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More Music From The Inbox 1 Oct 2014 Clockwork Radio, Mozart’s Sister, The Menzingers and More!

Artist: Clockwork Radio, “Sitting Bull” Album: No Man Is An Island Great new video from this talented UK band. Sounds like: The anger and drive… Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Mozart’s Sister, “Enjoy”   Album: Being Self-describer “West coast hippy bitch” out of Montreal Sounds like: Alt-techno-popish sort of! Link/Listen/Watch:   Artist: The Menzingers, “I Don’t Wanna Be An [&h.. more


Random Music News for Wednesday, October 1, 2014

LA yesterday, London today. Kate Bush at the Apollo tonight! Sign language for music for the deaf. Wait–what? (Via Tom) Remember the Metallica murder case? There’s been a break. And speaking of murder, remember the case of the dude who shot a kid for playing his music too loud? Time for a verdict. A guy [&hellip.. more

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