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The 20 Greatest Band Names of All Time

June 29th, 2012 | by Alan Cross

[I have a feeling this Brent Chittenden list is going to create some comments.  That's good. Fire away! - AC]

Choosing your band name is important. In this day and age not only is it more important than ever, it’s also really, really hard because a lot of the best names have been taken.

Since I’ve started doing music reviews for the site, I’ve had to train myself to ignore stupid band name and make sure I listen to the band for the pure fact that so many of the awesome band names are gone and sometimes you get left with Felt Covered Tupperware.

Today’s list we look at the Top Twenty Band Names Of All Time!

New Music This Week on Squish

June 28th, 2012 | by Alan Cross

Squish is the commercial-free online alt-rock radio station I program for Astral Radio. Here’s this week’s chart. Directions on where

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