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Brian Johnson - Cars That Rock

AC/DC Petrolhead Frontman Gets His Own Car Show

One of the things I admire about AC/DC’s Brian Johnson is how much of a hardcore car guy he is.  As part of a band that has sold more than 200 million albums–Back in Black accounts for about 45 million alone–he’s able to indulge in his love of cars. Not only does he buy and [&hellip.. more

8-Bit Operator - Enjoy the Science

An 8-Bit Tribute to Depeche Mode

Let’s be honest: a lot of early Depeche Mode sounded pretty 8-bit.  But that hasn’t stopped 8-Bit Operators from compiling this tribute to the band.  Listen here for a taste of Enjoy the Science. 01. Bacalao – But Not Tonight 02. Herbert Weixelbaum – Enjoy The Silence 03. GOTO80 – Boys Say Go 04. Matt [&hellip.. more

Apple logo

Still More on Apple’s New CarPlay System

More news keeps dribbling out of Cupertino about what Apple’s CarPlay system can/will/might do when it comes to the next generation of connected cars.  And with Tim Cook promising new product categories on yesterday’s earnings call, you have to wonder where automotive technology fits in alongside Apple TV, the iWatch and whatever else they have [&hellip.. more

South Korean Ferry Disaster 2014

How the Korean Music Industry is Reacting to the Ferry Disaster

By the time all the bodies are recovered from the sinking of that South Korean ferry on April 16, the death toll will be over 300.  The disaster has had a traumatic effect on all corners of South Korean society, including the music industry. According to reports out of Seoul and elsewhere, music industry staff [&hellip.. more


iPod Sales Continue to Crater

If you follow the business fortunes of Apple, you’ll know that they hit it out of the park with their Q2 results yesterday.  Yes, iPad sales were a little softer than expected–flat, really–but just about everything else blew away expectations. Just about everything else.  The iPod? Not so much.  Have a look at this chart [&hellip.. more

Homer Scream

Examining the Science of Screaming

What would rock’n'roll be without screaming?  Jim Morrison’s tortured wail in “The End.” Roger Daltrey’s explosive “YYYYYEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” towards the end of “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” Kurt in “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”  And let’s not even begin to talk about all forms of metal and screamo. But screaming isn’.. more

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