Published on January 3rd, 2013 | by Alan Cross


Kimye Fetus Already Being Exploited by Trashy Parents

Coming for your brains. Beware.I hate the Kardashians.  They’re cultural parasites, massive wastes of biomatter that contribute nothing–NOTHING–to the well-being of planet Earth.  I’m almost convinced they’re part of some kind of Illuminati conspiracy to distract sheeple from the real issues facing this world.  They were built in the same CIA lab that’s given us Honey Boo Boo, Snooki and Duck Dynasty.

The whole Kim-Kanye pregnancy sickens me, too.  This kid, barely beyond zygote, is already being whored out by his/her parents for millions of dollars.

Just 12 weeks in (WHY DO I KNOW THAT?  F**K!!), the Kimye project receiving huge offers from tabloids and TV shows for exclusives leading up to the birth.  One estimate is that the pregnancy could be worth $16 million.


And where’s Kanye all this?  His role is over.  He provided sperm for KK’s next round of Look At Me.  He can disappear.  Meanwhile, the pregnancy is all over mainstream media outlets.

What is wrong with people?  Why is this news?

That’s it.  I’m going neo-Amish.  Plus I’m pulling out my tinfoil hat again.

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