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The Ongoing History of New Music Episode 710: YOU’RE FIRED!

At some point in your life, you will probably be asked to leave your job. It’s one of those universal things that happens to everyone–including musicians. But given the libertine ways of being in a rock band, what, exactly, do you have to do to get yourself fired? That’s what we’re talking about this week. [&hellip.. more

Various Artists - From Cover to Cover 30 Years of Nettwerk

When Skinny Puppy Goes Mellow

There was a time when Skinny Puppy was among the heaviest, hardest and most brutal artists out there. But that never meant that under all that angry noise there wasn’t a good song. Let me illustrate. Here’s the original version of “Assimilate” from 1985. Stripping away all the Ogre-ness and Radical Face found this. For [&hellip.. more


Jay Z Just Dropped $56 Million to Buy High-Res Audio Streaming Service TIDAL

If you haven’t heard of TIDAL, you will now.  It positions itself as a rival to Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and all the others with its higher-quality audio stream. And now it’s owned by Jay Z. From Billboard. Jay Z has set his sights on buying Aspiro, the Swedish parent company of two subscription streaming services, [&hellip.. more


Random Music News for Saturday, January 31, 2015

The end of January. About bloody time. Rolling Stone has teamed up with Google  to open up the magazine’s archives. “Viny? Just a fad,” say the record executives. Travis Barker speaks of the Blink-182 feud (such as it) here. So where’s Phil Collins these days? Where’s the best place to propose to your girlfriend? At [&hellip.. more

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