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Music News for Thursday

Some brief hits: Slash says Guns 'N Roses have told the producers of Glee to get lost.  They wanted to do a GnR-themed episode. (Via Popbitch.) Rememeber the band Gene? .. more

A New Playlist App for the iPhone

It’s called NowPlayer and seems to solve some issues with the standard iOS iPod/Music interface, including giving you the option to share what you’e listening to with friends.  And it looks great.. more

The 10,000 Watt, 11-Foot iPod Dock

  It’s called the AeroDreamOne. And it’s only $550,000 USD (yes, HALF A MILLION DOLLARS), including the ladder you’ll need if you’re iPhone rings.   Oh, and there’s a six-month waiting list. Here’s a video of the monstrosity.. more

Looking for a Cool Book to Read to Your Kids?

Then try Wildwood, written by Decemberists’ lead singer Colin Meloy, illustrated by his wife, Carson Ellis.  This is the first book in a projected series that follows Prue and Curtis, a couple of 12 year-olds, into the Impassable Wilderness on a mission to save Mac, Prue’s little brother, who was kidnapped by crows. Hey, it’s [&hellip.. more

Free Sloan Singles Collection

Sloan.  They're such nice boys.   As part of their 20th anniversary celebration, they've made a singles collection available.  I quote: "Our intent is for you.. more

Making the iTunes Agreement Understandable

Maybe you’ve seen the South Park episode where Kyle gets into trouble with Apple because he just clicked “agree” on the Terms of Service Ageement when upgrading his iTunes software.  (Don’t bother looking for the clip online because apparently, it’s not licensed for Canada.  You bastards!) I’ve never read Apple’s TOS.  Have you?  (IR.. more

Well, That Didn’t Take Long

In the hours since PJ Harvey won UK’s Mercury Music Prize for her Let England Shake album, sales have rocketed 1,190% on Amazon in the UK.  There’s a decent chance it’ll end up as the #1 album in Britain when the charts are published on Sunday.. more

Weekly Music Sales Report – 07 September 2011

After a wretched summer, the fall (aka make-it-or-break-it-time for labels and music retailers) got off to a very good start with sales spiking up 18% from the last week in August and a full 8% better from the same week last year. .. more

Nokia Wants to Re-Invent One of the Most Popular Tunes in the World

You know the tune.  It’s played millions of times a day:  the default Nokia ringtone. But maybe it’s time to move on–at least a little bit.  This is why Nokia has started a crowdsourcing plan to refreshen up the sound.  Using the Nokia Tune Remix kit, you’re encouraged to go nuts.  If you win, it’s [&hellip.. more

Not Much of a Surprise: PJ Harvey Takes the Mercury Prize

It was hardly Speech Debelle shocker.  The bookies had Let England Shake as a 6/4 favourite going into tonight’s Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize–and they were bang-on. PJ Harvey’s eighth album–a stunner, if you ask me–deservedly won the cash prize as the best album in Britain over the last year.  And lest we forget, this is [&hellip.. more

A Temple of the Dog Reunion

A highlight of Pearl Jam’s PJ20 event in Wisconsin this past weekend was this appearance by Chris Cornell for what amounted to a reunion of Temple of the Dog.. more

New Releases This Week

After a dreadfully dull summer (Jay-Z/Kanye, RHCP and Beyonce notwithstanding), it's time to ramp up for the Christmas shopping season.  The fourth quarter is make-it-or-break-it time for record labels and music retailers. &n.. more

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