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You offend me

When Is a Band’s Name TOO Offensive? (Slightly NSFW)

I clearly remember when the first Lollapalooza came to Toronto in 1991, local TV news anchors had a hard time talking about the first band on the bill. Instead of “Butthole Surfers,” they reported on the “B.H. Surfers.” They just couldn’t bring themselves to pronounce the band’s full name. This wasn’t anything new, of course. [&hellip.. more

Gerson Govea

It Doesn’t Get More Punk Than This. I Think.

Here’s a program from NPR that deals with Cuban punk rockers who deliberately infected themselves with AIDS so they could continue being punk rockers in Castro’s Cuba. (Photo credit: Josu Tueba Leiva).. more


Random Music News for Friday, March 27, 2015

On another airplane today. I used to think traveling for business would be fun. How silly of me. Wait: Could a new System of a Down album be in the works? The day Elvis’ hair didn’t go into the army. (Via Tom) This Australian drummer girl did a good thing for her dad. A Spice [&hellip.. more


Weekly Music Sales Report and Analysis: 26 March 2015

As we run out the last few days of the first quarter, sales in Canada are running a little ahead of where they were at this point last year. That’s good, obviously. Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly debuted at #1 across the land, selling 25,000 units of which 84% were purely digital. Next up [&hellip.. more

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