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Royal Blood - Out of the Black

I Like This: Royal Blood

Here’s a new(ish) two-piece band from Brighton in the UK that has obviously spent a lot of time listening to Queens of the Stone Age, Muse and Jack White.  Their new album, Out of the Black will be out on the 25th. Thanks to Kurt for the tip.. more

Compact Discs

How Long Do CDs Last? Not as Long as You Think

When we were first introduced to CDs in December 1982, we were promised that they’d deliver perfect sounds forever.  They were indestructible, we were told, and there were many demonstrations of how a CD would continue to play perfectly even though it was dirty or scratched. We now know that was all a lie.  Dirt, [&hellip.. more


A History of “The” Bands

The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. The Cars.  The White Stripes.  The Arcade Fire.  The Band.  The The, fer crissakes. The most common word in the world of band names is “the.”  The Atlantic takes at look at this peculiar corner of nomenclature. Years ago, I was in a khaki Volvo coupe with some friends; Kyra [&hellip.. more

Thurston Moore - The Best Day

I Like This: Thurston Moore

The tallest member of Sonic Youth will have a solo record called The Best Day on October 21st through Matador.  Here’s the first single which features contributions from SY drummer Steve Shelley, Debbie Googe (bassist for My Bloody Valentine) and James Sedwards (an awesome English guitarist).  I really like this!.. more

Babymetal (Heavy MTL)

An Interview with Babymetal

[Our metal freak, Andrew Epstein was granted an audience with one of the hottest new acts on the planet.  -AC] My second interview from the 2014 Heavy Montreal festival is with the Japanese sensation Babymetal following their Canadian debut set on the Heavy Stage. There’s been much written about this act over the past year, [&hellip.. more


The Super Bowl Halftime Show: “Want to Play? Then Pay Up!”

There’ s reason the NFL is the most successful sports league on the planet: they never, ever leave any money on the table.  Here’s more proof. When an act is contracted to play the halftime show at the Super Bowl, they aren’t paid.  Sure, some costs are covered but as for a performance fee, the [&hellip.. more

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