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Congrats to 54-40

54-40 has been slugging it out for over 30 years now.  In fact, they’ve been around for a lot longer than just about any other Canadian band you care to mention, including the Tragically Hip.  And if you.. more

Metallica: Lulu’s a Stiff. Now What?

After months of hype and teasing, the Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration called Lulu had landed with a splat. The biggest metal band in the world has an even bigger turkey on their hands t.. more

A 3D Peter Gabriel Concert…for Your iPhone?

Apparently, yes. A company called Spacial View spends all its time on 3D content delivery and “auto-stereoscopic display technologies.”  Together with Eagle Rock Entertainment, they’re distributing a 3D version of Peter Gabriel’s New Blood Live in London concert film.   On the iPhone.  No silly glasses required, either. Gabriel, who has been into cutting-edge.. more

I Like This: HiFi Phantom

My mysterious friend, the Lonely Vagabond, passes along this one.  HiFi Phantom features members from both of Canada’s coasts but coalesced in Toronto. All at Sea by HiFi Phantom.. more

Hipsters! Something Darker Than Black Has Been Invented!

If your wardrobe is monochromatically uniform and you’re just wearing black until something darker comes along, that day has arrived. A new nanomaterial that absorbs 99% of the light shon upon it (ultraviolet, visible, infrared and far-infrared) has been invented by NASA.  It is blacker than black.  They plan to use it on satellites and [&hellip.. more

Turn Your iPhone into a Retro Cassette Player

Miss your Walkman?  Then turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into a retro cassette player. AirCasstte takes CoverFlow from your iTunes music library and displays a running cassette in place of the same old cover artwork.  You get something that looks like this spinning on the screen: Even rewind and fast-forward are replicated.  You can also choose [&hellip.. more

New Trend in Concert Photos

Whenever you go to a show, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people just like you snapping pictures with cell phones.  But now the performers are also taking some pretty cool pictures of you.  Some people cal.. more

I Like This: Brocade

Three-piece Calgary band that has some good energy.  Give ’em a look/listen. RIOT RIOT by Brocade.. more

Weekly Music Sales Report: 09 November 2011

There's a big sea change with the Top Ten this week with six new entries, pushing the numbers up 7% over last week and keeping things 1% ahead of last year.  Barring an economic disaster or an extinction event-sized asteroid (didn't one.. more

The Wife Says: Can Music Age Gracefully?

"Give Me All Your Love" is the new leaked Madonna track. Supposedly leaked, though I wonder if this is like politicians who float policy trial balloons to test public opinion. In the case of the.. more

More People Want Internet Access in Their Dashboard

More proof of what I’ve been predicting for the last couple of years now.  From Audio4cast: Consumers want Internet radio in their dashboard. 64% of consumers would listen everyday if they had access to streaming music sites in their cars, according to a newly released study sponsored by Harman, the premiere audio system brand. The [&hellip.. more

Sloan “Bootleg” For Sale

Okay, so it's not a real bootleg--the band is behind it 100%--but it began as a real bootleg. Back on September 20, 1993, a fan recorded a Sloan show in Winnipeg on cassette.  That recording eventu.. more

The Weirdness That Is Record Collecting

While I buy the majority of my music through digital outlets these days (hey, it's unavoidably convenient), I still spend a fair amount on CDs and vinyl, too.  And not all of my purchases are new.  I've long since descended into th.. more

The Revolution in Media Choice

Another important piece of advice for traditional broadcasters of all stripes.  In today's world, infinite choice is just a click away.  Read what Seth Godin says that means for those who want people's attention. .. more

More Music from the Inbox

There is more music out there than anyone possibly has time to sift through. That's why this site provides the public services of doing some of the heavy lifting for you.   Here's the latest filtered results from the inbox, cour.. more

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