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eBook Excerpt: Takers Economy – An Inquiry into Illegal File Sharing

September 21st, 2012 | by Alan Cross

Christopher Stewart, an indie musician from Quebec City, has self-published this look at illegal file-sharing. Here are a couple of quotes:

The mysterious powers of attention are such that what one focuses their attention on, they bring more of in their reality. When one experiences works of art, it is precisely because they want to bring more of the intelligence the creations convey into their world. In essence, this is how personal development is realized. With this generally come an heightening of the senses and a feeling of well-being that constitute incentives to repeat the operation, in this manner addressing the necessity of spiritual growth. So, understandably, the urge to obtain more material of this nature is strong. Yet, if this is accomplished through disrespect of the underlying unity of all things, then the cost is displaced, and instead of shelling out the price of the experience, one will have to expend the efforts required to once again attract the light that has become obscured, and is needed for further evolution.

Companies Outside the Auto Industry Working on the Connected Car

September 21st, 2012 | by Alan Cross

If you've been anywhere near a car show or an automobile dealership over the last year, you'll know all about the revolution going on in the dashboard.  The race is on to create a truly connected car.

Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda and BMW have done well with their respective infotainment systems.  But the problem with each of them is that they are propriety, inflexible and have OSes that are hard (if not impossible) to update.

But now it's becoming clear that the solution to the connected car may come from outside the industry. Wired reports:

Do We Need a Pop Music Hall of Fame? Well, One Is in the Works

September 20th, 2012 | by Alan Cross

We seem to be entering some kind of boom in music-related museums, exhibits and halls of fame. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland), the Experience Music Project (Seattle) and the British Music Experience (O2 Arena in London) are about to be joined by a several other institutions.

Next month, the inaugural Science of Rock'n'Roll exhibit will open at Union Station in Kansas City (full disclosure:  I'm the Content Director.)  In early 2015, the National Music Centre (along with the Canadian Music Hall of Fame) will open its doors in Calgary (full disclosure again:  I'm doing some work with them.) And this week we heard about America's Pop Music Hall of Fame.

Wait.  What?

I’m Hardly a Bieber Fan, But…

September 20th, 2012 | by Alan Cross

...this story in the New Yorker about his manager, Scooter Braun, is fascinating for anyone interested in that side of the business.

When Scooter Braun, the manager of Justin Bieber and a stable of other pop stars, was growing up, his favorite comic-book hero was Superman. “I liked everything he stood for,” Braun, who is thirty-one, told me recently. He liked that Superman had been created by two Jewish men, which made him “the Jewish superhero.” Braun played basketball, and he dreamed of one day joining the supermen of the N.B.A.—the Magic Johnsons and the Michael Jordans. When it became clear that he didn’t have the talent to play professionally, he began to think about the entertainment industry. But there, too, not all lanes were open to him.

“Justin Bieber was born with the Superman powers,” Braun said. “He could sing, he could dance, he could play instruments. I wasn’t born with those gifts, so I had to become a different kind of superhero.” Braun studied the careers of influential behind-the-scenes guys, especially David Geffen, who moved from the William Morris mailroom to the music business and eventually co-founded DreamWorks. “David Geffen was a Bruce Wayne to me,” Braun said. “He was extraordinary, but at the same time his talents were something that I could dream of and could fathom. I’m a normal Joe. But, with a lot of effort, I’ve got a shot at being Bruce Wayne.”

The full article can be found here.

Meanwhile, I quote this from Popbitch:

An Ode to Bacon

September 20th, 2012 | by Alan Cross

There are two types of people:  those who like bacon and those who are wrong

Top 10 Hockey Songs to Help You Through the Lockout

September 19th, 2012 | by Alan Cross

[Bloody NHL.  They're making record revenues and they choose to shut down?  Un-f-ing-believeable. The only thing we can do on this end is make another list.  This one comes from Brent Chittenden. - AC]

This week’s list was originally going to be something else completely different but when the hockey walk out happened, I knew I had to put together a list to help out my friends who are now in a panic due to the possible lack of a hockey season. So here you are a list of songs and videos that are all about hockey.


10) The Pursuit of Happiness – Gretzky Rocks

A little bit less rockin' than they are known for, this is a tribute to one of the best players ever to hit the ice.


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