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Compact Discs

Why Is Japan Still Nuts for CDs?

In almost all the other top 10 music markets, the compact disc is dying. While CDs still sell by the millions every year, the sales trajectory resembles an extinction-level asteroid. Canada, the US, the UK, Germany and Australia have seen year-over-year declines in CD sales as digital files, streaming music services and even vinyl cannibalize [&hellip.. more

Connected Car - acadia-dashboard

Important Trends in Internet Radio

FYI Music News points us to this article from the people who are staging the second annual DASH Conference in Detroit, which is a gathering of broadcasters, electronics manufacturers and automakers: Did you know that more than half of Americans listen to Internet Radio? Of this population, 39% choose personalized radio, 27% prefer streaming live, [&hellip.. more

Rock is dead

Who Says Rock Is Dead? [UPDATE]

What’s this about rock being dead, murdered by unscrupulous pirating kids? That notion spouted by Gene Simmons received quite a bit of attention earlier this month, caryring all the way up to CNN. (Check out the CNN article here which even links back to something I wrote on the subject. Cool!) In my piece, I [&hellip.. more

Clock radio

ABC Plans Radio-Theme Sitcom with Jimmy Kimmel and Carson Daily

It’s been a long time since there was a good radio-themed sitcom. Fraser would have been the last, I guess. Before that, we had Newsradio. And before that–well, probably WKRP, right? But now ABC is apparently signed Jimmy Kimmel (and old radio guy himself from KROQ) and Carson Daily (a current radio guy in LA [&hellip.. more


Uh-Oh. Is The El Mocambo Finally Dead?

Along with the Horseshoe, the El Mocambo is Canada’s most famous rock’n’roll dive bar. Everyone from U2 to the Ramones to Queens of the Stone Age to the Rolling Stones have played their over the years. When I moved to Toronto back in the 80s, it was one of the very first places I sought [&hellip.. more

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