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The Last 78 RPM Record Label

Although it took many number of years, a standard rotation speed emerged after Berliner's rotating disc won out over Edison's cylinder in the early 20th century.  .. more

100 Free and Legal Downloads Worth Having

If you don’t track what RCRD LBL offers, you should.  Every weekday, they offer up a free and legal download creating a wonderful opportunity for discovering new music. Just this year they’ve served by tracks by Foster the People, Lana Del Rey, Moby, Kanye West, Lykke Li, Sleigh Bells, Fleet Foxes and a ton of [&hellip.. more

Radio Gitmo: “Close But No Cigar”

I’ve always found it fascinating that by virtue of a geo-political fluke the US has a military base in Cuba, sworn enemy of America.  (If you want a history of Gitmo, go here.) Sitting on the south shore of the western end of the island, far from the tourist beaches of the north, Gitmos is [&hellip.. more

Florence + the Machine Play…A Boxing Day Sale?

You may have lined up in the dark and in the cold outside some big box electronics store, hoping to score some kind of bargain.  What did you have for entertainment?  Probably nothing more than an iPod and a rapidly cooling double-double from Tim’s, right? Pish.  Consider what Harrod’s, the super-tony department store in London, [&hellip.. more

Fighting al-Qaeda with Hip-Hop

Even by the evil standards of other al-Qaeda franchises, the thugs in al-Shabaab are extreme.   Killing, intimidation, piracy and extortion are .. more

More Music from the Inbox

Finally!  No more Christmas music.  It's safe to once again walk into a store and not be subject to music so sickly sweet that you risk going into diabetic shock.   Fortunately, though, there's relief.  .. more

Was Perry Farrell on al-Qaeda’s Hit List?

According to people who know about such things, Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda once had Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell their hit list. They wanted him dead, dead, dead. Or so it was whispered. About a decade ago, there was a rumour that Perry has been marked for death by Islamic extremists because of his [&hellip.. more

Do Classical Music Fans Have Bigger Brains?

About ten years ago, an Italian research team led by a neurologist said they discovered that more “grey matter” is required to appreciate classic music than pop or rock.  To put it a little more delicately, they said you need more brains in order to really like classical music.  This team came to these conclusions [&hellip.. more

The Trololo Man, Then and Now

His name is Eduard Khil, in case you didn’t know–but then again, why would you?  If you’ve never seen his legendary video from the 1970s, start there.  If you have, then skip to where we’ll find Eduard now.  .. more

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