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Everything is Connected: 27 December 2012

[Connecting dots where no one knew dots existed, Brent Chittenden returns. -AC]

Welcome to another round of Everything is Connected, music trivia that is separated six degrees (or less) from pop culture chaos.

My family isn’t very traditional when it comes to Christmas movies. Sure we like A Christmas Carol and the like but really when it comes down to it, the movies that get put on with the most anticipation are Die Hard and Lethal Weapon.

And it’s the last one that starts our trip down the rabbit hole today where we go from Lethal Weapon and an American soul singer to an English electronic pioneer.

Beyond Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, Lethal Weapon also stars Darlene Love as Murtaugh’s wife, Trish. She’s a constant through all four films. Before she was an actress, Darlene Love was member of The Blossoms and a staple of many a Phil Spector recording including “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)”. She was even inducted by Bette Midler into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2011. During the 80’s, she ended up acting in the Lethal Weapon series. In Lethal Weapon 2, Love shares the screen with actress Patsy Kensit.

Patsy Kensit has appeared in numerous television and film roles but a lot of fans of British po and rock music know her mainly from her marriages. In 1988 she married Dan Donovan of Big Audio Dynamite. That didn’t work out so well and they ended up divorcing a short time later. In 1992, Kensit got married again, this time to Simple Minds lead singer, Jim Kerr. That marriage also didn’t work out and they were divorced in 1996. But not one to knock marriage and love, Kensit married again in 1997, this time to Liam Gallagher.

I thinking I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

Unfortunately, their marriage also did not last and they got divorced.  In 2000, Liam became involved with former All Saints singer, Nicole Appleton (the eventually got married in 2008). Nicole had been a part of All Saints as well as a duo with her sister Natalie. Natalie is also married to a British musician, in 2002, she married The Prodigy’s main creative force, Liam Howlett.

Nicole and Natalie are married to Liam and Liam (that must be fun around the dinner table during the holidays!)

So, in conclusion our chain goes:

Darlene Love – Patsy Kensit – Liam Gallagher – Nicole Appleton – Natalie Appleton – Liam Howlett

Do you know a connection we should hear about? If you do, please drop it in the comment section below!

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