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Would You Like a Career as a Band Manager?

Okay, so maybe you can’t play an instrument or write songs. But maybe you have a head for numbers, organization and seeking justice. It’s possible you have what it takes to be an artist manager. But where to start? How does one learn to be a manager. Well, you could do it the hard way [&hellip.. more

Streaming Music Services 2

Is the Future of Streaming Niche Programming?

Any streaming music service will give you access to 35 million or so songs. But does the future of the medium lie in niche programming? Music Industry Blog contemplates that. Why Niche Is The Next Streaming Frontier Posted on September 4, 2015 If 2014 was the year of fear, uncertainty and doubt for streaming then 2015 [&hellip.. more

North Korea flag

North Korea Invades South Korea–Through It’s Karaoke Machines

Having been to South Korean (and 12 feet inside North Korea at the DMZ), I know exactly how weird this part of the world is. As a collector of Cold War propaganda–I have posters from the USSR, Red China, Viet Nam and a few other places–I’d been hoping to find some DPRK material in Seoul. [&hellip.. more

Steve Jobs

10 Songs Steve Jobs Used to Train His Brain

That’s the title of this article from Inc. You can read the details here, but before you do, see what you make of this list of songs that Steve Jobs went back to again and again. (Via Bobby) “Imagine,” John Lennon (Steve was a major Beatles fan) “Hard Headed Woman,” Cat Stevens “Highway 61 Revisited,” [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Saturday, September 5, 2015

Back from London, although I think my soul is still in transit somewhere over the Atlantic. Hopefully we’ll be reunited by Tuesday.  And now, the music news… Billy Corgan, really, really, really likes what Donald Trump is doing. Aretha Franklin really, really, really doesn’t want anyone to see that 1972 concert film. Things don’t look [&hellip.. more


Toronto Band Paint Completes Experimental Sci-Fi Film

By Amber Healy With summer unofficially over, it’s time for fall, hands down the best season of the year. Fall means Halloween, and that means movies that bend the mind, trick the senses and raise goosebumps on the skin. Toronto-based band Paint have teamed up with Stratasfear Productions for a new experimental sci-fi film, 11:11, [&hellip.. more

Pearl Jam logo

So What’s Up with Pearl Jam These Days? Well, Here’s Something.

By Kristian Johnson It’s been just about two years since Pearl Jam dropped their 10th and latest album, Lightning Bolt. While the band has been fairly busy, having spent a lot of 2013 and 2014 touring Australia, North America, Europe and South America in support of the new album, they were able to break for [&hellip.. more

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