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An App That Adds a Soundtrack to eBooks

Booktrack is an iPad/iPhone/iPod app that mates a soundtrack to ebooks.  Basically, you follow a little arrow down the page, which is supposed to help you sync what you're readi.. more

An App That Makes Your MP3s Sound Better

I don't care what kind of math the acoustic boffins trot out.  MP3s sound bad when put up against CDs or vinyl.  I hear a harshness in the high end.  The compression induces listener fatigue.  And I have a theor.. more

Sunday Music News

Two places I do not want to be this weekend:  Ikea (college kids scrambling for cheap furniture before they report to campus next week) and any office supply store (frantic parents trying to find that perfect pencil case for the kid in time fo.. more

Music (and Video) from the Inbox

See that "Music Submissions" link on the left?  I'm happy to report that a lot of people are using it.  Here's the latest and best from the inbox. Take a listen and free free to provide some input directly to the artists involved... more

I Like This: Twin Sister

Another pouty-lipped singer (Andrea Estella) with a sexy,languid pop song reminiscent of some alt-rock from the middle 80s.  The video was shot at Andrea’s family’s house in Lond Island.. more

I Like This: Lana Del Rey

Her real name is Lizzy Grant and she’s from New York.  This is dreamy orchestral pop in the vein of Fiona Apple and Tori Amos in her less kooky moments.  Bewitching.  The single is out on September 9th.  .. more

A BitTorrent TV? Okay…

From Torrent Freak: The world’s first Digital TV with ‘BitTorrent inside’ will be presented to the public tomorrow at the IFA trade show for consumer electronics in Berlin. The TV is manufactured by Vestel and uses technology from BitTorrent Inc. that allows consumers to find, download and play their favorite digital media directly on their [&hellip.. more

My Chemical Romance Fire Their Drummer for Stealing from the Band

And he apparently confessed, too.  Here’s the scoop from the band’s website. Hello all, Some shit happened last night and before the blogosphere gets all crazy with false statements and ridiculous opinions we want the true story to come from us… But please listen close because this is the only time we are ever going [&hellip.. more

Wait: Billie Joe Armstrong Flies Southwest?

The big rock-star-gone-bad story this weekend involves Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong being kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight because a flight attendant objected to his low-slung pants.  When he refused the request to hike .. more

Saturday Morning Music News

No, I didn't go away for the long weekend because frankly, I couldn't be bothered.  I just couldn't deal with the hassle of making arrangements, the traffic and having to interact with people grasping desperately at their last bit of summer... more

Fall Release Preview

[Note:  Some editions of the Metro papers carried this column yesterday.] I didn’t spend a lot of money on music over the summer because there wasn’t much of anything to buy.  Unless you’re in.. more

Two Things About Joe Strummer You May Not Know

Joe and the Clash have been documented and studied to death.  Yet there's still more to learn.   Like what?  Well, if you ever take the tube in London, you might stumble across something Joe-related.  And Joe's da.. more

This Week’s Top 11 Playlist – 02 September 2011

Each week with the help of Mediazoic, I put up at player featuring eleven songs (new and old, but mostly new) that I think you should really hear.  Yes, I wish the player could be a pop-out (we’re working on that) and that it could have FF and RW buttons (don’t even think of asking [&hellip.. more

I Like This: Bill Withers

To underscore the last post about discovering older music, here’s another example from 1971.  Most of my knowledge of R&B and funk extends to the bigger Motown acts and their descendents.  Then I stumbled across this brilliant two minutes and 15 seconds of pain.  .. more

I Like This: Amanaz

I’d never heard of Amanaz before today–understandable since they’re a five-person group from Zitwe, Zambia–but but I had an instant emotional connection to this song called “Khala My Friend.”  For more, investigate their 1975 Zam-rock classic, Africa. History is never dead, my friends.  There’s always brilliant older material waiting to be discov.. more

The Recommendation Project Part 8: Guilty Pleasures

It's okay to admit it.  There's something about that uncool song that floats your boat.  There's no need to apologize.  We all have those guilty pleasures. For me, it's The Sweet, the glam-y English band who, back in the .. more

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