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What Weather Alerts and Korn Have in Common

March 14th, 2012 | by Alan Cross

I get some of the greatest emails.  Here's one that arrived this morning from Gord:

Hi,  Alan:

I have something you may find really non musical at first, but there is a slight musical element to what I am going to say.

If you have ever listened to a Weather Radio broadcast cycle on Weatheradio Canada or NOAA Weather Radio, they usually interupt it when a weather watch, warning, system test, or the system has crashed, when required. There is a recent inovation that has allowed weather radios to localize alerts called Specific Area Message Encoding or SAME. It is distinguishable by 3 long beep-beep-beep tones, then an alert message. Then 3 short beep-beep-beep tones to signal the end of a message.

The musical observation I have is that the beep tones are in the key of C natural. I first heard it in January of 2006 after Korn released "See You On The Other Side." Then I listened to the song "Twisted Transistor" and I realized that they are both not only in the same key, but they are also the same musical pitch.

Weekly Music Sales Report – 14 March 2012

March 14th, 2012 | by Alan Cross

This is turning out to be a decent year for the recorded music industry in Canada.  Sales are up a full 6% from last year, led as usual by growth in digital.  CD sales continue to hurt, down 6% year-to-date.

There's a new #1 album this week--and it's massive.  But if you're outside of Quebec, your reaction will be "What?"  Star Academie 2012 moved a total of 54,000 copies, making it the biggest debut of the year so far.  This French language Idol-like program is a monster in that part of the country.

Adele moves back down to #2 with 19,000 copies, a total that would have been good for another #1 in any other week.  She finished less than 1,500 copies ahead of Springsteen's Wrecking Ball.

The Essential Whitney Houston finished at #4 (5,100 copies) while Big Wreck's Albatross, their first album in a decade, landed at #5 (just 11 copies behind Whitney).

More Music from the Inbox: 14 March 2012

March 14th, 2012 | by Alan Cross

'Tis a gorgeous day in the neighbourhood.  It feels more like a nice day in early May than something in mid-March.  The maple in my backyard is fixin' to burst already.

The bull terrier is restless.  She can't wait to get outside and roll in all that post-winter rot.  Best take her up to doggie daycare so I can get some work done.

That work includes listening to all the music submissions that flood this site every day.  This episode's secondary filter is Brent Chittenden.  Here's his verdict on the best submissions of the past couple of days.

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