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Finally. I Mother Earth Will Reunite. I Think.

If this countdown clock is anyting to be trusted, something is going to happen early on January 24.  Given that it’s on the official I Mother Earth site, what could it mean other than some kind of we’re-getting-back-together announcement?

And if you poke around Facebook, you’ll find all kinds of references to a resurrection.

But with which singer?  Again, check Facebook.  Edwin is tied in with Crash Karma and is conspicuously absent from any Facebook postings.  Brian Byrne, however, has been rather, er, vocal.

Whatever.  As IME was one of my favourite Canadian bands of the 90s, I’m all for any kind of reunion.  Make it so.

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25 Responses to Finally. I Mother Earth Will Reunite. I Think.

  1. rocco says:

    As I said on my twitter, an I Mother Earth reunion without Edwin is NOT an I Mother Earth reunion in my humble opinion.

  2. Riley says:

    Brian is IME. Edwin is a primadonna bartender. If there were any doubts about who is the better frontman, then you're in denial or haven't seen Brian perform

  3. Brad Maybe says:

    Used To Be Alright is still a favorite of mine! But it's gotta be Edwin or nothing!

  4. roccopaps says:

    Indeed! Was Van Halen better with Sammy Hagar/Gary Cherone? Ummm, no!!
    Motley Crue with John Corabi?
    J.D. Fortune with INXS?
    Ronnie James Dio with Sabbath?

  5. Kevin says:

    Whether Van Halen was better with Hagar or not is debatable. It's amazing what an open and welcoming personality will do, hence Hagar's charisma in VH and why there's any such contention.

    Regardless, while both Edwin and Brian have their merits.. those who are saying Edwin or nothing are crazy. I've had the pleasure of meeting Brian Byrne and seeing him perform in an intimate venue a few times. The man's musicianship is nothing short of incredible. Excited either way, but hoping that Brian's up front.

  6. Will says:

    Brian is my Pick. I will give Edwin some credit for his prev work with IME, but Brian takes it to another level. What did Edwin do after IME? Trippin? Hang Ten?
    Thank you

  7. Zilla says:

    Without Edwin this would be a tough act to sell to any club, promoter and especially the buying public. All their popular songs and success was with Edwin.

  8. Will says:

    I disagree with the above. They still play all of those hit singles with Brian. And guess what, they sound better. Edwin was not that great live. Ive seen IME 7 times.
    Times were much different in the music business when Edwin was there. When Brian joined the music bizz was starting to really slide.

  9. Will says:

    Most of our GREAT canadain bands suffered due to that change in the music business. And we (the fans) suffered as well.
    See: I Mother Earth, Big Sugar, the Tea Party and many others.

    Im just glad all these acts are coming back. Im loving Big Sugars new album. Gordie Johnson is King.

  10. Zilla says:

    Regardless if anyone disagrees with my opinion or not will not change the truth or inevitability of the publics overall response. I'm sure Brian's a good guy/performer/singer etc…but NO ONE in general knows who he is. Not everyone is a music expert who follows bands in depth. IME had repeated MASSIVE video success with Edwin as well, and everyone watched Much Music a lot back then, unlike today. That's the band/brand the general public knows and remembers and loves. The stats. don't lie. 20 years is a long time and these older fans are now over 40 and can spend their money on lots of other things. An original line up reunion with Edwin would work, but that's it and people simply love nostalgia.

  11. Will says:

    So are you saying when Brian joined the band in 1997 all IME fans and music fans in general stopped listening to them? Im sure a few did, maybe because of their crush on Edwin, but really?
    All I can see online so far is positive feedback about this reunion. Im sure IME will do fine with this reunion, and tour. And I for one am stoaked.

  12. Zlla says:

    When Classic rock radio plays IME from Vancouver to Nfld. it's always the Edwin era stuff. That speaks volumes.

  13. Will says:

    Have you heard the last 2 IME albums? They werent going for the radio friendly hits. And I dont blame them. Listen to the crap thats out there. They wanted to please themselves and not the record label or radio stations. Result … the best album they have done (quicksilver meat dream)
    Those 2 albums with Brian just flowed song by song.

  14. LK says:

    Did anyone actually think they'd "reunite" (they never officially broke up) with Edwin anyway? Of course it would be with Brian. IME made some great albums with Edwin but that ship has sailed, and Brian is an excellent singer. The Quicksilver Meat Dream is probably one of the best albums you haven't heard.

  15. Will says:

    Thank you!! Totaly agree.
    I thought the day would come when IME would get back to it, just wasnt sure when.
    What do you think will be announced when this countdown clock expires?
    Im hoping they already have a head start on a new album. Waiting another year for new IME tunes would just kill me.

  16. Cory says:

    It's like apples and oranges. Edwin was amazing with the Hard/Rock Heavy Metal IME. Brian Byrne is equally amazing with the Progressive Rock IME. Whether you favor one or the other is not based who is the better singer but your taste in the genre of music. Both singers are awesome, but the real genius lies in the song writing and musicianship of the Tannas. Both incarnations of IME I consider to be one of the most underrated bands in Canadian history, about time they got back together and they will be just as genius as before I have no doubts.

  17. Will says:

    100% Agree. The Tanna's are genius’s

  18. Scott says:

    I was at the show Brian did in Ottawa on Saturday Jan 21st and asked him if the rumours were true and he said YES. I asked about tour plans but he really had no idea and wasnt involved, other than that they've committed to plans to play shows. So it's definitely Brian and not Edwin. All will be revealed tomorrow I suppose…

  19. Will says:

    Thanks for the info. So im betting there is no new IME material to come anytime to soon than.
    Just playing some shows and than maybe heading into recording studio. That would put us about a year roughly untill any new IME music comes out.

  20. Scott says:

    I think Jag has a studio in Peterborough? So recording would be fairly painless and I would bet they are fully independent now, so no pressure from any major labels to produce those "hits" – but also limited access to tour funds. So I would guess they would be funding a small tour themselves to start. I would imagine a few shows across Ontario to get things warmed up. Brian did seem like he didn't really know many details other than the fact that IME is definitely a "go", and that it was his last solo show before heading back into the full band thing with IME. He kept getting called Edwin, and he said at one point "No he's the big handsome guy with muscles – I'm the other guy." pretty funny guy, great sense of humour.

  21. Will says:

    haha … nice

    But if you know Jag, he's a perfectionist. New IME material might take some time to see light of day.

  22. Krau says:

    thank god it's brian. edwin can go hang effing ten and the rest of us will get to listen to a much better singer who is willing to work with the creative geniuses that are IME.

  23. cruz says:

    I recently had an argument with music people about band reunions and Queen came up. For some reason think it was Freddy Mercury and Queen, which is prepostureous. The band has been gone so long that perception has clouded reality. I was fortunate to see Queen in their prime numerous times in the '7os, and believe me this was a "BAND". The power was in the collective. That being saidI have seen IME about 10 times, three with Brian, and the reason I will see this reunion is because of the "BAND". The musical collective that is IME is powerfull and brilliant. So regardless who fronts this "BAND", I will be present for the masterful muscianship of the "Band". So everyone, disregard your TMz type gossip and let's celebrate the fact we get the chance to see one of the greatest, and definitly most underated, "Bands" ever to hit the boards. As a Canadian band it is hard to get your due on the best of days, on the world stage, we should be basking in the knowledge for a couple of nights musical bliss will once again reign down on our great city. Welcome back Boys, and the universe in You!

  24. cruz says:

    By the way, the endless Edwin bashing,or glorification is really quite saddening and maddening. If anyone makes a decision in their life to change their lot, do they have to take unnecessary abuse for their choices. Quiet everyone it is about the music

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