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Geeks and Beats Podcast, Episode 173: WARNING! Earworms Ahead

Listener discretion is advised for anyone susceptible to getting a song stuck in their heads. Which is, like, everyone since 98% of us get earworms. On what is likely going to be the least-listened-to episode of the season (good planning, huh?) we’ll tell you the five reasons why our brains get stuck on a song [&hellip.. more

Here are your winners from the 2018 Brit Awards

The Brit Awards, the UK’s equivalent of the Junos and the Grammys, were handed out in London Wednesday night. Here’s who won what. British male: Stormzy British female: Dua Lipa British group: Gorillaz Breakthrough artist: Dua Lipa (That’s two!) Global Success award: Ed Sheeran British single: Rag’n’Bone Man, “Human: British album: Stormzy, Gang Signs & [&hellip.. more

Chris Cornell’s widow gives her first TV interview since his death

Vicky Cornell still can’t believe that Chris Cornell would take his own life. In her first TV interview, Vicky spoke with Robin Roberts for Good Morning America. “He wanted to be there for his family, for his children,” she said. “He loved his life…he would never have left this world.” So why was it determined [&hellip.. more

Someone threatened to kill a congressman over net neutrality

A central New York man admitted in court Tuesday he threatened to kill a member of Congress over net neutrality. There’s nothing funny or jokey about this one. On October 17, Patrick Angelo, 28, of Syracuse allegedly called the Washington, D.C., office of Rep. John Katko, a Republican. Angelo is accused of leaving a voicemail [&hellip.. more

Exercising to music “bends your mind”

If you engage in any kind of exercise, I’m going to guess that you do it to music. Look around. Joggers with earbuds. Gym rats with headphones. Exercise classes to thumpin’ rhythms. Music is definitely an exercise motivator and enhancer. But why? What are the neurological reasons for this? Scientists are actually kinda stumped as [&hellip.. more

More Music From The Inbox 21 Feb 2018 The Decemberists, Hillsburn, Batuk and More!

Artist: The Decemberists, “Severed”  Album: I’ll Be Your Girl Long time favourite band out of Portland, Oregon Sounds like:  what happens when the damage surfaces Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Hillsburn, “Bad Behaviours” Album: The Wilder Beyond Definitely worth your time (photo Paul Aarntzen) Sounds like:  Who hasn’t? Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Batuk, “Move” Album: Kasi Royalty I.. more

Random Music News for Wednesday, February 21, 2018

February 21, 2018: Just one more week in February. Meanwhile, distract yourself with some music news. Canadian music sales vs. this time last week: Total albums, -28.5%; digital albums, -18.9%; CDs, -34.2%; digital tacks, -19.1%; vinyl, +28%; streaming 59.8%. Did a guy from Bulgaria scam Spotify for a fortune? Maybe. “German police pulled out my [&hellip.. more

Spotify is looking for someone to manage “hardware product”

Spotify is a streaming music service. Spotify is a data gathering and analysis company. Spotify is a software company. And now they want to get into hardware? What sort of hardware could they be talking about? A smart speaker is the most obvious, yet… Check out this posting on the company’s website: Operations Manager – [&hellip.. more

This band is really happy with what’s happening at the Olympics with the Russians

We were watching the Olympics over the weekend when my wife pointed at the screen. “What OAR?” “‘Olympic Athletes from Russia,’” I replied. “Russia as a country was banned from these Olympics because of doping, but the IOC is letting athletes compete in South Korea under that designation.” This compromise has pissed the members of [&hellip.. more

Melissa Auf Der Maur and the music industry’s #MeToo reckoning

The music industry is having to reckon will all kinds of #MeToo issues. Given that this is an industry has been built on creating and selling sex (as well as creating an environment where questionable behavior is not only tolerated but encouraged), a lot of people are nervously looking over their shoulders. Melissa Auf Der [&hellip.. more

How long can a rock band rock before they fall apart?

Years ago, I did an event with Don Letts, the DJ, Clash confident, radio presenter, writer, and member of Big Audio Dynamite. “The average life expectancy of a band is seven years. During that time, they form, start gigging, release some albums, hit a peak and then break fall into a period of decline that [&hellip.. more

After the Parkland school shooting, Pearl Jam has a message to lawmakers

I used to think that if nothing happened with America’s attitude towards guns after Sandy Hook, nothing would change. Now, though, I’m beginning to working if the mass killings in Parkland, Florida, is some kind of tipping point. What happens when Gen Z–a cohort far larger than millennials–becomes old enough to effect change? It’s this [&hellip.. more

New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (Feb 20, 2018): Courtney Barnett, The Drums, Bonny Doon, and more!

Artist: Courtney Barnett Song: “Nameless, Faceless” Album/EP: Tell Me How You Really Feel “Men are scared that women will laugh at them, women are scared that men will kill them.” Tackling online trolls, patriarchy, and paranoia, this twitchy tune from Australia’s Courtney Barnett packs the disparate sonic punch to match its themes. Lilting melodies, lo-fi vocals, [&.. more

Random Music News for Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fifteen years ago today, one of the worst concert tragedies in history happened with a pyro display during a Great White show at the Station nightclub in West Warwick went wrong. One hundred people were killed and over two hundred were injured. When it comes to music news for February 20, 2018… Is social media making [&hellip.. more

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