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The Ongoing History of New Music, Episode 714: Great Lost Albums

Just because you make a record doesn’t mean it’ll ever be released. Maybe you’ll abandon it before it’s finished. Maybe you do finish it but you decide it’s not good enough. Or it could be your record company decides they don’t want to release it. Or maybe it’ll just be declared “lost”–whatever that means. This [&hellip.. more

Manchester Punk

The Violent Roots of Manchester Punk

Manchester is revered as a breeding ground for punk in the 1970’s. The working class town was ready to explode with youth feeling disenfranchised. Punk music became the anthem for the dark period. For all that it paved a road. The Sex Pistol’s show at the Lesser Free Trade Hall became part of the mythology. [&hellip.. more

Eno On Analogue

Dangers of Digital – With Input From Brian Eno

When the man who made a career out of kicking the tires of the digital revolution turns around and starts asking whether we’re getting any benefit from it, people tend to perk up their ears and listen. “It’s very difficult, and it’s continually under debate actually,” said Eno. “It doesn’t just apply with African recordings. [&hellip.. more

Caracal - Welcome the Ironists

I Like This: Caracal

Anyone who follows my various musical travels knows that I love Singapore, a place I visit once or twice a year. On my trips to the city state, I’ve made friends with a number of local musicians (including the Sam Willows; check them out). And now I’ve made the acquaintance of Caracal, one of Singapore’s [&hellip.. more

Music Social Media

Music’s Unfortunate Social Media Side Hustle

As the digital age of music gives way to the need for social media and everything it brings, and lacks, the question of what it all means needs to be asked. This media.com exploration takes a shot. Twitter created a very different type of environment. Music fans followed their favorite artists and bands and saw [&hellip.. more


The Mythology of Punk Rock

This from a fantastic recent New Yorker article. It starts with a discussion around Kim Gordon (founding member of Sonic Youth) and her choice as singer for Nirvana‘s induction to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck” (airing on May 4th on HBO), the first authorized documentary portrait of its [&hellip.. more

Homer too loud

One Billion Young People Are Going Deaf Because of Loud Music (NOT a Typo)

Now that Ebola seems to be fading, the World Health Organization, being the “this-is-bad-for-you” busybodies that it is (and often with very good reasons) has issued another dire health warning. This time it has to do with the billion young people whose music is JUST TOO DAMN LOUD. It estimates that between half of those [&hellip.. more

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