Published on April 17th, 2012 | by Alan Cross


Great. Another New Format from Sony.

Yes, Sony was a co-developer of the CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs, all of which have been big successes. They did okay in some parts of the world with MiniDiscs.  But let’s not forget that Son also tried with Betamax, Digital Audio Tape (DAT), MemoryStick and Universal Media Disc.  

Sony is now trying with something called Optical Disc Archive, a format that is said to be able to jam up to 30 Blu-ray discs onto a single one-inch-thick plastic cassette.  These cassettes will have a capacity ranging from 300 GB to 1.5 TB.

What would you use something for?  Storage and transport of media, I guess.  From what I’ve read, the cassettes will be pretty rugged, which will come in handy for transporting lots of data through some rough places.  Military applications?  Why not?

How much?  No idea, but let’s just keep in mind that Sony’s first consumer Blu-ray player cost $3,800.

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2 Responses to Great. Another New Format from Sony.

  1. Glen says:

    Hasn't cheap online storage rendered physical formats obsolete?

  2. Cweb says:

    Perhaps Sony is trying to open up a museum of obsolete formats and they're one exhibit short of filling the joint.

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