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A Career In Music - Bob D'Eith

If You’re in a Band, You Need This Book

Yes, everything starts with the music, but never, ever forget that 50% of the “music business” is “business,” a dodgy place for anyone to tread. Unless you’re acquainted with the procedures, language, legalities, accounting requirements, financial transactions, revenue streams, work permits, tax issues, performance pitfalls, promoter rip-offs, weirdo fans and assorted crooks (and there a.. more

Radiohead (logo)

What the Hell, Radiohead? What’s with the Mysterious Postcard?

Certain Radiohead fans around Oxford, England, found something in the mail over the last couple of days. It was a postcard from the band that looked like this: Umm, I just got this in the post from Radiohead. Is the new album called Burn The Witch? pic.twitter.com/zv5QKnDeGh — Niall Doherty (@NiallMDoherty) April 30, 2016 Hardcore [&hellip.. more

Drake - View from the 6 copy

Drake Scores Big Views on the Album’s First Day. VERY Big.

BuzzAngle is reporting that Drake’s Views From The Six was a massive hit on its first day in the stores. These are the American numbers: Total Album Project Number: 646,521 Album Sales: 637,862 Song Sales: 54,901 Streams: 4,753,312 (most streamers are a day behind in reporting) Again, that’s not one week’s worth of sales, it’s one [&hellip.. more

Kevin Bacon - Footloose

Buenos Aires Bans Dancing. Paging Kevin Bacon!

There’s a crisis in The Land of the Tango™. A judge in Argentina has banned all “commercial dancing with live or recorded music” in Buenos Aires. Even wedding receptions are in jeopardy. The edict came down after five people died two weeks ago during Time Warp, an EDM event in the city. “Toxic drugs” was [&hellip.. more


And the Prince News Just Keeps on Coming…

As a result of grossly elevated tree pollen yesterday, I found myself in line at the drug store with an armload of antihistamines and decongestants. Ahead of me was a woman who insisted on paying for her purchases by emptying out her change purse. I watched her count out 17 pennies–pennies!–as I gasped for breath [&hellip.. more

ReverbNation logo

Sunday Service: Our 15 ReverbNation Picks of the Week

The submissions keep coming in and there’s lots of great music. Here are this week’s 15 ReverbNation picks. 1) The Goatbox Rebels “Black Tooth Grin” This hard rock trio from Toronto share a love of Sabbath, Deep Purple and Motörhead. Their heavy, blues-based sound reflects that influence. 2) Grüves “Mountain Song” Collaboration is very important to this [&hellip.. more

Steely Dan - Aja

Buying Audio Gear? Here’s the Album You Should Used to Test It Out

Whenever I was in the market for speakers, I had my reference disc: Steely Dan’s 1977 album, Aja. This thing was performed so well, engineered so precisely, produced so carefully and mastered so perfectly that I can’t think of another record that can highlight the strengths and expose the flaws of any audio gear. Open [&hellip.. more

Toronto logo

The New Toronto Music Directory is Now Online

As crazy it might seem, there’s never been a proper unified directory of all the music-related ventures in Toronto. Getting one together was one of the first jobs of the Music City initiative. The Toronto Music Directory database is easy to use. Colour-coded pins on a Google map make everything easy to find: venues, recording [&hellip.. more

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