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Foo Fighters Try Their Best to Bring Down Ancient Greek Ruins with Sound

Chad Smith of the Chili Peppers hosts a PBS show called Landmarks Live in Concert, a series of shows featuring performers playing in some pretty cool places. Take this teaser of the Foo Fighters playing the Acropolis, which was built around 450 BCE. Even though they were loud–very loud–the building remained standing. Greece thanks them [&hellip.. more

Time to Start Making Your Total Eclipse Playlist (Rock Edition)

Come Monday, the first total eclipse of the sun since 1979 will race across North America. Having seen the last one literally from my backyard (and yes, it was exactly the kind of spiritual experience eclipse-watchers claim it is), I wish I could be part of this one. Where I live, I’ll get a partial [&hellip.. more

Beer and Punk Rock, Together at Last: The Punk in Drublic Festival

Fat Mike, NOFX frontman and head of Fat Wreck Chords is going to do the world a favour by staging a festival that combines punk rock and craft beer. Think of it as a Vans Warped Tour for adults. Well, people of legal drinking age, anyway. The Punk in Drublic Festival (named after the NOFX [&hellip.. more

Fun Reading: Transcripts from the Jury Selection Process for the Trial of Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Show Wu-Tang Fans Have Strong Opinions

Harper’s Magazine published the transcripts of the jury selection process for the trial of Martin Shkreli, the pharma bro who gouged vulnerable people with hikes in drug price, hedge fund manager (who allegedly defrauded investorsO and unrepentant hoarder of Wu-Tang Clan material (he bought the one-copy-only Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for a couple [&hellip.. more

This is a Very Cool Explanation of Synesthesia

Synesthesia, a neurological condition where the senses bleed into each other, is hard to describe to people who don’t have it. Here’s one of the best explanations I’ve seen from a guy who hears colour. And yes, that means music, too.. more

Attention Edmonton: I’m Coming Your Way

I’ve been asked to speak about geeky music things at the Uptown + Downtown Music Festival in Edmonton on Thanksgiving Weekend. My thing will happen at 3:30 on the afternoon of Saturday the 7th. More details at  .. more

Random Music News for Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dammit, Microsoft! You updated Skype and now I have to update a bunch of other stuff to make it work again. This. Is. Annoying. And now, the music news for August 17. Spotify has removed tracks from a bunch of white supremacist groups. Lady Gaga has agreed to hand over some Kesha texts that have something [&hellip.. more

Geeks and Beats Podcast, Episode 140: Wouldn’t It Be Bitcoin?

Actually, “Wouldn’t It Be Etherium” would be a more accurate title, but then it wouldn’t go well with the bit on isolated vocals from the Beach Boys. You’ll see what I mean. This week: Doing an end-run around the music industry machine:  the former singer of I Mother Earth joins us to talk about paying [&hellip.. more

Smart Speakers are Looking More and More Like the Next Big Thing

For about a month now, I’ve had a Google Home smart speaker set up on my kitchen counter. All I have to do to get to do something–play music, set a timer, tell me the weather, tell me something interesting–I just say “Ok, Google” and speak a command. The thing works damn well.  This weekend, [&hellip.. more

Weird Al to North Korea: “Please Don’t Nuke Us”

In case you missed Last Week Tonight with John Oliver this weekend, you should know that Weird Al managed to articulate US foreign relations diplomacy in a much better way than anyone in the Trump administration. He debuted this new song which is now available to the world. Here’s the whole episode in case you [&hellip.. more

Documentary on the Kickass L7 Coming October 13

L7, the all-female alt-rock band that could kick ass as hard as anyone, is the subject of a documentary entitled L7: Pretend We’re Dead, which will premiere theatrically on September 1 followed by a VOD and Blu-ray release on October 13. The doc will feature an assortment of home video footages, live performances and interviews [&hellip.. more

Remembering the Final Tragically Hip Show, One Year Later

We’ll be talking about how Canada came to a standstill that Saturday night in August 2016 as millions stopped whatever they were doing to take in what could be the last-ever concert by the Tragically Hip. The official TV figures are 11.7 million, but if you take into account how many people watch in bars, [&hellip.. more

More Music From The Inbox 16 Aug 2017 Lowest of the Low, Null + Void, Night and More!

Artist: Lowest of the Low, “Powerlines” Album: Do The Right Now Long, long time favourite Toronto band Sounds like:  Driving around the old neighbourhood, reminiscing Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Null + Void, “Fruitcake” Album: L-R This NYC producer has worked with Depeche Mode and many others Sounds like:  a complete mind blow Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Night, “Time” Album: [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Notice how more people are referring to Donald Trump as “45” instead of “President Trump?” No? Watch for it. And now, the music news for August 16. Speaking of whom, that was some press conference yesterday, huh? Stars are speaking out about what 45 had to say (and didn’t say). Macklemore is defending himself against [&hellip.. more

Gord Downie is Up for a…Comic Book Award? Yep.

Canadian comic book nerds know all about the Joe Schuster Awards, which are given out to deserving Canadian creators. The awards, which were established in 2004, are named after the guy–a Canadian–who co-created some character named Superman in 1938 for a publisher called National Periodical Productions. They later changed their name to DC Comics. This [&hellip.. more

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