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Wait: Tom Cruise as an Older Kurt Cobain?

April 3rd, 2012 | by Alan Cross

One of the hoariest movies from the early 70s was A Star Is Born, starring Babs Streisand and Kris Kirstofferson (which itself was third or fourth reincarnation of the story, the most famous being Frederic March and Janet Gaynor).  

Unable to leave well enough along, Clint Eastwood is having another go at it with a project starring Beyonce and, apparently, Tom Cruise.

The story goes like this:  older dude helps young starlet gets famous.  Yes, it's pretty much the same thing as The Artist.  

The scriptwriter on the project is Will Fetters.  His spin on the story is to involve a Rock God.  Specifically, someone in the vein of Kurt Cobain.

How the RIAA and MPAA are Like 16th Century Germans

April 2nd, 2012 | by Alan Cross

Nice article from Techdirt comparing the trials and tribulations of the RIAA and the MPAA to what German weavers' guilds had to deal with in the 16th century.  And guess what happened to them?

Five years ago, we wrote a post comparing the RIAA (and the MPAA) to 17th century French buttonmakers, who used their guild to go absolutely crazy in blocking a horrifying new innovation: cloth buttons, which could be made by weavers, without making use of the members of the buttonmakers guilt. The story came from Robert L. Heilbroner's book The Worldly Philosophers (an all around excellent book if you want to learn some of the basics of the history of economics).

"The question has come up whether a guild master of the weaving industry should be allowed to try an innovation in his product. The verdict: 'If a cloth weaver intends to process a piece according to his own invention, he must not set it on the loom, but should obtain permission from the judges of the town to employ the number and length of threads that he desires, after the question has been considered by four of the oldest merchants and four of the oldest weavers of the guild.' One can imagine how many suggestions for change were tolerated. 

Another Way the Auto Industry is Going to Really Shake Up the Radio Industry

April 2nd, 2012 | by Alan Cross

I'll say yet again:  the next looming battleground for tradtional radio is in the car--or, more specifically, in the dashboard.  But that's not the only war on the horizon.  Radio consultant Fred Jacobs points how that while car commercials have long been important to radio's bottom line, something is coming along to distrupt all that.

In past posts, we have talked about the car as the next battleground for radio content.  As we will soon learn in our Techsurvey 8, more and more Americans are buying vehicles with systems like Ford’s SYNC, enabling a wider range of dashboard entertainment and information.

Meanwhile in the cubicles, life goes on as always – or does it?

Traditionally, the automotive sector has been the top category for radio sales.  Thankfully, product protection in stopsets became a thing of the past, because in the two-stopset world in which we live, scheduling seven car dealership commercials in the same hour would be mathematically impossible.

2012 Warped Tour Line-Up for Canada

April 2nd, 2012 | by Alan Cross

Circie Sunday, July 15, if you're planning on see Warped in Toronto. The flats at the Molson Amphitheatre?  That's a new venue.









Go on a Cruise? Which Bands Are Playing?

April 2nd, 2012 | by Alan Cross

Earlier this year, special correspondent Julia Wallace took part in The Weezer Cruise through the Caribbean.  (Find her exclusive reports here.)

Sunday, the New York Times did up a big thing on the cruise as well as highlighting some of the other offerings out there.  (Can you imagine the metal one?  People will die.)

THINGS were a little weird from the moment I stepped onto theWeezer Cruise. Like a lot of my fellow passengers — indie-rock fans who had signed up for a three-day voyage full of bands and beverages — I’d never been on a cruise before. So I don’t know whether most of them begin with a staff member high-fiving each and every person who comes off the gangway. But I’m relatively certain most don’t have a welcome center with a D.J. playing a reggae version of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box.”

Read more here.

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