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Spreading the Word on a Musical Term

The word boffins in charge of the complete Oxford English Dictionary--the language police, if you will, for those of us who speak English--are constantly editing and re-editing their work. That used to be extremely difficult when the OED was solely a physical published work. But now that it's all online, new words are being added all the time. That's where I'm hoping to enlist your help in getti.. more

Weekly Music Sales Report

Sorry for being a day late with the weekly report, but out here on the Adriatic, Internet access can be, er, challenging. Back to normal by Sunday. Promise. .. more

Cruise + Music = Cruise-sick

No one goes on a mega-ship cruise expecting to find cool music (except, of course, the upcoming Weezer cruise. Go on: Google it.) But does it really have to be this wretched? .. more

A Brief History of Sports Anthems

Last week, I appeared on both the regular panel discussion of TSN’s Off the Record, but then I also stuck around to do a one-on-one segment on sports themes.  This is what happened.. more

U2 360 = $736,136,344

The biggest tour the universe has ever seen has FINALLY wrapped up. When it began, there were critics who thought it was too big, to ambitious, too crazy. Yet they pulled it off, thanks in very large part to Arthur Fogel, the mysterious Canadian in charge of global touring at Live Nation. .. more

The Death of the Radio Storyteller

Over the last fifteen years, there's been a fundamental shift in the way radio recruits, nurtures and develops talent. When I was making my way up through the business, it was expected that you needed to pay your dues and make your mistakes through a series of jobs in smaller market radio stations. That's not the case anymore because jobs at those smaller market stations are disappearing. Depres.. more

The Recommendation Project Part 2

Here’s another playlist assignment. An alien lands on your street.  “It’s a long way back to Velpecula, so I’d appreciate it if you made me a mixtape.  What songs best exemplify Canada?” Here are the rules for The Recommendation Project. 1.  Look me up on Rdio ( and find the playlist marked The Recommendation Project [&hell.. more

A Visit With the Nevermind Baby

Spencer Eldon--aka The Most Famous Penis in Alt-Rock--is back in the spotlight thanks to the upcoming 20th anniversary re-release of Nevermind. If you remember when the album first came out, prepare to feel...old. .. more

South Korean Pop Payola

Think payola is confined to the American and British music industries? Think again. Or, more correctly, think 증회. .. more

I Like This: Hooded Fang

I keep getting emails from a mysterious person who signs his name “-Ben-.”  I always look at them because the dude–whoever he is–has very good taste in music. His latest tip is Hooded Fang, a Toronto band who have a release entitled Tosta Mista.  This track is called “ESP.”   ESP by HOODED .. more

Jay-Z and Kanye Piss Off Record Stores

I think it's safe to say that the biggest stars in hip-hop are Jay-Z and Kanye. To have them collaborate on an album should be a record retailer's wet dream. Normally, yes. But not this time. And lots of people are supremely pissed off. .. more

Best. Superhero. Ever.

Brent Chittendem writes an opinion column for Comic Book Daily called Just a Thought. He's working on an upcoming column which resurrects the eternal nerd argument of who is the best superhero ever. .. more

FM For Your Mobile, Would You Use It?

If this survey is anything to go by, probably not. According to today's newsletter from Mark Ramsey Media, over 1,300 Americans aged 15-69 were polled about radio listening and mobile phone use. .. more

Interesting News for Vinyl Fans

According to new figures released by the UK’s Entertainment Retailers Association, sales of vinyl albums climbed 55% in the first half of 2011. That’s sounds impressive, but it only means 168,296 vinyl records.  Still, that’s better than the 108,307 a year earlier. Leading the resurrection is Radiohead who sold 20,000 copies of The King of [&hellip.. more

Why Amy Winehouse is Like Jeff Buckley

  We’re hearing a lot about the spike in sales of Amy Winehouse albums since her death on Saturday.  And yes, death can be good for business.  Ask anyone in the Jackson family or at Sony Music. Since the weekend, Winehouse album sales have shot up 3,400% in America to a total of 55,000 albums. [&hellip.. more

Could “Car Tones” Be Next?

Not long ago, I was almost injured at an airport.  An employee was speeding through the concourse on a golf cart in the same direction I was walking.  As he approached from behind, he barely missed me as I moved from one side of the hallway to the other.   I never heard him coming. [&hellip.. more

Internet Radio in Cars Coming On Strong

From Audio4cast: Six percent of automotive aftermarket car radios sold this year will be Internet radio capable, according to the Consumer Electronic Association. That number will increase to 14% by 2015 based on projections from the CEA. In sync with that trend, Ford will no longer put cd players in the dash of their cars, [&hellip.. more

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