Published on December 23rd, 2012 | by Alan Cross


A New High-Res Music Player That Wants to Challenge the iPod

Although MP3s sound good enough for most people, there are always those who believe they sound awful. Neil Young, an aggressive critic of the sound of MP3s, continues to push forward on his Pono system.  And now we have the AK 100.

It’s about half the size of a pack of smokes and fan play music files with six times more resolution than on a standard CD.  Notice that I said “standard CD” and not “MP3.”  That’s incredible.

It’s not cheap–$699 USD–but I’d certainly be interested in listening to one.  But where does one get a music file that’s six times better than you can find on a CD?

A full review at USA Today.


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One Response to A New High-Res Music Player That Wants to Challenge the iPod

  1. Tom Dennehy says:

    Surely you realize that an iPod will play lossless audio files (WAV and Apple format) at CD resolution and higher.

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