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Compact Discs

Please Stop Sending Me CDs. Please?

There’s a pile of compact discs on the floor of my office that I’m going to get to someday. I’ve promised my wife they’ll all get filed. Eventually. Truth is, though, that this possibility gets more and more remote each week as people keep sending me CDs. Stop it. Please stop it. With the exception [&hellip.. more

That's Weird

Music Industry Math: The 6:1 Ratio

Mark Mulligan of Music Industry Blog points out something rather interesting. One of the many things that the digital revolution has done to the music industry is to create and accentuate a number of imbalances. Imbalances that will either change, become the foundations of the next era of the music business, or both. In fact [&hellip.. more


Random Music News for Saturday, March 28, 2015

It was back on this day on 1979 when things started melting down at Three Mile Island. The latest Illuminati conspiracy: Did Beyonce fake her pregnancy? Jimmy Page is dating a 25 year-old. He has a 44 year-old daughter. Just sayin’. Dave Grohl helped a fan with terminal cancer cross something off his bucket list. [&hellip.. more

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