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Nickelback is Streaming Two New Songs

Better that you hear it from me, right? They’re called “When We Stand Together” and “Bottoms Up.”  The album is Here and Now and is set for released on November 21.  Since they were posted yesterday, they’ve each had more than 50,000 plays. Go here.  Godspeed.. more

I Like This: Sunn 0)))

Warning to newbies:  unless you're into extreme drone music--and it takes a while to build up the necessary resistance--this will melt your brain.  This is Satan's chill-out music. Sunn 0)))'s second album, ØØ.. more

Facebook Music: What’s Still Missing

From Billboard: First, some perspective: Even after yesterday's big Facebook F8 hullabaloo, people will still listen to and discover music without Facebook, as hard as that might be to believe right now, given all the a.. more

Canadian Singer Home After Time in a Chinese Prison

Here's a hint:  do NOT carry antique bullets in your luggage while passing through customs at Shanghai Airport. That's the mistake Grant Cassell, singer for Vancouver's Behind Sapphire, made.  And of all days, he made it on.. more

This Week’s Top 11 Playlist – 23 September 2011

Each week with the help of Mediazoic, I put up at player featuring eleven songs that I think you should really hear. We’re almost ready with the pop-out player (the most-requested feature) and it should be ready for next week.  .. more

I Need a New Ringtone. Gimme Jack Swigert from Apollo 13.

Yesterday, NASA released a collection of free sound files from its vast archives so that space freaks might use them on as ringtones.  They include:   The beeps from Sputnik in 1957. JFK’s “Man on the moon before the decade is out” speech. Jack Swigert’s actual “Houston, we have a problem” message. And my favourite: [&hellip.. more

More Trent Reznor Music from Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Score

It won’t be out until December 21, but expect a regular drip of well-timed leaks from Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross’ score for the Hollywood remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  Here’s the latest trailer.  It’s not the eight-minute one seen at TIFF (still unleaked), but it’s at least out there.. more

The Wife Says: I Don’t Trust Instant

[Yes, this is from my wife.  "Would you let me vent on your website once in a while?"  What, I was going to say no?] I don’t trust instant. Not coffee. Not mashed potatoes, those ones th.. more

A Fan Remembers REM

From Greggory [sic] via the inbox: In 1996 I attended the signing party of a young, up and coming band from Columbia, MO called Colony. (They never went anywhere unfortunately...) They were signed to MCA and as a DJ who'd.. more

Coldplay, Cell Phones and Cameras

Not that long ago--a decade, maybe?--every single concert ticket contained a warning in big block letters: NO CAMERAS OR RECORDING DEVICES.  Anyone who dared try to slip in even one of those disposable.. more

Weekly Music Sales Report – 21 September 2011

[Sorry for being a day late with this.  I was on the road all day yesterday in an area with ZERO 3G or WiFi service.] Weekly music sales have been behaving like the stock market lately:  big gains followed by huge.. more

iPhone 5 to be Unveiled October 4?

That’s the strongest rumour–as of this morning, anyway.  We should hear about whatever plans Apple has for the iPod and any music services, too. It’ll be a big event for new CEO Tim Cook, the guy who was picked to succeed His Jobsness. Question:  Will Steve return for one more …And One More Thing.. more

London Tube Bans Lou Reed/Metallica Album Artwork

You won’t see this poster for Lulu at any stops along the London Underground.   Why?  Because it looks too much like graffiti and they’re worried that it might encourage the spray paint terrorists. Lulu, a collaboration between MetallicaTM and The Grumpiest Man in Rock TM is due November .. more

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