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Whither These Solid Indie Bands from the 00′s?

Never before in the history of humanity has there been this much music.  And never before have this many people been making music.  However, the competition for the public’s ears means that there is much churn and many casualties.  Being good isn’t enough to guarantee any kind of success or longevity. The NME has put [&hellip.. more


A 4-D Sound System? What?

It’s easy to imagine 3-D sound because that’s what we hear every day.  But 4-D sound? This is what Paul Oomen, the head of a Dutch company called 4DSOUND says he’s created.  I haven’t heard it, but it looks awesome.   This is from Resident Advisor: Even before you’ve heard 4DSOUND, it’s kind of awesome. [&hellip.. more


What Not to Do When Sending Music to Bloggers

I like it when people send me music.  I get hundreds of press releases and links every day–yes, hundreds–and I (or one of the other writers on this site) to go through as many of these songs as I can.  The flood is tremendous, so please accept my apologies if I can’t get to all [&hellip.. more


Here’s the Guy We Can Blame for Auto-Tune

I hate Auto-Tune. Hate it.  I despise the “Cher effect” and everything T-Pain does.  I loathe how Aut0-Tune has made it possible for sub-standard singers to become famous.  It’s a cheat. And Auto-Tune has allowed all music to take on an otherworldly, perfect-pitch sheen that strips all humanity away from performances. So who can we [&hellip.. more

Stewie (Big)

Behold the “Mastodong”

When he’s not fronting Mastodon, Brent Hinds like to, um, get wood.  And then carve it.  Into a giant penis. And then post pictures of it on Instagram.   (Via Pitchfork).. more


Random Music News for July 31, 2014

I think I snored a lot last night.  My uvula hurts. Did Morrissey send someone to beat up the owner of a fan site? All right, Ted Nugent.  That’s enough. Interesting read, radio peeps:  why Pandora will get into the spoken word game. About that new Blur album:  never mind. An unheard version of “Stairway [&hellip.. more

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