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Published on January 17th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden


Everything is Connected: 17 Janurary 2013

Welcome to Everything is Connected, where we take the minutia of pop culture trivia and minutia it even more. This week we connect a masked rock star with a  historical gunfight,one of the world’s greatest mustaches and a Toronto bluesman and an Englishman who’s set at Woodstock is now legend.

Corey Taylor is a guy who’s work I appreciate very much. I’m a big fan of both Slipknot and Stone Sour and being a comic nerd, I’m looking forward to his comic book series from Dark Horse Comics.

Corey was born and raised mainly in Iowa.  While sinking further into my wikihole, I discovered that Iowa does have a pletera of celebrities from all walks of life. Comic artist Geof Darrow,  actress Kate Mulgrew (from Star Trek Voyager), but one of the more interesting names to stick out at me was Morgan Earp.

Morgan is the slightly lesser known brother of legendary old west lawman, Wyatt Earp. Morgan had moved to Tombstone along with his brother Virgil and Wyatt and ended up being the law in town. This ended up with the historic Gunfight at the Ok Corral between The Earps, former dentist Doc Holiday and a gang known as The Cowboys.

This conflict eventually lead to the end of Morgan’s life as he was assassinated by associates of the Cowboys. Much of this conflict is covered in the great (but not incredibly accurate) film, Tombstone. Morgan was played by previous EiC player Bill Paxton. Wyatt was portrayed by Kurt Russell and Virgil was portrayed by a man with an awesome mustache, Sam Elliot.

Sam Elliot is one of those actors who’s voice (along with his mustache) just command attention. He has appeared in The Hulk, The Big Lebowski, Gettysburg, and a personal guilty pleasure, the Patrick Swayze classic, Road House! In Road House, Elliot is the Yoda of bouncing to Swayze’s Dalton. Dalton is a world famous bouncer and has been hired to clean up The Double Deuce but ends up cleaning up the town of it’s no good citizens..  One of the great things about the film is that the bar band was played by Toronto’s Jeff Healy Band.

For the film, the band’s part mainly consisted of Healy being brought out back of the bar in order to “watch” a fight (think about it for a minute, it will come to you why this is rather funny) and playing covers such as Roadhouse Blues and Hoochie Couchie Man but the cover that the Jeff Healy Band is probably most well known for is probably their biggest hit, Angel Eyes.

Angel Eyes was written by Fred Koller and one of my favorite song writers of all time, John Hiatt. Hiatt is responsible for a lot of songs you’ve probably heard from other artists including Have a Little Faith In Me which has been covered by Mandy Moore, Jewel, Kenny Rogers, Chaka Khan, Bon Jovi and the legend that is Joe Cocker. For the record, Hiatt’s version is probably the best version, but Cocker’s is a close second.

This week’s chain is as follows:

Corey Taylor – Morgan Earp – Sam Elliot – Jeff Healy – John Hiatt – Joe Cocker

Do you have a connection we should know about? If so, leave it below so we can feature it in an upcoming column!


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