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The Ongoing History of New Music, Episode 714: Great Lost Albums

Just because you make a record doesn’t mean it’ll ever be released. Maybe you’ll abandon it before it’s finished. Maybe you do finish it but you decide it’s not good enough. Or it could be your record company decides they don’t want to release it. Or maybe it’ll just be declared “lost”–whatever that means. This [&hellip.. more

Homer too loud

One Billion Young People Are Going Deaf Because of Loud Music (NOT a Typo)

Now that Ebola seems to be fading, the World Health Organization, being the “this-is-bad-for-you” busybodies that it is (and often with very good reasons) has issued another dire health warning. This time it has to do with the billion young people whose music is JUST TOO DAMN LOUD. It estimates that between half of those [&hellip.. more

Simpsons Keith Richards

Why Do Music Makers Do It For Life?

A significant percentage of people who create their own music have a tendency to continue doing that throughout their lives. This, according to Swedish research (and who doesn’t trust Swedish research?). Theorell and his colleagues examined detailed data compiled on 3,820 people—all twins who were born between 1959 and 1985, and who sang or played [&hellip.. more


Interview With CIRAA Executive Director Zack Leighton

CIRAA (Canadian Independent Recording Artist’s Association) is a non-profit organization which supports thousands of artists across Canada with education, opportunities and more. Zack Leighton, the Executive Director, was recently interviewed for website Ways We Work. Canadian artist entrepreneurs are an underserved population of professional artist. Many of us know local artists that are to.. more

John Legend and Commin

Um, John Legend? Can We Talk About Your Hypocrisy?

If you watched the Oscars, you’ll have seen this bring-the-house-down performance by John Legend and Common. When they won the Oscar, they had this impassioned acceptance speech. Struggle for justice. Compromised voting rights. The US is most incarcerated country in the world. More people of colour in jail today than there were under slavery in [&hellip.. more

Joshua Tree

Tree Stories – Yup, More Than One

I can honestly say I never expected to write a tree story. Especially one that contains both a Beatle’s related tree AND a U2 tree. I’m sure most people know the title tree from U2’s 1987 masterwork The Joshua Tree. As it turns out, someone has vandalized said tree. “This past Sunday, I made my [&hellip.. more

Sarah Brightman

Sarah Brightman’s Off To Space! Wait, What?

You may remember the soprano from many West End and Broadway shows including Phantom of the Opera. And now she’s heading to the International Space Station on September 1st. Some are asking where she got the 34 million pounds (about $65 million CDN). Doubting very much it’s former husband Andrew Lloyd Webber. That’s why, back [&hellip.. more

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