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The Current State of Radio

Trust me:  there’s an awful lot of truth in this.  If you’ve ever called a radio station for a contest or to make a request, pay attention.  And if you work in radio, take this as an important lesson.  Or a warning.. more

This is Fun: Slayer’s Concert Rider

The concert rider is the part of the contract between performer and promoter that stipulates what needs to be provided before, during and after a gig, including dressing room amenities.   Some riders make for some of the best re.. more

Air Rage

What do the following people have in common: Courtney Love, Ian Brown of the Stone Roses, Liam Gallagher of Oasis, Rob Collins of the Charlatans UK and Peter Buck of REM?  Answer: they’ve all been arrested for doi.. more

Yes, There’s Too Much Bad Music

Here's the final version of an article written for the Sherdian Sun (Sheridan College's newspaper).  And yes, I was interviewed for it.  Good thought-starter, this. “Blame.. more

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor: The Oxford Lecture

Earlier this year, Corey was invited to speak at Oxford University in the UK. A bit strange, perhaps, but remember that Oxford has a history of bringing in interesting speakers, including Courtney Love. Corey’s Oxford appearance is now online.  Access both parts via Metal Hammer. See, parents?  Your little Maggot may one day be honoured [&hellip.. more

This DOES Have to Do With Music: How to Potty Train Your Cat

I’m not much of a fan of jazz, so forgive me, jazz people, if this is already common lore. Charles Mingus was one of the most important, most innovative bass players the world has ever seen.  He was a little prickly at times, prone to outbursts when he or fellow musicians weren’t up to his [&hellip.. more

Looks Like We’ll Get One More New Order Album

It’s not new music–that’ll never happen, given the animosity that seems to exist between the rest of the band and Peter Hook–but for fans, it’s better than nothing. It’s called Lost Sirens and features outtakes and other miscellany from New Order’s final studio record, Waiting for the Sirens’ Call. It should be out sometime in [&hellip.. more

More Smashing Pumpkins Demos Appear

Back in 1992-93, I became a rather hardcore Pumpkins fans.  When I began producing Ongoing History of New Music shows about the band, I searched everywhere for the band’s early cassette demos and whatever bootlegs were available.  Keep in mind that this was pre-Internet, so these quests covered both time and distance. Now, though, these [&hellip.. more

Now Lou Reed Has His Own Line of Headphones

For some reason–I blame Dr. Dre–celebrity-branded headphones have become a big deal over the last couple of years.   I’m not immune, either.  I bought a very heavy retro-looking set for $250 when I visited the Third Man Records store in Nashville.  I figured that if they were good enough for Jack White… The latest [&hellip.. more

The Importance of Songs in TV Commercials

Twenty-five years ago, it was unthinkable to allow for one of your songs to be used in a TV commercial. You were branded a sellout and as someone who would corrupt art just for the sake of a few dollars.  .. more

So About This Google Music Thing…

Okay, so it's a year late and Google has to play catch-up to Apple--who, after all, only have an EIGHT YEAR head start.  But at least they're in the music game. Google Music launched today, something that .. more

I Like This: The Big Pink

I first found these guys when I heard them sing “Dominos,” the track used for the theme and promos of the BBC show, Skins.  They have a second record coming January 17 on 4AD entitled Future This.  The video for the first single isn’t exactly a masterpiece (the lip thing is kinda cool though), but [&hellip.. more

I Like This: Anagram

Another tip from the mysterious Lonley Vagabond.  He describes it as “Joy Division + saxophone.”  He’s right.  Click the image to hear more.   Dead Astronaut Records.. more

M for Montreal 2011 Preview, Part 3

I'm off to Montreal this afternoon for the sixth edition of the M for Montreal Festival, a fun event that starts tonight and extend through the early morning hours of S.. more

Weekly Music Sales Report: 16 November 2011

The holiday shopping season is definitely here.  Sales are up 16% over last week, keeping pacing 1% ahead of 2010 even though physical album sales are down 8% from last year.  That's offset by digital album sales (up 9%) and dig.. more

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