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About Me

Our Mission Statement:

Filtering what’s happening in music to save you time, money and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Are old Ongoing History shows available?

A:  Sadly, no.  When I left Corus, they retained custody of those 691 programs.  It appears that they may be gone forever.

Q:  Can I download Secret History shows for listening on my own time?

A:  I wish.  We can’t provide downloads because of copyright issues surrounding the music embedded in the programs.  Believe me, if we could, we would.

Q:  So there’s nothing I can download?

A:  Well, there are the audio books I’ve done for iTunes.  Just launch a search for me and you’ll find tons of stuff. There’s no music included, but at least you get the stories.

Q:  Can I hang out with you?

A:  Really?  I’m not that excting.  But I’m flattered.

And Finally, About Me:

I’ve always been a geek.  Just ask anyone I went to school with or any the girls I tried to date.

My obsession with music began at age six when my grand­mother gave me a transistor radio—an old Lloyds—which spawned an all-consuming fascination with things that came over airwaves.  A few years later, my uncle—who moonlighted by servicing jukeboxes—kick started my record collection by dumping a box of old 7-inch singles on me one Sunday afternoon.  I was hooked.Alan Cross

In 1980, I got my start CKUW at the University of Winnipeg, which, at the time, was a closed-circuit station.  Our broadcast range was limited to one hallway and one cafeteria.

After graduating I ended up at CJRL in Kenora, a 1,000 watt AM station that broadcast to the people and wildlife of Northwestern Ontario.  From there, it was on to KX-96/Brandon and Q94-FM/Winnipeg before I ended up at CFNY (renamed The Edge) in October 1986.  I’d first heard about the place through Rush’s “Spirit of Radio” when I was still in high school and remember thinking to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool to work there one day?”

After fifteen years as a CFNY/Edge in a variety of announcer gigs, I moved to program director at Y95 in Hamilton, overseeing, in part, a frequency change which made the station Y108.

In 2004, I started a four year stint as the station’s Program Director (where I was somehow was named Canada’s PD of the year in 2005, 2006 and 2008), my latent geekiness once again came to the fore and I became Senior Program Director for Corus Interactive, the online arm of Corus Radio. My last project with Corus was as Head Curator of ExploreMusic, a truly unique online and on-air feature dedicated to music discovery.

Oh, and that radio show.  The Ongoing History of New Music debuted in February 1993 and since then it’s…well, it’s taken on a life of its own. There have been over 690 one-hour episodes making it (I think) the longest-running music documentary in Canada and one of the longest in North America—if not the world!

If you’re into reading, I have a weekly national newspaper column in the Metro commuter paper, four published reference works on alt-rock and four audio books, The Alan Cross Guide to Alternative Rock.

What else?  There was ExploreMusic-TV on Bite-TV and Aux.  The inflight audio programming I did for Air Canada for years.  The various TV guest appearances.  The official biographies I wrote for rock bands.  Appearances in dozens of documentaries.  The magazine articles. The narrations.  The speaking gigs and lecture series.

Jeezus, no wonder we don’t have kids.

There’s more planned, too.  Watch this space.

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