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Tool meme 4

Still No New Tool Album, But There is This…

As I write this, it has been 3,411 days since Tool has released a new album. They say they’re working on new music, but people say that unicorns exist, too. The band is still together, of course, except that their output has been restricted to stuff like this. That’s right: The newest piece of Tool [&hellip.. more

Keep Calm Prog Rock

50 Years Later, Prog Gets Its Own Chart

Prog rock, one of those genres that goes in and out of fashion (and one of the big reasons for the backlash that resulted in punk rock back in the 70s), is finally getting its own chart. Hey, it’s only been 50 years.  The Independent reports: It’s almost 50 years since the first be-caped musicians [&hellip.. more

Taylor Swift

Let’s Pile on Taylor Swift Today

It’s amazing how the press has yet to really turn on Taylor Swift yet. Not that she necessarily deserves it, of course, but you know how the media loves to build up stars only to tear them down later. Still, it hasn’t been all chocolate and unicorns for Taylor lately. Item 1: Taylor branded a [&hellip.. more


I Like This: Myrkur

Amalie Bruun spent a lot of time learning classical violin and piano. Then she discovered black metal. She now works under the name Myrkur–and I’m quite smitten, actually. Yes, vocalizations in the song below are by this woman. I believe I’m in love.. more

Technics SL-1200

Great News! Technics is Back in the Turntable Business

When it comes to a workhorse turntable, nothing–and I mean NOTHING–can beat a Technics SL-1200. I bought one of the last remaining units for my home studio before they went out of production and I have every reason to believe that it will be the last turntable I have to buy for the place. Or [&hellip.. more


Well, That Didn’t Last Long: Chavril is Separating

When Avirl Lavinge and Chad Kroeger got married a while back, it was heralded as a match of soulmates. Well, so much for that. Sadly, Avril and Chad are consciously uncoupling (dammit, I can’t stop using that phrase) after two years of manage. And how did we find out? Through Avirl’s Instagram account. That’s how [&hellip.. more


Jukebox History

FYI Muisc News points us to a great history of automatic music machines that appears at Vail Daily. Long before the Walkman (remember it?) and the digital music players of today, there were jukeboxes — in essence, coin-operated phonograph players (remember records?). They came into use in the 1930s, and at the height of their [&hellip.. more


The Spot in the Brain Where Musical Talent Live Has Been Discovered

It stands to reason–I guess–that there’s a certain portion of the brain where musical talent lives. Andrew points us to this article from Biotechnology.com: Musical talent has been located in the human brain, according to research led by a Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) team, and reported in Cerebral Cortex. Also discovered, the teams reported: a [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Thursday, September 3, 2015

Still in London having meeting with the Vintage.tv folk. Canada is on the list. Here’s some music news from this side of the Atlantic. YouTube plans to launch two subscription services of some kind before the end of 2016. If you ever feel like giving money to a musician, there’s now an app for that. [&hellip.. more

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