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Guest Blog: 5 Reasons You Should Learn the Guitar

[This comes from Guitar Coach Magazine. Get their app here.- AC]

Playing a musical instrument is one of the most satisfying things you can do, is it not everyone’s dreams to be able to play any song you want, when you want?

It’s never to late to start learning the guitar and here are 5 reasons why you should:

1.  Relaxation – Stress Relief

Playing the guitar is a sure way to relieve stress. When you focus your mind on stringing chords together you are instantly taken away from any stressful topics on your mind. The satisfaction of creating or playing a great song will lower blood pressure and sooth you.


2.  Sense of achievement – Rock God

Nothing can compare to the sense of achievement and rush you get when you master a difficult section of a song. When you first achieve that feeling you will believe that there is nothing you cannot conquer. The ability to impress people and raise eyebrows is also another carrot to drive you to learn guitar. Hasn’t everyone had that feeling of jealously when watching someone just pick up a guitar at a party and give a flawless performance of Layla by Eric Clapton? You could be ‘that guy’.


3.  Release you emotions – Express yourself

Whatever mood you are in there is always a guitar genre to help share your emotions.  If you feeling angry, then tearing up some legendary solos can help release the frustration. Playing some chilled blues rhythms is a great way to express yourself if you’re feeling down.


4.  Physical Workout – Fat Burner

Playing the guitar can also be a very good physical workout as you are always building muscles in your arm and hands. Playing the guitar burns approximately 90 calories per hour depending on how hard you are going at it.


5.  Starting To Learn Guitar Is Easy – Guitar Coach Magazine

There are so many different ways to learn guitar now days that it is easy to start learning. You can learn for DVD’s, YouTube, Live video lessons, and even on an IPad. Guitar Coach Magazine is a free magazine that has loads of practical guitar coaching videos.  With all these different medians available to teach you guitar there really is no excuse to not pick up an axe today.

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One Response to Guest Blog: 5 Reasons You Should Learn the Guitar

  1. Eric Rhoads says:

    You forgot one.
    #6 playing Guitar Stimulates Your brain.
    I'm just learning at 58, not only does playing give me joy anda sense of accomplishment, my brain is challenged. I'm learning new things daily and things which seem impossible come with practice. Each time I stretch to learn more impossible tasks… I master them and my brings challenged. I'm growing.

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