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The Foo Fighters Were on Ellen? Yep.

I had the TV on in the hotel room last week when I was in Montreal and wasn’t paying much attention to anything as I was working on the laptop. Somehow the channel had fallen on Ellen–and this happened.. more


The Beatles + Rosetta Comet Mission = This

What happens if you take the Beatles’ “Across the Universe” and mix it with some of the audio collected by the Rosetta mission to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko? This, actually. (Via Boing Boing)  .. more


Are You Tough on Headphones? Then Maybe You HeadFoams Instead

Outside of a four year-old with a bad temper, no one mistreats headphones more than a radio person. We use these things ever single day in ways they weren’t designed. Even expensive headphones–I’m thinking back to a beloved Fostex pair I once had–can crumble to dust under our communal abuse. Which brings me to HeadFoams. [&hellip.. more


New Music From The Inbox: GROOMS, Kêta, Christian Punk Band, Murdering Tripping Blues, Party of One

By: Juliette Jagger Artist: GROOMS “Doctor M” Album: Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair Beautifully balancing pop structures with ambient electronics and experimental production, Combs… marks a change of direction for this Williamsburg outfit. On “Doctor M” we hear a contemplative Travis Johnson exploring his long time struggles with addiction against the backdrop of head-bopping [&hell.. more


Tradiio, The Virtual Music Stock Market Game

Digital Music News reports on Tradiio–yes, that’s how you spell it–a Portugal-based platform that will allow you to “invest” in artists who have uploaded their music to the service. Users who “win” with these virtual investments will get a chance to trade in their gains for things like concert tickets and festival passes. Artists who [&hellip.. more


Every Song Can Be Boiled Down to These 9 Basic Elements (No Music Theory Required)

John from Live 88-5 points us to this very interesting article from Medical Daily on the essential building blocks of every single song you’ve ever heard or will hear. [O]ur perception of music can be boiled down to nine elements: speed, rhythmic clarity, rhythmic complexity, articulation, dynamics, modality, overall pitch, harmony, and brightness (if it’s [&hellip.. more


Random Music News for Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday.  Could be worse, though. Could be Monday in Buffalo. Ron Sexsmith has cut a Christmas single with…Engelbert Hunkerdinck? What universe are we in? Jennifer Lawrence sings! Shirley Bassey finally got to correct those bum notes in “Goldfinger.” Wait–there were bum notes in “Goldfinger?” Bone conduction: the future of headphones? The Sony logo that never [&.. more

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