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Was Chris Cornell “Messed Up” During His Final Concert?

There are still plenty of unanswered questions surrounding the death of Chris Cornell. This new revelation from his tour manager and house engineer may get us closer to learning what actually happened in a 45-minute span after 11:35 pm May 17. According to TMZ, Ted Keedick, a guy who worked with Cornell for over a [&hellip.. more

Win a Fluance RT81 High Fidelity Turntable at my Next MusicTech Event

I hope you’ll join me and other Music Technology enthusiasts and experts at our next MusicTech event on May 30, at the beautiful Shopify offices in downtown Toronto (80 Spadina Avenue, #400). I’ll be giving a talk titled “How to Get Your Song on the Radio,” and will also have a draw for a Fluance [&hellip.. more

What is the Length of the Average Pop and Rock Song? Let’s Turn to Statistics

When I was scheduling music for radio stations, I used a special software program called Selector. The goal was always the same: schedule a minimum number of songs (usually anywhere from 8 to 12 depending on the time of day) per hour, taking into account commercials, promos, imaging and announcer talk. This sometimes necessitated using [&hellip.. more

Germany Constructs Beer Pipeline for Metalhead Music Festival

All serious metalheads want to make at least one pilgrimage to Wacken, the most prestigious all-metal music festival in the world. Those who do make the annual summer trek are very thirsty once they arrive. The only way to slake that thirst is with beer. Lots and lots and lots of beer. Statistics collected over the [&hellip.. more

CBC to Rebroadcast Final Tragically Hip Show from Last Summer

If you missed last August’s Tragically Hip tour finale in Kingston and are tired of watching bad YouTube video, you’re in luck. The CBC plans to rebroadcast The Tragically Hip: A National Celebration on June 24, almost exactly ten months after the concert took place. Why now? Practically, really. That’s the first Saturday after the [&hellip.. more

More Developments in the Manchester Concert Bombing

The news keeps coming about the Manchester concert bombing. The UK paused for a minute of silence today at 11 am local time to remember the victims. Once it was over, a woman started singing Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger” and the whole crowd joined in. British authorities continue to carry out raids on a [&hellip.. more

WOMAD 2017 – A Bigger/Better Physics Pavilion

The World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) Festival is a big event that brings together all sorts of creativity into one place. It takes place July 27th-30th, 2017 in Charlton Park, in the Wiltshire countryside (in the UK of course). One of the more surprising areas of the Festival is the Physics Pavilion. The [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Thursday, May 25, 2017

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up and your Internet service is down? Bad start to the day. But the music news for May 25 must be reported regardless. There’s a new petition designed to save MuchFACT, VideoFACT. There is more talk about a crisis when it comes to Canadian music festivals. Seminal [&hellip.. more

“Cash Me Ousside” Girl is Going On Tour. Wait–What?

If you want to see what’s wrong with celebrity world right now, you need not go any further than Danielle Bregoli, the “cash me ousside” brat who has become famous for being a punk-ass kid. First, she’s getting a reality show. Now she’s going on tour. Dr. Phil has a lot to answer for. Dr. [&hellip.. more

Vicky Cornell Has Penned an Open Letter to Her Late Husband

I can’t imagine what Vicky Cornell and Chris’ kids are going through. As part of her grieving, she wrote this open letter to her late husband published through Billboard. To My Sweet Christopher, You were the best father, husband and son-in-law. Your patience, empathy and love always showed through. You had always said I saved [&hellip.. more

A Nice Tribute Piece to Chris Cornell: “It’s Not What You Think”

Many people have been moved to offer tributes to Chris Cornell since his death last week. Stephen would like us to read this one. Chris Cornell died early Thursday morning. His band Soundgarden played a show on Wednesday night at the Fox Theater in Detroit. Two hours after the show ended, he was gone. For [&hellip.. more

A Round-up of the Latest News on the Manchester Concert Bombing

This one is hitting a lot of people–especially parents–really, really hard. What kind of coward would target an arena full of children and teenagers?  It’s beyond sick. Police have arrested three people, including the bomber’s brother. There’s also an investigation into the bomber’s support network. The bomber’s father, Ramadan, claims his son is innocent.. more

Spotify Has Turned Down the Volume–and That’s a Good Thing

You may have found yourself turning up your Spotify stream recently, depending on where you are and what software build you’re using. But if you are using version, something is definitely afoot. And it’s a good thing. Spotify has reduced playback loudness–the amount of compression on its stream–so the music has more dynamic range. There’s [&hell.. more

Science Shows: Singing Heavy Metal Makes You A Big Baby

Have you ever wondered why heavy metal singers can scream for hours on end, but other singers lose their voices all the time? You’d think it would be the other way around, right? It’s a great medical mystery of music that, until recently, had no solution in sight. But recent research by a San Francisco [&hellip.. more

More Music From The Inbox 24 May 2017 The Drums, Within Rust, Pascoe and More!

Artist: The Drums, “Heart Basel” Album: Abysmal Thoughts NYC based and bringing on the summer Sounds like:  Perky sounds and dark thoughts Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Within Rust, “What You’re After” Album: The Wild Winds Wonderful sounds out of Delta, B.C. Sounds like:  Alt-pop joy Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Pascoe, “Lorelei” Album: N/A Loving the sound out of Sydney, [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Happy birthday to English bull terrier #1. Schmooze (who is probably lazing on the couch as I write this), turns nine today. In other news for May 24… Chris Cornell was cremated in a private ceremony in Los Angeles yesterday. Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal knows exactly what Ariana Grande is going through. [&hellip.. more

If a Cop Responds to a Noise Complaint About Music, You Want This Guy

There was a pretty good party in Mississauga, Ontario, Saturday night. Neighbours weren’t crazy about the noise coming from a band, so they called the cops. When Constable Joel Clark turned up, he had a word with the organizers, asking them to keep it down. But he also said they could play a little longer. [&hellip.. more

The Worst Disasters in Concert History

The horrible attack on defenseless concertgoers in Manchester Monday night will go down in history as one of the worst music event disasters. Sadly, there have been plenty of them already. 1. Boston Cocoanut Grove Fire, November 28, 1942 (492 deaths) Some decor–possibly some fake palm trees–were accidentally set alight by a busboy as he [&hellip.. more

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