Published on June 22nd, 2013 | by Alan Cross


Justin Bieber Posts His First Instagram Video, Comes Off as a Stoned Douchebag

What?  You’re surprised?  I think he looks like Scumbag Steve’s younger brother (see below).

(The Toronto Star via Mike C.)

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11 Responses to Justin Bieber Posts His First Instagram Video, Comes Off as a Stoned Douchebag

  1. Taylor says:

    I think he looks like a … regular 19 year old. It seems like you're consistently ragging on him because you dislike him, and you're looking for reasons to be negative. Anyone else getting that feeling? You're making something out of a normal video post. Isn't this blog supposed to be about actual, relevant music news?

  2. Jeff says:

    Alan Cross is entitled to dislike Bieber as much as he wants. Most people that follow good bands deserving of more attention are a little resentful that manufactured popstars with self entitled attitudes are getting filthy rich. I find it annoying that a guy with yes men laughing around him can put out a video without saying anything and have people think it's cool. That's just my two cents though. Listen to FIDLAR.

  3. Glenn says:

    Maybe Taylor is one of the 'YES Men/Women.

  4. Bobby B says:

    I do have to say that I'm getting really bored with the amount of attention this guy is given. I hate to say it, but even this site (which I otherwise really like) devotes way too much time to Beiber. If its being done to drive more traffic here, well I think that's been accomplished by now. Can we not just leave Beiber discussion to his fans, while the rest of us move on to more interesting topics? I just personally find your articles on pretty much every other subject to be far more interesting than the snore-fest of Beiber-bashing.

  5. Taylor says:

    Glenn, I am a musician. Claiming I am a "yes man" to Justin Bieber would imply that I am in close contact with the musician, and that I am a "fan". I do enjoy his music, as I have a strong passion for pop music, among many other styles like metal, rock, adult contemporary, Electronic, etc. But I have no contact with the musician, nor do I think that some of the things that he is doing, as far as the media reports it, are wise. And I don't like all of his music. But posting slanderous articles, with titles like that, make it less like reporting, and more like a negative, unnecessary gossip site. Why is it even thought a good idea to say someone comes off as a "stoned douchebag"? And all Mr. Bieber is doing is talking about how Instagram is now posting videos. If nothing else, it shows us a bit of his personality.

    But I can't stop the overpowering wave of negativity people display so easily online. It's wrong, but frankly inevitable. People will always take out their insecurities on someone else.

  6. iamsuperdan says:

    You have to admit, in that video, he is acting like most of the bros you know who smoke pot to be badass. You know, the posers who are trying way to hard to be cool and tough.

  7. Heidi says:

    Taylor is right. There are too many people who anonymously post hateful things online just because, well, they can be anonymous. The real question is, would Alan Cross, or any of you, have the balls to say these things to his face?

  8. Tooks says:

    Not that I'd take the time to post comments about it, but I'd think anyone that posts a video like that is a douchebag, with douchey tattoos, famous or not. Its worse because he IS famous. I'd just like to point that out because, well, facts are facts. He's clearly high and it's a douchey thing to do. Plus, holy ego. Your first ever Instagram video is of yourself saying Instagram has video. Nice work.

  9. Heidi says:

    It's a good thing that you didn't take the time to post comments about it. Nice work.

  10. Taylor says:

    What defines a tattoo as "douchey"? Isn't douchey more of a negative character than a physical piece of art? Someone who is disrespectful and mean and arrogant? Someone could have tattoos from head to toe, and not be a douche. And how does one definitively know that he is "clearly high"? Has he confirmed this himself? Do certain people possess a sixth sense that can see into someone's mental capacity and blood stream? And it's a douchey thing to do to say that Instagram now has video? He's trying to be all serious, but can't hold it in. I think that's kind of funny. Kind of endearing, and shows us a window into his personality.

    I don't understand how people react so negatively. Jumping on the Bieber-hating bandwagon is far too prevalent.

  11. Heidi says:

    Thank you Taylor, I couldn't agree more. People hide behind the anonymity of the internet, and say things that they would never have the courage to say to someone's face. They are true cowards. Maybe "Tooks" was there, partying with Beiber. He seems to have special insight into the situation.

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