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How to Discover Indie Bands from the Middle East

The indie rock aesthetic is hardly confined to the West.  As long as there is access to electricity, you’ll find indie bands just about anywhere in the world. Sawt is a way to find out what’s going on with the Arabic indie music scene.  It’s a pretty simple app, but it gets the job done. [&hellip.. more

The Wife Says: Madonna Triggers My Mean Girl

Madonna will star in the Super Bowl halftime show. The Hollywood Reporter helpfully notes that counting Madge, since the infamous wardrobe malfunction in 2004, the average age of the half-time performers is 54.8 yea.. more

Proof That the Ramones Are Universal

Some cute kindergarten kids in Korea singing “Judy Is a Punk.”  If you’re going to take a job teaching English in the Far East, you might as well spread the gospel of the Ramones while you’re doing it, right.. more

Can’t Figure Out What Ozzy Is Saying? There’s an App for That.

Translation software has come a long way in the last couple of years.  I’ve used Google Translate with decent success and I’ve found other software that helped me when I needed Russian and Arabic whilst travelling.  But this is completely different. The new iBrummie app translates the thick accent of those around Birmingham, England, into [&hellip.. more

So Martin Gore and Vince Clarke Are Writing Together…

…and one of the first things they did sounds like this.  Makes you wonder where Depeche Mode might have gone had Vince stuck around. VCMG – Spock [Pitchfork Exclusive] by Mute UK  Truth be told, I like this remix better.   VCMG – Spock (Edit Select Remix) [Electronic Beats Exclusive] by Mute .. more

The Black Keys Profiled in the New York Times

With El Camino coming out on Tuesday, the New York Times ran this profile of Dan and Patrick on Sunday. LAST March, when the guitarist Dan Auerbach and the drummer Patrick Carney, known as the Black Keys, started working on a new album here, they had reached rock ’n’ roll’s promised land. After they spent [&hellip.. more

Ego Battles for Rock Hall of Fame

I'm mostly ambivelent about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I enjoyed my visits--it was cool seeing a blood-and-vomit-stained Sid Vicious t-shirt--but I'm still not sure that rock should be institutionalized this way. .. more

I Like This: The Jungle Giants

Holy stop-motion, Batman!  This video is made up of more than 2,900 individually hand-drawn frames. (Thanks to Shawn for the tip.) Mr. Polite by The Jungle Giants.. more

Downloading Music and Movies Stays Legal in Switzerland

From TorrentFreak: One in three people in Switzerland download unauthorized music, movies and games from the Internet and since last year the government has been wondering what to do about it. This week their response was published and it was crystal clear. Not only will downloading for personal use stay completely legal, but the copyright [&hellip.. more

The Secret History of Rock: Episode 008

Here's what you can expect with Episode 8 of The Secret History of Rock.  For airtimes, check the list of affililates in the left-hand column of this page.   Note that not all stations ar.. more

The Recommendation Project Part 21: The Best of 2011

We're in the home stretch for 2011 so it's time to review the year what was.  I need your pick for your favourite album of the year and then to pick one track from that record. Personally, I keep going back to Washed Out's With.. more

How’s This for a University Course: The Sociology of Hip Hop

From Yahoo news: Michael Eric Dyson parses Jay-Z’s lyrics as if analyzing fine literature. The rapper’s riffs on luxury cars and tailored clothes and boasts of being the “Mike Jordan of recording” may make for catchy rhymes, but to Dyson, they also reflect incisive social commentary. Dyson, a professor, author, radio host and television personality, [&hellip.. more

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