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A Sample of the New Kate Bush Album, 50 Words for Snow

So she disappears for years with nary a note.  Then suddenly, two album in six months?  No mind.  I’ll take it. Unlike Director’s Cut, Kate’s upcoming album, 50 Words for Snow, features brand new material.  “Wild Man” is the first indication of where her head is at.  (For the full 7:16 album version, go here.) [&hellip.. more

Pearl Jam…Beer?

Apparently.  Dogfish Head of Delaware–brewers of such creations such as Golden Shower Imperial Pilsner and Bitches Brew–have announced plans to offer Pearl Jam Twenty Faithful Ale (someone must have a copy of Yield. Look it up.) sometime this month. What’s it like?  According to reports, it “will be a Belgian-style golden ale made to 7 [&hellip.. more

10 Music and Media Companies to Watch

A Huffington Post article by media consultant Jeff Pollock: "We're all constantly hearing about new cool sites, apps, and products on the market. Most of us forget 90% of these within a few hours of hearing about them...and for good rea.. more

How Apple Commercials Changed Careers

Most Canadians are familiar with how Apple’s use of “1,2,3,4” gave Feist a boost.  Here’s a Rolling Stone article about other musicians who have had their careers altered by Apple. “With the iPod and the iTunes store – both of which allowed users to discover and consume music like never before – Steve Jobs and [&hellip.. more

RIP Ex-Weezer Bass Player, Mikey Welsh

Mikey was an interesting guy.  He took over for original bassist Matt Sharpe and stayed with Weezer for a couple of years before suffering a nervous breakdown which he blamed on drugs, touring fatigue and a few unspecified things. He left the band, got his act together and then launched a successful second career as [&hellip.. more

More Music from the Inbox

Tired of Thanksgiving family activities?  Immerse yourself in these new tune recommendations contributed by ROCKthusiast. .. more

Men at Work’s Insane Lawsuit Problem

One of the biggest pop hits of the early 80s was "Down Under" by Australia's Men at Work, which helped their Business as Usual album sell more than 15 million copies and winning both a Grammy and a Juno in the process. The band brok.. more

I Like This: Kill Matilda

If you’re into Hole, Die Mannequin or Bif Naked, you need to take a listen to Vancouver’s Kill Matilda.  Start with this video for “Fault Line” then grab the free download for “Geisha With a Switchblade.” And should you ever need to know how to kill a zombie, they can help you out there, too.. more

The Mysterious Lonely Vagabond

If you frequent some of the smaller clubs that cater to the indie crowed in Toronto, you may have run across a solitary figure, an apparition, a near-ghost who stays in the shadows.  He's always by himself although hundreds are famil.. more

I Like This: :papercutz

It takes guts to cover a song by the Cure.  Give these people props. :papercutz – Disintegration (The Cure Cover) by :papercutz.. more

Awesome Turntables to Pamper Your Vinyl

AVID Diva II SPI still love vinyl and my Technics SL-1200 does me just fine, thank you.  If you’re a Wall Street banker and looking for silly ways to spend your obscene year-end bonus, you can drop $100,000 or more on a turntable. In the middle, though, are these models.  They’re esosteric enough to illicite [&hellip.. more

iTunes Is Good for Music…Right?

From Billboard: Opinion in the music business is still split between those who think Apple saved record labels just when it looked like Internet piracy was about to overwhelm them and others who think the company did lasting damage to the music business by its insistence on letting consumers buy just the songs they wanted. [&hellip.. more

A New Top 11 Playlist

See that link in the right hand column?  It features a loop of eleven songs I think you need to hear this week.  Thanks to Mediazoic for the help. Note that you can see/hear past Top 11 lists by clicking on the YouTube channel link in the right-hand column.   The Soft Pack, “Parasites” from The [&hellip.. more

The Joys of Floyd

[My column in today's Metro papers. -AC] I fear for the future of high fidelity. With every passing month, we seem to be satisfied with sound that is merely good enough... more

Songs That Changed The World

[A thought-provoking piece from The Independent where musicians weigh in on songs that changed history. While you may not agree with their choices, the article at least makes you think about what other songs should be on this list... more

REM’s Seizure-Inducing Animated Album Cover

REM's 40-track greatest hits collection will be called Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage, 1982-2011 and is coming November 15th.  It's being pushed as having "the first-ever GIF album cover." Before you cl.. more

I Like This: Shit Robot

Not for everyone, but there’s something interesting about this remix by Berlin’s Planningtorock.  If you like it, grab the guilt-free download. Shit Robot – Answering Machine (Planningtorock Pizzo Remix) by DFA Records.. more

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