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The World’s Richest Drummers

August 28th, 2012 | by Alan Cross

This isn't a phrase you'll see in many places--but it's a recent headline at Celebrity Net Worth.

No prizes for guessing the richest timekeeper.  Ringo Starrr is poorest of the Beatles (alive or dead)--but he's still a freakin' Beatle.  I'm surprised his fortune isn't more than a mere $300 million.

After that, though, you may run into trouble.  I wouldn't have guessed that Phil Collins is #2 ($250 million), but when you think about it, that makes sense.  The guy did sell a squidillion records with Genesis and a solo artist.

Dave Grohl at #3?  Sure, although drumming is definitely secondary to what he does now.  But he'll still suit up behind the kit for anyone who asks.  I don't begrudge him any of his estimated $225 million.

Curious about the rest of the guys in the Top 30?  Where's Lars from Metallica?  Larry from U2? And the guy from Phish is worth how much?

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