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Josh Homme Kicks a Concert Photographer in the Head

Josh Homme went on a bit of a kicking jag during a show in LA on Saturday night. Lights, gear, a photographer. Oops. Thanks to @joshhomme @queensofthestoneage I now get to spend my night in the ER. Seriously, WHO DOES THAT?!? #joshhomme #queensofthestoneage #qotsa #qotsafamily #concertphotography #musicphotographer A post shared by Chelsea Lauren (@chelsealaurenla) on [&hellip.. more

7 Days, 7 Questions: Day 7

Let’s explore some of this passion we have for music. All this week I’ll be asking some questions, sharing my thoughts and, hopefully, hearing from you! Last day! Let’s talk about those musical momentos that we collect and what they mean to us. I have a few items to share. The above item is a [&hellip.. more

Eminem Takes A Shot At Racism and Cops

There is no doubt that Eminem is not shy when it comes to tough topics. His new track ‘Untouchable’ takes a hard look at racism and police. Lyrics: Hands up, officer don’t shoot Then pull your pants up, promise you won’t loot We may never understand each other it’s no use We ain’t ever gonna [&hellip.. more

Some Familiar Names Performing at Dublin’s Bowie Festival

Dublin is holding their third annual Bowie Festival in January. January 8th would have been David Bowie’s 71st birthday. The gig will take place as part of The Dublin Bowie Festival’s 3rd year. The multi venue music and arts celebration of the cultural legacy of David Bowie. The Festival will run over 7 days and [&hellip.. more

All You Want For Christmas Is…Boxed Sets!

I love them. You love them. Who wouldn’t want one? Anyone who loves music in any way can get excited unwrapping a boxed set from their favourite artist on a Christmas morn’! Even in this age of streaming and dead-to-dying brick-and-mortar stores, the most obsessive music and pop culture fans are determined to stay at [&hellip.. more

52 Albums That Changed My Life, Chapter 50: Clockwork Angels

Earlier, I had mentioned how Counterparts had begun my love of Rush and if I had to be completely honest, I could probably do at least five to ten album reviews on the band alone. I completely identify with the guys in the band in very different ways. Alex and Geddy, in a weird way, [&hellip.. more

7 Days, 7 Questions: Day 6

Let’s explore some of this passion we have for music. All this week I’ll be asking some questions, sharing my thoughts and, hopefully, hearing from you! What song have you loved for years that changed meaning for you as your life changed. We’ve all had those songs. And please, if you can, share what changed [&hellip.. more

Do You Have A Musical Family Christmas Tradition?

I know. Christmas can bring out the best and worst of all of us. Often on the same day and potentially at the same time. Traditions are always a part of this time of year. Maybe you play games on Christmas Eve. Maybe you go caroling. Or maybe you live like a Bing Crosby Christmas [&hellip.. more

Calgary Philharmonic Offers Free Music Education Across Canada

You don’t often hear the word free when you think of education, especially for music. The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra is looking to change that. The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) has entered into a unique partnership with the French web-based music-learning platform, Meludia. Starting on December 6, 2017 and for a period of one year, unlimited [&hellip.. more

Secret Solstice 2018 – Into The Glacier and The Lava Tunnel

Everyone’s favourite Iceland music festival, Secret Solstice, is back in 2018 and bringing you even more! Iceland’s Secret Solstice, the bucket-list music festival held during 96 hours of straight sunlight in Reykjavik from June 21-24, 2018 announces the return of their signature side events, Into The Glacier and The Lava Tunnel for their fifth edition [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Saturday, December 9, 2017

On this day in 1979, it was announced that that smallpox virus, a disease that killed and disfigured untold millions, had been eradicated. What did it? Vaccines. And now, some music news for December 9. Tool drummer Danny Carey says there will “definitely” be a new album in 2018. But we’ve heard that line before… [&hellip.. more

Report: Apple to Buy Shazam

Shazam, the cool music identification app that got its own game show, is apparently soon to become an Apple property. If all goes according to plan, the purchase announcement will be made Monday. The price? Around $400 million. Apple is currently the #2 streaming music service in the world, but they trail Spotify by a [&hellip.. more

7 Days, 7 Questions: Day 5

Let’s explore some of this passion we have for music. All this week I’ll be asking some questions, sharing my thoughts and, hopefully, hearing from you! What piece of music did you own (album, single, vinyl, cd or any other media) that you no longer have that you wish you still had? I think that [&hellip.. more

An American Music Fan Laments the Loss of his Beloved Tragically Hip

Most of America proved immune (or ignorant) to the charms and talents of the Tragically Hip, but there was a sizeable number of fans in border cities like Buffalo and Cleveland. Joel Reid was one of them. This is from Decider. There’s almost no such thing as local culture anymore. So few things remain tucked [&hellip.. more

Dead Industry Radio: A nickelodeon for the 21st century

Meet Dead Industry Radio, a new enterprise based in Brampton, Ontario, that wants to pay musicians for each stream or broadcast of their songs. In movies and TV shows depicting life in the rosy-cheeked 1950s, teeny boppers were always feeding nickels into jukeboxes to hear the songs they loved. That’s where the term nickelodeon comes [&hellip.. more

This Was the Biggest-Trending Music Video on YouTube This Year. No, Really.

Ever hear of The Mask Singer? It’s a strange singing competition in South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and China. The concept is simple: Singers compete while fully masked and in crazy costumes. Their identities are only revealed when they voted off the show. This clip, “Until We Will Become Dust” by Oyster Masked, taken from the [&hellip.. more

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