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If Da Vinci had met Joey Ramone…

One day in 1503, Leonardo Da Vinci started on a portrait that would be known as the Mona Lisa. What if instead of  Lisa Gherardini his neighbour had been Joey Ramone? (Via Tom).. more

Question: Should cool moms and dads bring their young kids to concerts?

I spent all last Saturday as the MC of the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington, Ontario. Backstage was a lovely, calm refuge for all the acts, many of whom brought their families. A number of sub-5-year-olds spent the day running around the compound. When it came time for Daddy to perform (there were no [&hellip.. more

The Flaming Lips cover Spongebob Squarepants because Flaming Lips

I’ve heard from a number of people that the current Broadway production based on Spongebob Squarepants is a real hit among a certain set of adults. Because it focuses on the early years of the series, the younger grown-ups who see it find themselves in a bath of nostalgia. The Flaming Lips, who do weird [&hellip.. more

Kesha says Dr. Luke also raped Katy Perry; he denies it

The years-long battle between Kesha and Dr. Luke is getting uglier – now Katy Perry is involved. Court documents obtained by The Blast and Variety state Kesha sent a text to Lady Gaga containing that accusation. We knew Kesha said he’d raped and abused her; we knew in early 2017 there was some conversation involving [&hellip.. more

Danko Jones issues a decade’s worth of rants and ramblings in a book

One of the hardest working guys in Canadian rock is Danko Jones, a guy who has been plugging away for close to a quarter-century. You can’t have a career that long and not have some stories to tell. Danko has committed some of these stories and rants to a book called I’ve Got Something to Say: [&hellip.. more

Do you have an uppity fetus? Try some classical music.

You’re pregnant. Along with the fatigue, the backache, the hormonal issues, the weight gain and everything else that comes with this blessed experience, the little person inside you–who is already taking everything you have–is trying to kick a hole in his/her house i.e. you. What can you do? First, you might want to modify the [&hellip.. more

Let’s get updated on the most-streamed songs of all time

One of the fascinating things about the data generated by streaming music services is how we can determine exactly how many times any given song has been heard. Digital Music News has this report from Spotify. Click on the image to see the entire top 100 list. How many rock songs do you see.. more

Random music news for Saturday, June 16, 2018

Had he lived, Tupac would be 57 today. And in other music news for June 16, 2018… Here are my weekly music picks for GlobalNews.ca. Ozzy Osborne to serve 30 years for a barbershop killing. (Note the spelling of the last name. It’s not Ozzy “Osbourne,” so if you hear anything about our Ozzy going [&hellip.. more

Here is the Long List for the 2018 Polaris Music Prize

As a member of the wider jury for the Polaris Music Prize (there are over 200 of us), I long ago lost count of how many albums were put forward for consideration. It was over 200 for sure and the vast majority of them were very, very good. Damn, our people make good music. None [&hellip.. more

Apparently, our planet likes to whistle. Listen.

The space nerd in me loves stories like this. According to new data collected by NASA, fast-moving charged particles are trapped in magnetic areas around the planet known as the Van Allen radiation belts that extend up to about 6,000 kilometres above the surface. Basically, these belts operate as a shield against harmful rays and [&hellip.. more

This video shows a potential music festival porta-potty nightmare

Porta-potties are gross things at the best of times but never more so at music festivals. This video of flying porta-potties would be a worst case scenario at any evening. Anyone know where this happened? And it’s it weird that hurricane force winds came up on such a sunny day? (Via Laughing Squid).. more

The death of CD and download ownership

Okay, so maybe that headline is a little severe, but there’s no doubt that sales of CDs are cratering. The number of digital downloads, both tracks and albums, is faring even worse. The only good news comes from the world of vinyl, where year-to-date sales in Canada are ahead by a staggering 70% in 2018. [&hellip.. more

Random music news for Friday, June 15, 2018

Worldwide productivity has already dropped to near zero as a result of the World Cup. Yet there’s still music news for June 15, 2018. RIP DJ Fontana, Elvis’ drummer. He’s dead at 87. Has the Beyonce-Jay-Z tour been reduced to giving away tickets for free? That’s the story. PJ Harvey is selling her Hollywood condo. [&hellip.. more

And the winner of the 2018 SOCAN Songwriting Prize is…

…Partner, the band from Atlantic Canada. The duo of Josée Caron and Lucy Niles grabbed the top spot in the competition, winning $10,000 for their troubles. The other nine nominees in the English category were: “Dreams Tonite” – written by Alec O’Hanley, Molly Rankin; performed by Alvvays; published by Rough Trade Publishing Canada. “Money” – written by [&.. more

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