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Listen/Watch the First New Song from Gorillaz in Six Years

Just out is “Hallelujah Monkey,” the first single from a Gorillaz album due later this year. The timing is deliberate with the song issued “on the eve of the Inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump to serve as commentary on a politically-charged, historical moment.” Be forewarned. This one might be a grower. Or it might not [&hellip.. more

Here’s a Trailer for Trainspotting 2

More creepy dead babies? Will Begbie ever calm down? Will Spud shit himself again? And will Renton eventually choose life? We’ll see when T2 Trainspotting 2 opens March 17. Here’s the soundtrack listing. 1. Iggy Pop – ‘Lust for Life’ (The Prodigy Remix) 2. High Contrast – ‘Shotgun Mouthwash’ 3. Wolf Alice – ‘Silk’ 4. [&hellip.. more

A View from the (Supreme) Courtroom

After The Slants and their attorneys plead their case to the US Supreme Court Wednesday, the end point in a long, extended battle with the US Patent and Trademark Office to trademark their name, Simon Tam has issued a statement. The case is being viewed as one of the most important and prominent First Amendment [&hellip.. more

Here’s a Rap About the Ridiculous Hydro Bills We Pay in Ontario

If you live in Ontario, you’ll know that the province has been slowly melting down over spikes in electricity bills thanks to the misguided efforts of Liberal governments. Jeremy Renaud, a rapper out of Windsor, has put together this protest rap using soundbites directly from Queen’s Park political wonks. More at the .. more

The Simpsons Cover Song Project Marches On

Dan Cribb, a music writer and musician from Perth, Australia, has embarked on a project to turn the best original songs from The Simpsons into punk performances. The songs are being released one at a time on the way to a full album which will be called Worst. Tribute. Ever. The latest release pays homage [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Thursday, January 19, 2017

One more day until a small-handed, orange-skinned, blonde comb-over becomes President of the United States. Distract yourself with music news. Speaking of presidents, “singing” Barack Obama videos have been issued takedown notices. Who else will play Trump’s inauguration? Are organizers keeping their identities secret to protect them from backlash? Paul McCartney has sued Sony. H.. more

OK Go Covers Morrissey–and Donald Trump Isn’t Going to Like It

OK Go is known for their elaborate Rube Goldberg-style impossible-to-shoot videos (this, for example), but as Donald Trump prepares to be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, they thought they’d issue this simple lyric video of their just-recorded version of Morrisey’s “Intereating Drug.” Singer Damian Kulash: “I was listening to Morrissey around [&he.. more

Is Toronto About to Get the World’s Largest Nightclub?

Toronto club- and concert-goers are familiar with the complex on Polson Street in the portlands now known as Rebel. In its previous incarnations as The Docks and Sound Academy, owners have had to deal with noise complaints from neighbours on the Toronto islands and others. But they ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The CBC reports that [&hellip.. more

In Other Donald Trump Inauguration Entertainment News…

Gawd, what am I going to write about after Friday? I’ll figure it out then. Meanwhile, we must report the news. 1. TMZ reports that an unnamed legendary rock band–a Hall of Fame rock band, no less–was cut from the inauguration performances in order to cut costs. Word is when they asked for more than $1 [&hellip.. more

In Music-Making-Robot News…

The march towards Skynet’s awakening continues. Tom forwards this video of a bagpipe-playing robot. Then there’s story of a robot/software program that can write a symphony. —Can a robot write a symphony? —Can you? — M. Mérida (@dalnemu) August 31, .. more

If You’re Going to One Anti-Trump Inauguration Event, It Should Be This One

Their motto is “Make America Rage Again”–and this will do it. Prophets of Rage will perform an anti-Trump event at the Telegram Ballroom in LA on Friday night that will also feature Audioslave(!!!), Jack Black and, er, Jackson Browne (“One of these things are not like the other…) Can’t make it? They’re going to stream [&hellip.. more

Buffy Sainte-Marie to Receive Humanitarian Award

Today, the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) announced that they chose singer-songwriter and social activist Buffy Sainte-Marie to receive the 2017 Allan Waters Humanitarian Award. Through her activism and dedication towards protecting indigenous communities and intellectual property, Sainte-Marie exemplifies the essence of humanitarianism. Presented by Bell Media and given a.. more

Interested in the Music Business? Here’s a Blog and a Seminar that Might Help

Antonio Ponce, author of Don’t Forget the Business in the Music Business, recently posted a new blog about financial responsibility and budgeting for bands. Titled “Band Budget – Tips On How To Keep Money In The Bank For Band Expenses”, Ponce gives musicians tips on how to organize their finances for the future. He explains: [&hellip.. more

The Slants Have Their Day in Court

It’s a moment five years in the making. On Wednesday, Simon Tam and his band, The Slants, along with their legal team, will present their argument before the United States Supreme Court. The question at hand is whether the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is allowed to deny them trademark protections for their name [&hellip.. more

More Music From The Inbox 18 Jan 2017 Kid Koala, Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!, Life of Dillon and More!

Artist: Kid Koala, “Collapser ft. Emiliana Torrini” Album: Music To Draw To – Satellite More incredible stuff from this Montreal artist! Sounds like:  The imagery of ‘chemical puppeteering’ works wonderfully with the feeling. Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!, “Sacramento” Album: Corners Awesome band name and awesome music out of Italy Sounds like: A Heart-po.. more

Random Music News for Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I still think MH370 was brought down as the result of a lithium battery fire in the hold, but now that the search has been called off, we may never know. But we may get lithium-ion batteries with built-in fire retardant as a result. And now, some music news… Sam Moore (of Sam and Dave [&hellip.. more

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