath dish?  .. more


In 1906, Spotify Looked Like This: The Teleharmonium

“Wait,” you’re thinking, “There wasn’t an Internet in 1906, was there?” Well, no. But people were working on sharing music even though the recording industry was barely a decade old. Tom points us to the Teleharmonium, a pretty cool electromechanical device that allowed people to stream music their phones. It was, however, a bit…bulky. Atlas [&hellip.. more

OnRadio logo copy

Listen to Radio Online? Then You Should Check Out OnRadio’s Search

If you’re a longtime consumer of online music, you’ll remember Michael Robertson’s groundbreaking MP3.com, a music-sharing service that was sued into oblivion by the music industry. Robertson was levied a $53 million fine even though much of what MP3.com offered ended up becoming completely commonplace and legal. (Read about what happened here.) But Robertson is [&hellip.. more


Why Music Videos Could Be Making a Comeback

The era of MuchMusic and MTV being the go-to places for music videos is long gone. Why wait for a clip if you can just dial it up on YouTube? Mark Mulligan of Music Industry Blog looks at where things are headed when it comes to the art of the music video. Why Moving Video [&hellip.. more

Puppy copy

Dog Groomer Sets Her Clients’ Baths and Blow-Dries to Music

Jess Rona spends a lot of time making LA dogs look pretty. And because looks and image are everything in Los Angeles, she decided to film some of her clients being bathed and groom (in slow motion, no less) and then set everything to music. It’s dog groomer glamour shots. Meemu 🎤 by Margo Guryan [&hellip.. more

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