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I Like This: The Balconies

Cool track from the upcoming Kill Count EP that’s coming February 28th.  Love this band.  Kinda like the Lenny Kravitz homage in the riff, too.. more

Try This: Hilltop Hoods

New video from an Australian band from their Drinking from the Sun album that gets a Canadian release on March 13.  Canadian tour to follow.. more

Setting Voicemail to Music

Now that I think of it, why didn’t someone come up with this sooner?   An anonymous musician is the creator of One Hello World, songs made from voicemail messages sent to a special account.  You can read the story behind the project here or just skip to the player below to hear some of [&hellip.. more

Favourite Recipes from Sonic Youth and the Beastie Boys

Here’s an archive of old Sassy magazine (died 1994) articles include a series were artists share their favourite recipes with the editors.   Beastie Boys carrot cake (courtesy Mike D and video director Spike Jonze) Sonic Youth Tuna Tacos (don’t forget the butter!) Lemonheads “Morning Noonan Night Sauce” (whatever that is).   Maybe tonight’s dinner [&hellip.. more

More Signs of Life for Vinyl Records

A decade ago, many people (including me) had vinyl up for dead.  But even as I was about to slop whatever records I owned on the corpse cart, I kept hearing something thing say “I’m not dead yet.  In fact, I’m feeling much better.” Vinyl sales are still miniscule in the grand scheme of things–less [&hellip.. more

The Wife Says: Karaoke Rules!

I don’t sing in public. Like using my schoolgirl French, I lack the confidence. Judging from all the singing shows on tv and the proliferation of karaoke bars and even apps, I am in the minority. People are bre.. more

Looking for Headphones? Here’s What the Best DJs Use

I found this entry on (of all places) Business Insider.  As someone who is on an endless quest to find the best headphones ever, I had to give it a read. There are some interesting recommendations here:   Aerial 7 (DJ Scotty Boy) Beats by Dr. Dre (Really, DJ Skribble??  Really?) Pioneer HDJ-2000 (Annie Mac) [&hellip.. more

A Turntable That Turns Tree Rings into Music

Every tree as a song to sing, apparently, and Bartholomaus Traubek has figured out a way for us to hear these songs.   Years is a project involving a specially modified turntable that can scan tree rings and turn them into sound. The bad part of all this is that if you want to hear [&hellip.. more

The Weezer Cruise: Day Three

[Weezer invited some of their best buddies and a boatload of fans to cruise through the Caribbean this week.  Here's the latest report from onboard the Carnival Destiny from special correspondent Julia Wallace. .. more

I Like This: Pynner

Pynner is the former drummer of Kill Matilda.  Stretching his legs a little, he’s in the process of finishing up an electro-rock sci-fi concept album entitled 2081 which is coming later this year.  It’s noisy.  I like noise. Pynner – Space Freaks (with Melissa Marie Walker) by Pynner.. more

Sean Penn As Robert Smith. Sort Of.

As the Sundance Film Festival gets underway in Park City, Utah, we’re getting a chance to see some of the films that might show up in local art houses later in the year. One film, This Must Be the Place, stars Sean Penn in a part that was inspired by the Cure’s Robert Smith. Yes, [&hellip.. more

I Like This: Sleigh Bells

Another taste of the upcoming album, Reign of Terror, due February 21.  Woo-hoo! Sleigh Bells – “Born To Lose” by TheNJUnderground  .. more

Why I Won’t Get This Cool Computer Rig

I spend a lot of time immersed in music work on my four-screen computer display.  Yes, it's overkill, yes, but I'm remarkably efficient.  I do, however, suffer from the usual variety of issues, aches and pains.. more

Singer to Stage 200 Person Video Game

Stephen Merritt of The Magnetic Fields likes to try weird things and next Thursday (January 26th) will be one of the weirdest. The event is called Space Cruiser, a combination concert and video came that will be staged .. more

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