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The Weezer Cruise: Day Two

Weezer and several hundred of their closest friends are currently tooling around the Caribbean on a Carnival Cruises ship.  Here's the latest report from onboard correspondent Julia Wallace. have a new favourite band, and t.. more

This Week’s Top 11 Playlist – 20 January 2012

Isn't January over yet?  Admittedly, it hasn't been a rough winter as yet--at least where I am--so I really shouldn't be whining.  Still, spring and green grass seems so far, far away. I guess the good news is that I ha.. more

Why the U.S. Went Nuclear on Megaupload

The FBI's attack on Megaupload this week caught a lot of people by surprise.  But with so many rogue (and allegedly rogue) copyright infringing sites out there, why Megaupload?  From Ars Technica: .. more

Is the Music Business Dying or Not?

“Not,” according to Music Think Tank: We read so much doom and gloom about the music business every day that it’s easy to think that pretty soon the whole thing will come crashing down. Cheer up. It’s not as bad as you think. As all the various research and trade organizations begin releasing their 2011 [&hellip.. more

AC/DC Gets a Pinball Machine

Fitting somehow that a band that refuses to allow their music to appear on iTunes would agree to such a retro form of entertainment. That being said, I LOVE pinball machines.  I used to be something of a prodigy back in my arcade days on both the old Bally and Gottlieb machines.  When I finally [&hellip.. more

Red Hot Chili Peppers Launch an App

It’s predicted that as the album loses favour with consumers, more bands will follow Bjork’s lead and release music in the form of mobile apps.  It may take a while for that to happen, but there’s no doubt that musicians get the whole concept of apps. The latest band to launch something is the Red [&hellip.. more

Travis Barker Has a Problem With His Penis

The problem is that everyone can see it. A gossip blog called somehow acquired some five year-old shots of Travis’ junk and posted them online.  According to TMZ, these photos were “never intended for public viewing or to be seen by anyone else.” A quote:  “His JANK [sic] is the size of a MICROPHONE!!” [&hellip.. more

Confused About This Whole SOPA/PIPA Thing?

Even if you haven’t been following the story of the ‘Merican government’s quest to break the Internet (at the behest of the lobbiests at the RIAA, the MPAA and others), you may have run into the blackout protest this past Wednesday when sites like Wikipedia and Wired went dark. What is SOPA and PIPA?  And [&hellip.. more

All Aboard the Weezer Cruise

With the fate of the Costa Concordia at least somewhat top-of-mind, the Weezer Cruise left Florida with a passenger list full of fans and bands.  Special corrs.. more

Some Pre-Release Listening on Rdio

Here are two album that you might want to preview before they go on sale. The first is from Bhi Bhiman, a Sri Lankan folksinger, called Bhiman.  Access it here. Once you’re done with that, try May Day from Matt Pryor, the leader of the Get-Up Kids.  Find it here.. more

Hamilton Punk Singer Arrested in Homicide Case

From the Hamilton Spectator: Two Port Hope men and a Hamilton woman face first degree murder charges in the death of a retired Hamilton antiques dealer found bound in his apartment shortly before Christmas. Jessie Kovacs, 55, was found lying tied and bound with his hands taped behind his back by a family member Dec. [&hellip.. more

I Like This: Edgar Breau

One of the great unsung Canadian bands was Simply Saucer, a proto-punk-slash-psych band from Hamilton that was around in the late 70s.  But once the band dissolved, singer and guitarist Edgar Breau sold all his electric gear and became besotted with the possibilities of acoustic music. Simply Saucer is still active after a reunion about [&hellip.. more

Buy Tickets from Ticketmaster…On Facebook?

So what is Facebook doing with all that personal information we give it?  Zuck’s folks say that they (and the partners they sell this data to) are just trying to make life better for you. I profess no love for Ticketmaster, but their new Facebook thing is actually pretty cool.  By examining your Facebook profile, [&hellip.. more

Music vs. Tech in 2012: Some Predictions

From the BBC's 6 Music website: 2011 has been a big year for Music Technology, from social networks promoting new bands to Bjork's innovative album app. Smartphones have become eve.. more

Johnny Ramone Finally Gets a Proper Biography

Looking over at the bookshelf here in my office, I have at least have a dozen books on the Ramones, including a bio of Joey written by his brother and an autobiography written by Dee Dee.  Something is.. more

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