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Did You Notice the New Foo Fighters Song That Came Out Yesterday?

Planned Parenthood is under siege from the right in the US. Funding has been cut as the organization has been demonized by those who don’t agree with its goals and the services it provides. Fortunately for PP, though, they have some friends in the music business who would like to help out.  7-Inches for Planned [&hellip.. more

Billie Joe Armstrong’s New Supergroup, Punk Documentary and…Eyeliner?

[Intern-in-residence Dorothy Lee looks at the beginning of Billie Joe Armstrong’s makeup empire. -AC] Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, his son Joey Armstrong (from the punk band SWMRS), Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, and Tim’s nephew Rey Armstrong have formed a new punk supergroup called the Armstrongs. Their first single “If There Was Ever a Time” was [&hellip.. more

Rush Readies 40th Anniversary Edition of A Farewell to Kings

[Rush is slowly but methodically reissuing all their albums as new expanded editions. Intern-in-residence Dorothy Lee looks at what’s happening with A Farewell to Kings. – AC] September 1st marked the 40th anniversary of A Farewell to Kings, the fifth studio album by legendary Canadian rock band Rush. In celebration of the anniversary, the band [&hellip.. more

Artist are Now Looking Carefully at “Terrorism Insurance”

So many things can go wrong with a concert, a festival or a tour. This necessitates all manner of insurance. What if the stage collapses? Maybe the lead singer dies of an overdose forcing the cancellation of the tour. Gear could get damaged to stole. One of the trucks carrying the lighting rig drives off a [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Saturday, October 21, 2017

For no particular reason, Steely Dan’s “Aja” has been running through my head for the last couple of days. That’s the weirdest earworm I’ve ever had. Please make it stop. And now, some music news for October 21. Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons has a message to terrorists regarding concerts. Will anyone be able to [&hellip.. more

Gord Downie’s Family is Hoping for Some Kind of Public Memorial–At Some Point

At some point on Friday (October 20), the family of Gord Downie had a private gathering to remember their husband, father, brother, son and bandmate. Understandably, they need some alone time. However, the family recognizes that fans would like to pay their respects, too. Mike Downie, Gord’s brother, told the CBC that a public memorial [&hellip.. more

Matt Good Live at YouTube

The night before Matt Good’s new album, Something Like a Storm, he and the band appeared on a live YouTube stream to play songs from the records and to answer a few questions. You might recognize the host.. more

Looking at the Legacy of Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip from an Industry Perspective

How successful were the Tragically Hip in Canada? reports the following: Tragically Hip Sales Data to Date for Canada (Via Nielsen Canada) 3.7 million albums 7 #1 albums 1.3 million tracks 128 million on-demand streams Gord Downie’s solo catalogue: 108,000 albums 30,000 digital tracks 3 million on-demand streams Concert Ticket Data (Via Pollstar) Although the [&hellip.. more

Eminem vs. Kid Rock: Guess Which One Got Booed at a Detroit Pistons Game?

Eminem and Kid Rock are on totally opposite ends of the political spectrum. Em hates Trump while Kid Rock thinks he’s the man. He even sells these shirts at his shows. Both from Michigan, too, so it was inconceivable that they’d eventually cross paths. Maybe, say, at a basketball game. On Wednesday night (October 18), both [&hellip.. more

The First-Ever Bit of Computer-Generated Music Ever Created Has Been Restored

Back in 1951, computers were room-sized things powered by hot, finicky vacuum tubes that required multiple people to program and operate. British computer scientist Alan Turing was in the middle of it all, creating the foundations of all the devices were have today. Working at the Computing Manchester Laboratory in Manchester, Turing figured out how [&hellip.. more

This Week Marks the 63rd Birthday of the Transistor Radio

Before the fall of 1954, it was difficult to listen to the radio in private. Radio units were big, bulky things, housed in wooden consoles placed in the living room much like today’s TVs. Maybe it was a clunky box sitting on the kitchen counter. They were either tethered to the wall by a power [&hellip.. more

Massey Hall Renovations About to Enter Phase 2

Massey Hall is one of Toronto’s musical and architectural treasures, but it’s been in need of an upgrade for some time. For the past couple of years, truckloads of private and public money have been sunk into revitalizing the building and the surrounding land. With Phase 1 nearing completion, it’s time for–surprise!–Phase 2. This includes [&hellip.. more

More Controversy About Apple’s Refusal to Use an FM Chip in iPhones

The longer the discussion about Apple’s phantom iPhone FM chip goes on, the murkier it gets. (See my coverage of the controversy here.) Now we have the Chief Technology Officer of the National Association of Broadcasters in the US has waded in with this post. In recent months, the Southeast U.S., Puerto Rico and the [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Friday, October 20, 2017

It was 40 years ago today that Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane went down in a swamp. And now, the music news for October 20. Chester Bennington left a will stating that all six of his children see each other on a regular basis. This is a symphony constructed using 100 cars. Only in Los Angeles. Ozzy [&hellip.. more

Thursday’s Round-Up of News Surrounding the Death of Gord Downie

It’s going to take an awful long time to come to terms with the passing of Gord Downie. Meanwhile, let’s try to keep up to date on the coverage of his death and the ripples it has sent across the country and around the world. Radio Went Hip-Crazy Yesterday Virtually every radio station in the [&hellip.. more

That Time When Gord Downie Performed with a High School Band

Back in 2012, the Tragically Hip were in Fort Albany, Ontario, for something called The Great Moon Gathering, a celebration of Cree culture. Part of the event included a performance by a young band called Northern Revolution who landed the opening slot for the Hip in the Peetabek school gym. Gord thought he might sit [&hellip.. more

Have You Seen the Metallica Fashion Line?

[Another report from intern-in-residence, Dorothy Lee. – AC] Metallica have collaborated with designer Justin O’Shea and London’s Selfridges (a high-end department store chain in the UK) on a new fashion collection. The collection will go on sale on Friday October 20th, just before the start of the band’s tour in the UK on October 22nd [&hellip.. more

Before Gord Downie Died, The Hip Invested in a Startup Medical Marijuana Company

With marijuana on track to be legalized in Canada next year, many people are making hopeful investments in cannabis companies in anticipation of a whole new market. After Gord Downie was diagnosed with glioblastoma, the Tragically Hip dropped some money into Newstrike, a medical marijuana company with a 14,000 square foot legal grow-op. The firm [&hellip.. more

Did Billy Corgan Really See Some Kind of Shape-Shifting Alien?

Those who have followed the career of Billy Corgan know that the boy has a very spiritual side, one that occasionally veers off into the paranormal. Some of his beliefs came to light during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show when he talked about seeing a human turn into “something other than human.” Really? David [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Thursday, October 19, 2017

This is the 30th anniversary of Black Monday, a very scary stock market crash that freaked out everyone. Let’s see if any this music news for October 19 freaks you out. Gord Downie’s Secret Path will get its TV debut on the CBC this Sunday. This will air on the 51st anniversary of Chanie Wenjack’s death. Here’s a piece [&hellip.. more

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