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Relax: AC/DC Isn’t Retiring. Apparently.

The rumours began with a report out of a Perth radio station which was based on some kind of anonymous email. With little to substantiate the rumours, the story went worldwide. And in defense of everyone who reported on the rumours, they did sound credible–especially the big concerning Malcolm Young’s health. However, AC/DC says everything [&hellip.. more

Neil Diamond - Essential Neil Diamond

The Woman Who Accidentally Paid $5,000 for a Neil Diamond Album

As someone who is currently abroad–Mauritius, to be exact–I am extremely aware of how expensive it is to operate my mobile phone here.  Roaming fees here in southern and eastern Africa are heart-stoppingly high.  Wifi is the only way to go. Someone should have explained this to Katie Bryan, a math teach from the UK, [&hellip.. more

Ting Tings

The Present Whereabouts of 15 Former Buzz Bands

For some reason, the Ting Tings came to mind the other day.  I was a fan of their first album, no-so-knocked out with their second and then…what?  Nothing.  Silence.  It’s like they never existed. Pigeons and Planes must have been wondering, too, because they’ve included the Ting Tings in a list of 15 former buzz [&hellip.. more


Band Tries to Take Back Swastika from the Nazis. It Probably Won’t Work.

Students of Nazi history will know that Hitler and his henchmen appropriated the swastika symbol from ancient civilizations from the Indus Valley civilization which thrived in what’s now Afghanistan and Pakistan about four thousand years ago.  It was also found in India, Korea, Japan, China, Iran and half a dozen other countries to signify “it [&hellip.. more

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