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Foo Fighters - Dave Grohl 04 July 2015 1

How Dave Grohl Returned to the Stage in Washington DC

The Foo Fighters returned to the stage for the first time since Dave Grohl fell off a stage in Sweden, breaking his leg and dislocating his ankle. That was only a couple of weeks ago, so Dave is still a ways off from being able to jump about on stage again. So how did he [&hellip.. more

Port of Liverpool 1

The Story of the American Sailors Who Brought Rock’n’Roll to the UK

In the glory days of transatlantic cruise ships, few European ports were more important than Liverpool. Thousands of ships big and small made Liverpool their first port of call after crossing the ocean, delivering untold millions of people and tons of goods. A stowaway on many of those trips the in late 50s and early [&hellip.. more


Yamaha Motorcycle Division Creates Insane Drum Kit

It’s too bad that Motley Crue is hanging it up as far as touring goes because I’m sure Tommy Lee would like to try out this bit of insanity. The musical instruments division of Yamaha gave the company’s motorcycle division a challenge: design a drum kit using their unique design sensibilities. They came up with [&hellip.. more

Catherine Wheel

If You Were Ever a Fan of the Catherine Wheel, Watch This.

I was (and remain) a big Catherine Wheel fan, a group that should have been much bigger than they were. But because they had the misfortune of being lumped in with the soon-out-of-fashion shoegaze scene and failed to be poppy enough to fit in with Britpop, they kinda fell between the cracks. But fear not [&hellip.. more


YouTube is Still THE Monster When It Comes to Music Streaming

Add up all the traffic of all the streaming music services in the world and you still can’t beat YouTube. And it’s growing faster than anything else on the planet. From Music Business Worldwide: Scary news for those who don’t feel YouTube is paying music rights-holders enough: it’s the biggest music streaming service on earth, [&hellip.. more

Damon Albarn

Damon Albarn’s Five-Hour Set Ends When He’s Carried Off the Stage

That must have been a good gig at Roskilde in Denmark. Damon Albarn and his collective known as African Express was asked to close the festival–which they did with a five-hour set.  It went so far beyond curfew–4am in fact–that a roadie ended the show by physically removing Albarn from the stage so everyone could [&hellip.. more


How the Grateful Dead Changed Concert Sound Forever

If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area this week, traffic is going to be a nightmare. Not just because of the stupid HOV lanes set up for the Pan Am Games, but because U2 plays the Air Canada Centre tonight and tomorrow, followed by the Foo Fighters at the Molson Amphitheatre Wednesday and Thursday. Downtown [&hellip.. more

Senheisser HD 800 headphones

What Headphones Do Top DJs Use?

Picking the right headphones is a terribly subjective thing. Not only does your choice involve the quality of the ‘phones, but on how your ears work. Everyone’s sense of hearing is slightly different, which means one set of headphones may sound great to you but pure shite to someone else.  I, for example, favour Sony [&hellip.. more

Grease Soundtrack 1

What If the Cast of Grease Went Death Metal?

A bazillion years ago, I worked as a fry cook at an ice cream shop in my hometown. Above the grill was an AM radio that spewed “You’re the One That I Want,” the Olivia Newton-John/John Travolta hit from the Grease soundtrack. Even today the song triggers PTSD symptoms complete with the smell of burning [&hellip.. more

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