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Music Technology MeetUp – The Business of Podcasting

My next Music tech Event will be held at the beautiful Sandbox at Ryerson University on July 26. I hope you’ll join me and other Music Technology enthusiasts and experts. This time, I’ll be moderating a panel on “The Business of Podcasting.” As usual, attending the event is free. And even though we’re a total non-profit [&hellip.. more

Missed That Music Festival? This Tool Will Help You Catch Up

Ever wonder what songs The Who played at Woodstock in ’69? Wouldn’t it be cool to relive the legendary main stage lineup of Lollapalooza ’92? Want Radiohead’s Glastonbury setlist from ’97? A new tool called Festival Playlister allows anyone to search through the setlist databases of any music festival in the world and create a Spotify [&hellip.. more

Life After Terrestrial Radio: Time for a Reinvention

The last few years have been tough for veteran radio people. Like many industries, radio has periods of expansion and contraction and lately, the Internet and changing customer listening/spending patterns have made life difficult for an industry that’s been around for more than a hundred years. It happens to all of us in the business [&hellip.. more

Let’s Talk About the Future of Listening to Music in Cars

If you’re in the market for a new car, I’m pretty sure that you want all kinds of techno-goodies when it comes to the dashboard. Increasingly features like CarPlay or Android Auto are make-or-break decisions when it comes to purchasing a specific vehicle. Can you stream? Is the car a rolling WiFi hotspot? What’s the [&hellip.. more

Teaching U2: Inside a College Course on the Band

David Whitt teaches at Nebraska Wesleyan University where he’s in charge of a required course for all first-year students. I’ll let him describe it. While the topic of each [Archway Seminar] is different, each course includes some requisite speaking and writing assignments, which made developing the course syllabus a little easier. The capstone project is a [&hellip.. more

Watch Nine Inch Nails’ Cameo Appearance on Twin Peaks

If you’ve been watching the rebooted Twin Peaks, you’ll know that a number of cool/odd bands have shown up to perform at The Roadhouse. Were this bar a real place, whoever is booking talent would be considered a genius. Trent Reznor and David Lynch are longtime bros, so it’s not surprising that Nine Inch Nails [&hellip.. more

More Music From The Inbox 28 Jun 2017 Kitsuko, Deaf Havana, Ride and More!

Artist: Kitsuko, “The City Eats Its Young” Album: N/A Amazing song celebrating Youth Day in South Africa Sounds like:  The hard edges of life Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Deaf Havana, “Happiness” Album: All These Countless Nights Great UK band I’ve been following for a long while Sounds like:  the spirit of the soul Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Ride, “Lannoy [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Wednesday, June 28, 2017

On this day in 1975, Steve Wozniak tested the first prototype of the first Apple computer. And now in music news for June 28… Are we at the end of album exclusives on streaming services? I hope so. Miley Cyrus knows she’s weird. Here’s how she explains it. US podcast revenue is going to double [&hellip.. more

Flying Through Toronto’s Pearson Airport Soon? Prepare for Some Live Music

In another Canada 150 move, Toronto’s Pearson International Airport has launched a new music showcase called YYZ Live. Between today (June 26) and September 15, the airport will feature 150 live performances from some of the city’s best emerging artists from across many different genres and cultures. I love the idea. As someone who spends [&hellip.. more

Smart Speakers: The Future of Audio?

Google Home finally comes to Canada this week (Best Buy and other retailers have ’em for sale for less than $200) and unless I’ve missed something, this is the first chance Canadians have to experiment with smart speakers. Meanwhile, the US and Britain have been using Google Home and Amazon’s Echo for some time now [&hellip.. more

Public Enemy Tours with an Awesome Sign Language Interpreter. Watch.

Years ago, I hosted a CFNY Video Roadshow at a school for the deaf where I was schooled on how hearing-impaired teenagers got into music. While they couldn’t hear much (if any) of the music, they loved the beats and vibrations. I was also given a sign language interpreter so I could address the crowd. [&hellip.. more

Apple Has Leased a Bunch of Cars from Hertz. Why?

Remember all those rumours about Apple building its own car? Not gonna happen, but Apple is very, very deep into the dashboard and into research of autonomous vehicles. Their latest move is to lease a small fleet of Lexus SUVs for…something. From Bloomberg. Apple Inc. is leasing a small fleet of cars from Hertz Global [&hellip.. more

Confused by the US Healthcare Debate? Here’s a Slipknot Analogy

One of the things that define Canada is universal healthcare, something America doesn’t have or seem to want. With Obamacare on the way out and Trumpcare having trouble finding support, it’s easy to be confused about what’s going on in the US. Seth Meyers offers this explanation which involves a Slipknot analogy.. more

Net Neutrality Day of Action July 12

The US Federal Communications Commission is accepting public comments on its proposed changes to net neutrality regulations until mid-August. That’s not stopping the advocates from rallying around the current protections. There’s a Twitter day of action scheduled for July 12 in support of the current regulations and in opposition to the proposed changes. Others participating [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rabbits in the back yard again. One bull terrier doesn’t care, the other is being driven insane. And now, the music news for June 27. Glastonbury wrap-up: These were the set lists for the Foo Fighters, Liam Gallagher, The Jacksons and Alison Moyet. And then here’s what the crowd saw from the Flaming Lips, Pretenders, [&hellip.. more

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