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Science of Rock copy

Come Join Me for an Adults-Only Night at The Science of Rock!

As you may know, I’m the curator and content director of The Science of Rock’n’Roll, a touring museum exhibit that’s currently at the Ontario Science Centre until October 26. Throughout the summer, we’ve scheduled a series of adults-only nights, a chance for grown-ups to come play at the Science Centre without having to worry about [&hellip.. more

K Records

I Like This: Pine Hill Haints

It’s a song about Ms Pacman! It features a Theremin! (Or maybe that’s a saw played bluegrass/hillbilly style). What’s not to like?  This will be on an upcoming album entitled The Magik Sounds of the Pine Hill Haints on K Records on September .. more

Apple logo

Apple Reports Q3 Earnings Today. Where Will the iPod Fit In?

Let’s be clear: the iPod saved Apple.  Sure, the company could have continued selling desktops and computers, but the world would be a much different place.  The iPod was not only a massive success with consumers, but it revolutionized the entire music business.  And it set Apple on the path to developing the iPhone and [&hellip.. more

iTunes logo 2

iTunes v12 Now in Beta

I have this love-hate thing with iTunes that’s been tipping over to the “hate” side since about version 7.  It’s bloated. It doesn’t handle FLAC and other high-resolution files. And it goes a little nuts when faced with big music libraries. It needs a complete re-writing–or better yet, a complete deconstruction. I (and a lot [&hellip.. more

Beatles - George Harrison

Your Weirdly Ironic Music Story of the Week

After George Harrison died in 2001, many plans were made to memorialize him in a variety of different ways.  In 2004, the George Harrison Tree was planted in Griffith Park, high above Hollywood.  It was a nice pine tree near the observatory, marked with a small tasteful plaque.  George would have approved, given that he [&hellip.. more

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