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Winter’s Coming. Are Your Car Seats Warm Enough?

If not, maybe you need some Rock-n-Ride seat covers.  Nothings says ROCK’N’F’N’ROLL like covering up that cold, cracked vinyl, that ratty fabric or that tired leather than one of these babies. The initial collection features officially licensed material from KISS (naturally), AC/DC, Judas Priest, ZZ Top, Ozzy, The Who and, er, Lil Wayne. Remember:  only [&hellip.. more

Gig Flyers As Art and Social History

David Esminger has obviously spent a lot of time staring at utility poles, construction barriers and club walls.  Over the years, he’s come to regard the graphics used on flyers to promote gigs as art. Collecting the best of this stuff, he’s published Visual Vitriol:  The Street Art and Subcultures of the Punk and Hardcore [&hellip.. more

Cassettes Are Making a Comeback. Why?

Last week as I was preparing the first episode of my new radio program, The Secret History of Rock, I need to get some music from a cassette.  It was the legendary "Mama Son" demo tape that got Eddie Vedder the job with Pearl Jam. .. more

YouTube Gets Even Deeper Into Music

Upwards of 3 BILLION videos are viewed on YouTube every day.  Google--owners of YouTube--say on a typical day, 800 million people visit.  Let that sink in for a bit. A lot of those visitors come for music.  I can't remember.. more

Even More Music From the Inbox

Weekends tend to be slow for music news, so it's a good time to get caught up on some of the new tunes floating around out there.  Have a listen to these recommendations filtered by contributor .. more

Bob Gruen Photography Event

You may not know Bob Gruen , but I guaranteed you've seen his work.  Gruen has taken some of the most recognizable and iconic r.. more

What a Surprise: A U2 360 Book

You don't spend two years on the road grossing three-quarters of a billion dollars with the most ambitious rock spectacle ever without planning to document it along the way.  Dylan Jones, an editor wit.. more

More Music from the Inbox

Fall has set in around the neighbourhood.  It's too windy, wet and cold to bother going outside.  Even the dog gives me that "What, are you crazy?" look when I try to shoo her outside.  Best then to stay inside and listen to some ne.. more

Stone Roses to Reform? Please Don’t.

I am forever grateful that the Beatles and the Clash never succumbed to reunion pressure.  I wanted to remember them as they were at the peak of their powers, not as an imperect middle-aged reincarnation. I've seen too man.. more

Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore Split. Indie Universe Wobbles

From Spin: If the demise of R.E.M. didn’t put the final nail in the ’90s alternative-rock dream, this news sure will: Sonic Youth super-couple Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore have split up after 27 years of marriage — and the future of the band they’ve played in together since 1981 is unclear. The pair confirmed [&hellip.. more

X AVANT Festival: Beyond Alternative

Bored with mainstream music?  Tired of the indie scene?  Then maybe you need to kick it up a notch into the world of avant. Today (and running until the 23rd) marks the beginning of the sixth install.. more

ReDigit Resells USED Digital Media

I still remember the stink created by the rise of used record and CD stores more than thirty years ago. Labels, artists and managers screamed about those who would dare resell their art without providing a piece of the action to the creators.. more

Facebook Founder Dust-Up Outside Club

From the New York Post: Tech titans Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker had a huge public bust-up outside a Hollywood nightclub over Facebook’s role in new music venture Spotify. Billionaire Facebook creator Zuckerberg and Napster co-founder Parker, who has launched music streaming service Spotify, got into a boozy fight over the new venture at West [&hellip.. more

This Week’s Top 11 Playlist – 14 October 2011

If you look on the right side of this page, you’ll see a player marked The Top 11 of the Week.  Click on that and you’ll get a stream of eleven songs I think you need to hear.  The playlist features:   Wild Flag, “Romance” from Wild Flag Still Corners, “Endless Summer” from Creatures of [&hellip.. more

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