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Bono Blamed for “Severely Hampering” Spider-Man Production

When Spider-Man:  Turn Off the Dark was announced to great fanfare, most were impressed when Julie Taymor was brought on board as director.  But nine months into the project, everything had gone south. Far, far south.   After delays and difficulties, Taymor was fired and is now suing everyone involved, including Bono.  From the Daily [&hellip.. more

Emo Killings in Iraq Continue

You may have heard over the weekend that emo kids–or kids that look like they might be into emo–are being killed in astonishing numbers.  At last count, the number of dead stands at near 60.  From NPR: Young people who identify themselves as so-called Emos are being brutally killed at an alarming rate in Iraq, [&hellip.. more

New Music App from SXSWi That Examines Your MP3 Collection for Signs of Satan

SXSWi, the tech conference that precedes all the music in Austin, Texas, has become the place to unveil new apps and start-ups. has a summary of some of the best music-related apps here. My favourite so far?  bDeviled, an app created by someone calling himself Brother Mark (Click the link. Seriously.) that’s apparently guaranteed to find [&hellip.. more

MP3 Players vs. eBook Readers: Why It’s Different

Before all the bands roll in to Austin for SXSW, things warm up with SXSWi, a massive conference where some of the smartest and most interesting people gather to talk about tech and its effect on the world. One interesting panel involved a comparison between the music industry’s experience with MP3 players vs. the publishing [&hellip.. more

In Memory of Josef Skvorecky and a Story of Nazi Musical Censorship

Boing Boing recently had a story on Josef Skvorecky, a Czech radical who died recently in Canada at the age of 87.  He once wrote about the rules the Nazis enforced on jazz performers during World War II. These rules were not  only bizarre but a frightening illustration of art in an authoritarian environment.   For example: [&hellip.. more

The Tragically Hip Movie Cameo

True or false:  the Tragically Hip once had a cameo in a feature-length movie doing something other than playing music.  That’s true.  The film is called Men With Brooms, a Canadian movie about curling.  And yes, the Hip does appear—but it’s easy to miss them because the shot of them at the bonspiel lasts less [&hellip.. more

CD Mispressings

I get a lot of people who say “I bought a CD and while the label says one thing, the music is something else. Is it worth any money?” Generally, no. This sort of mispressing happens quite frequently because CD pressing plants are huge operations and screw-ups sometime occur. But there are special exceptions. In [&hellip.. more

The 16 Greatest Songs About the Joys of Records

Record Store Day is coming up next month, but it's never too early to celebrate.  Here's a list of songs that celebrate the joys of vinyl records.   16.  Dead or Alive, "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" I remember having a full on WTF attack when I first saw this clip featuring Pete Byrne in 1984.  It was the era of the gentle Boy Geor.. more

I Like This: Nedry

If you’re into trip-hop a la Portishead and Massive Attack, then it’s a good idea to check out Nedry, a three-piece based out of England.  There’s a download available here.. more

Recommended Reading

Ever since I got a first-generation Kindle, I’ve been reading more than I ever have before.  It’s just so easy to download and go—not to mention much, much cheaper.  Spend $35 on a hardcover again?  I think not.  I also have a subscription to, which has been listening to all manner of audio books [&hellip.. more

New This Week on Squish: 10 March 2012

I'm having a lot of fun programming Squish, a commercial-free online alt-rock radio station for Astral radio. They basically said to me "Do what you want.  Program it the way you feel is right."  Why would I say no? There.. more

More Music from the Inbox: 10 March 2012

I had a lovely breakfast this morning.  There's a old-school coffee shop near the house run by an old couple who speak in some indecipherable eastern European language.  None of the furniture has changed since the 60s--and the prices ha.. more

“What If My Band Can’t Afford to Go to SXSW or CMW?”

South by Southwest is huge. Too huge, really. With so many bands playing at so many venues around the clock, it’s tough to get noticed.  For many band, then, the trek to Austin isn’t worth the expense. This is where Couch by Couchwest comes in.  Check out the poster below and then submit your band’s [&hellip.. more

Arts & Crafts Offers Up a Free SXSW 2012 Sampler

With South by South West in Austin next week and Canadian Music Week in Toronto the following week, we’re going to be deluged with a LOT of new and interesting music between now and the end of the month. Arts & Crafts will be in Austin wtih a big showcase featuring eleven of its artists [&hellip.. more

Facebook + VEVO = The Next Big Thing in Music?

While working on a film project last year, I was involved in an interview with Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s manager, who talked about what he saw as the future of music.  As I’ve said innumberable times before, I have the utmost respect for this guy because I think he’s one of the smartest dudes in [&hellip.. more

When Does Modern Rock Become Classic Rock?

When I describe an era of music as "oldies," what springs to mind?  The answer depends on how old you are.   Our view of the past evolves as we move into the future.  A teenaged Sex Pistols fan sneered at t.. more

‪The Secret History of Rock Trivia Blog 00‬3

Welcome to Who Wants to be a Know-It-All?, the game where we see just what kind of trivia geek you are! Every week, I’ll post one of my “I Did Not Know That!”-type videos, what I like to call The Secret History of Rock Trivia of the Week. And remember: if you have any kind [&hellip.. more

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