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How To Fund Your Career in the Music Industry

I’m excited to announce my next Music Technology Event (November 17, in downtown Toronto). This time we have joined forces with Digital Media at the Crossroads to help you explore funding avenues available to music technology startups (see event poster below). As usual, attending the event is free. And even though we’re a total non-profit group, we will [&hellip.. more

South Park - Satan 1

Come with Me Back to the Days When Satan Lurked in the Grooves of Rock Records

When I was really, really young, I stumbled on a book called Subliminal Seduction. Its author, Wilson Brian Key, believed that advertising was filled with hidden images and messages, all designed to sucker us into buying specific products and to believe in certain ways. After reading the book, I started seeing penises in every single [&hellip.. more


The Star Trek: TNG Picard/Data Megamix is Pretty Freakin’ Amazing

This creation by Pogo has some pretty impressive production values, leading me to believe that this guy really needs a girlfriend. And if you can identify the source material, you really, really need to get outside more. (Anyone else notice the Klingon Victory Song?) I know. This is going to run through your head for [&hellip.. more


Music for Cats. Yes, It’s a Thing.

If you have ever thought your beloved feline friend needed their own music, your wait is over. A composer and cellist named David Teie has released an album specifically for cats to enjoy. According to The Telegraph, his music “simulates purring, heartbeats and “sympathetic cat noises”, to put felines at ease”. Launched at a cat [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Saturday, October 22, 2016

Should I bother cutting the grass today? Or are we done for the year? (I vote the latter.) And now, some music news. HMV will close its store in Toronto’s Eaton Centre at the end of the year. Thankfully, the flagship store up the street at 333 Yonge is being left alone. Astronomers have found [&hellip.. more

Bender  - ass

Ontario Vows to Ban Scalper Bots. Can It Be Done?

Scalper bots–those automatic ticket-buying programs that elbow ahead of humans and buy up all the best tickets to hot shots before us meatbags have chance to hit “enter”–are among the most hated artificial entities since the T-1000. They must be stopped before they completely take away all abilities from us squidgy organisms to see concerts [&hellip.. more


This Week’s Top 11 Playlist: 21 October 2016

It seems that everyone is touting their curated music discovery playlists. My particular project has been going on every single week since sometime in 2012. Here’s my latest rounds of recommendations hosted by Mediazoic. ARTIST SONG ALBUM 1 Archive Bright Lights The False Foundation 2 Eva Under Fire One Day Eva Under Fire 3 The [&hellip.. more


Here are Your Nominees for the Songwriter Hall of Fame

Yes, there is such a thing–and when you think about it, there should be. Winners will be named early in 2017 with the 48th annual induction event happening June 5 in New York. For the full list (and there are plenty of names here) go here. Bryan Adams (Everything I Do) I Do It For [&hellip.. more


SonReal Learns Not to Insult Hamilton.

Vancouver rapper SonReal learned the difficult lesson recently that you don’t mess with the Hammer. As a publicity stunt part of his “World’s Worst Contest” and timed with the release of his latest single “Hot Air Balloon”, he targeted Hamilton, saying that the city was the world’s worst place to fly over in a hot [&hellip.. more


TIFF Created a List of Essential Canadian Films. Ten Are Music Videos

Next year is Canada’s 150 anniversary, or sesquicentennial for those who enjoy long and obscure words. To commemorate the anniversary, the Toronto International Film Festival has come up with a list of 150 essential moving-image Canadian productions. Ten of those works include music videos. “1234” — Feist, dir. by Patrick Daughters (2007) “60 rue de [&hellip.. more


Kurt Cobain and Madonna, Together at Last! Wait–What?

Guy Oseary, Madonna’s manager (and U2’s, come to think of it), is now a co-manager of Kurt Cobain’s estate. He and Heather Parry, the president of Live Nation Film and Television, have signed a deal to look after all things Kurt. Courtney and Frances Bean will be tapped to oversee the use, exploitation and protection [&hellip.. more


U2’s Boy at 36 – The Album Covers

u2songs.com looks at U2’s first album and its cover for the 36th anniversary of the album. They look specifically at the North American cover which did not include the picture of Peter Rowan. Sandy Porter was asked to produce this cover. The history and the process make for an interesting read. Image via Sandy Porter [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Friday, October 21, 2016

America. Is. F**ked. Good luck with this election. Distract yourself with some music news. Stephen Colbert’s musical score for this week’s presidential debate. What’s with the Radiohead symbol in the grass at Glastonbury? (Update: Yeah, they’re playing next year.) Uh-oh. Are we gonna have to start paying more for Internet access? Interesting bit of history: [&hellip.. more


Canada Has a New Music TV Channel! Introducing Vintage-TV.

[For more than a year now, I’ve been working with Vintage-TV, a fantastic music channel based out of the UK with a reach through Europe, Russia, China, SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Think of it as the equivalent of magazines like Mojo or Record Collector; serious, thoughtful music TV with zero Kardashian-like content. The [&hellip.. more

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