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Published on March 5th, 2013 | by Juliette Jagger


Call Me A Hole (NIN Carly mashup)

by Brent Chittenden

Blame Mr. Green over at Geek Hard. He sent it to me, some things can’t be unheard.

If you’re still here, try this similar suggestion from Mark.

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Juliette Jagger is a rock and roll journalist, freelance writer, and the Editor-In-Chief of Toronto based music website, Anchor Shop. Her work has appeared in Vice’s Noisey, The Huffington Post, Exclaim!, and AUX amongst others. She is also the curator of New Music From The Inbox, a weekly independent music segment that runs here at AlanCross.ca, and is the Communications Coordinator at Canadian Music Week.

2 Responses to Call Me A Hole (NIN Carly mashup)

  1. dheadspaceb says:

    I bet TVT would have killed for this version back in '89.

  2. Phil says:

    The clincher in the original was the orchestral stabs ; this just uses those with a shit sounding male growly voice replacing Carly's cute bubblegum vocals.

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