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The Business of Being A Band

I’m very excited to announce our first Music Technology Event of 2017 is May 30th at the beautiful Shopify Offices in Downtown Toronto. We are very lucky to have this amazing Canadian technology company helping us out with our event.  They are not only a great company but are doing great things in the community as well. This [&hellip.. more

Watch Dave Grohl Interview his Mom

Reported amongst these pixels yesterday was the release of From Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars by Virginia Grohl, mother of some wannabe named Dave. Released just in time for Mother’s Day, Ginny and her boy sat down at the LA Times Festival of Books to talk about [&hellip.. more

Bono Discusses the Book of Pslams

The guys in U2 have always been a spiritual bunch, dating back to their days as kids in Dublin. They remain engaged in various aspects of Christianity with Bono being the most willing to discuss things–which is exactly what he did with this interview called “Beyond the Psalms.&#.. more

Prince’s Toronto Home is Up for Sale Again

In a city already enduring sky-high housing prices, Prince is making things a little more frothy. The Purple One’s former home at 61 The Bridal Path is up for sale for around $17.5 million. Prince lived there between 2001 and 2006 when he was married to Manuela Testolini, his second wife, who is from Toronto. [&hellip.. more

Which Smartphones Are Being Used the Most?

Here’s why Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world. Their phones and tablets are used worldwide more than any other devices. According to Statista, it has a 34,8% of the global market share followed by Samsung with 23.3%. The rest of the list looks like this: Huawei, 5,4% Lenovo, 3,7% Lenovo, [&hellip.. more

New Documentary on the Hired Guns of Rock’n’Roll

When they go into the studio or on tour, artists like Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Ozzy Osbourne and John Mellancamp can’t do it alone. They need to hire a band, a collection of crack musicians who can make their music come alive. While these people may play in front of millions of people over the course [&hellip.. more

Is Radiohead Trying to Tell Us Something with These Weird Posters?

With 20th birthday of Radiohead’s OK Computer coming up on May 21, some fans are wondering if these posters that have appeared in several cities hint at…something. Happy Monday y’all! Anyone know who this #streetart sloganeering is by? There are two examples in #amsterdam on Meester Treublaan in Oost. Looks a bit Barbara Krugerish to [&hellip.. more

More Music From The Inbox 26 Apr 2017 Sharkmuffin, West Hammock, Suns and More!

Artist: Sharkmuffin, “Scully Is a Sharkmuffin” Album: Tsuki Out of Brooklyn and picking up steam Sounds like:  An X-Files bad dream! Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: West Hammock, “West of Nevada” Album: Wanderlost The Toronto area is home to one of my local favourites Sounds like:  That feeling living on the road Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Suns, “Try Again” Album: [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It was on this day in 1986 that things went very, very wrong at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine. And now, the music news for April 26. Chris Cornell has this update on the Soundgarden album. There will be an unauthorized Madonna biopic. The script has landed at Universal. (PS: She’s not happy about [&hellip.. more

Is Dr Luke Gone from Sony? Maybe…Maybe Not

It looks like Dr. Luke and Sony Music are no longer a musical power couple. Who saw this coming? Anyone? But according to Variety and other publications, existing and underway projects in which Dr. Luke is involved for Sony are still moving forward. The long and short of the Dr. Luke/Kesha saga is this: She [&hellip.. more

This New Voice Synthesizer Tech Freaks Me Out–And You Should Be Freaked Out, Too

Last year I saw a TED Talk by reps from Adobe that featured a new technology that can synthesize any speaking voice simply by analyzing a twenty-minute recording of the original. It was…freaky. That’s weird enough, but Lyrebird, a Montreal company, has an API that does the same thing but only requires a one minute recording of the original. [&hellip.. more

Not Everyone Has a Smartphone Yet

Although we long passed the tipping point where most people own some kind of smartphone, there are still some holdouts. My dad, for example. I can’t imagine him giving up his trusty Nokia nor can I imagine him getting his mind around an iPhone 7. For his needs, a dumb feature phone is all he [&hellip.. more

There’s an Academic Conference on Prince Coming Next Month

It makes sense that since Prince was one of the most important musical figures of the last fifty years that he should be the subject of academic study. And it’s happening. Scheduled for May 24-26, Purple Reign: An Interdisciplinary Conference On The Life And Legacy of Prince, is a three-day international academic conference. Hosts the [&hellip.. more

Radiohead Now Has Their Own Ant

When it comes to certain scientific nomenclature, if you discover something new, you get to name it. Ana Ješovnik and Ted R. Schultz of the Smithsonian Institution’s Ant Lab were poking around the Venezuelan jungle when they chanced upon what turned out to be a new species of ant. These little guys–hitherto unknown–are fungus farmers [&hellip.. more

Spotify That You Can Wear. And No, I’m Not Talking About T-Shirts

One of the big topics at Canadian Music Week this year was AI (artificial intelligence) and both VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). Discussions included the putting holograms of dead artists on tour to apps that can make the festival experience a little more easy to navigate. There was also quite a bit of [&hellip.. more

Blue Rodeo, The Hip, and Beyond: A History of The Maple Leaf Forever Guitar

There’s a unique Canadian heritage story currently being written in its music. Although, the story is not coming from the songs themselves – it’s actually being passed along through a guitar. The instrument ties Canadian musicians – and their fans – to a piece of this country’s history. Beginning with an historic tree in Toronto [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yep, I have the post-Canadian Music Week cold. Anyone else? And now, music news for April 25. Record Store Day releases are already on eBay for inflated prices. What a surprise. Here comes the new Queens of the Stone Age album. People have it in their heads that Harry Styles is going to play a [&hellip.. more

Elton John Health Scare Had Him in Intensive Care This Month

Details are still sketchy, but here’s what we know. Somewhere over the Atlantic on the way from Santiago, Chile, on or about April 10, Elton John fell terribly ill (“violently ill,” according to some reports). When the plane landed, he was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with a serious bacterial infection–a “rare and [&hellip.. more

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