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I Like This: Selfieman

I’m fascinated by acts from places we don’t normally hear from when it comes to contemporary music. Take the case of Selfieman, a one-band outfit from Moscow. This is the first single from the debut album, Transparent Things.   From the press release: “The idea of the original name – Selfieman – has come from Psychiatry. Selfie-mania is [&hellip.. more

Ongoing History (Logo)

The Ongoing History of New Music Episode 694

If you like a little eccentricity with your vocalists, you’ll love this week’s program on Queens of Quirk. We’ll veer far, far away from the cookie-cutter pop singers of today–I’m sorry, but most of them sound the same to me–to hear women who use their voices to express themselves in unique different ways. Yes, we’ll [&hellip.. more

Steve Albini Cooking Class 1

The Steve Albini Cooking Class. You Heard Me.

Most music fans known Steve as a producer recorder of such bands as Nirvana, the Breeders and several hundred indie bands. But he’s also quite the cook. Stereogum takes a look at the cooking class Steve teaches in Chicago.   Once you’re done, head over to Steve’s cooking blog.. more

Who - Who Are You

More Fun With Isolated Tracks: The Drum Parts from “Who Are You?”

As a drummer myself, I’ve always been fascinated by Keith Moon’s unconventional ways. In this deconstruction, Bobby Owsinki takes a look at what Moon the Loon did for this last great track for The Who. Notice Keith’s, er, vocalizations throughout the track. And in case you need a refresher on the whole song&#.. more

Alestorm - Logo

An Interview with Alestorm

Photo courtesy of Heavy Montreal [Resident metalhead Andrew Epstein--recently married, by the way, so please offer him and his bride your congratulations--returns with yet another interview. - AC] On the way to my first Alestorm show I encountered a few concert-goers who were there strictly for the band’s pirate/alcohol-themed shenanigans, but had an obvious animosity [&hellip.. more

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