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Foo Fighters logo

New Teaser for the Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways

It’s interesting to watch how the Foos tease out the release of Sonic Highways.  Having spent some time at Foos HQ in Hollywood, I know the people who support the band–especially Dave–in all his endeavours, wishes, whims and dreams. They’re very, very serious about their work. The latest piece of news out of the Foos [&hellip.. more

Human ear

The Weird Audio Illusion that Will Freak You Out. Listen.

Listen to the clip all the way through.  The tones continue to creep up.  Then listen again (it will loop automatically; if not, just restart the clip) and the tones appear to continue to creep up. But guess what?  They don’t!  Those are the same tones that you heard the first time through.  Yet each [&hellip.. more


The Songs of IBM. Wait–What?

Decades ago, it wasn’t uncommon for companies to encourage their employees to sing company songs.  For example, Labatt used to issue a booklet of official drinking songs to its workers. Around the same time, International Business Machines–or “The IBM”–offered the same services. Ars Technica points to the official IBM songbook issued in 1937 that was [&hellip.. more

Streaming Music Services 2

Streaming Is the Future: Get Over It.

This was a very, very bad week for album sales in the US.  In fact, it was a bleak time for most of the major territories for two reasons: (a) all the labels seem to be holding back most of their major releases for the fourth quarter, resulting in a dearth of big-name records so [&hellip.. more

Led_Zeppelin - Led_Zeppelin_IV

Listen to a Taste of Led Zeppelin’s Alternate Take of “Black Dog”

If I had to rank the best side one/track ones in the history of rock, Zep’s “Black Dog” would be right up there.  Inspired by an actual black dog–a lab retriever–that was hanging around Hedley Grange, the scene of the recording of Zeppelin’s fourth album, the familiar version begins with a spooky guitar effect–almost random [&hellip.. more


Random Music News for August 30, 2014

Is Labour Day the saddest long weekend of the year? Probably. Britney Spears is on the market again–if you like that sort of thing. (Thanks, Tom.  I think.) Good God, is Chris Martin writing songs for Jennifer Lawrence now? So about that Pink Floyd album that’s coming out in October… How many of these worthless [&hellip.. more

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