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I Like This: Birthday Girls

Cool post-punk stuff from an Ottawa band.  Think Bloc Party spliced with No Age and Death From Above 1979. Start with this track and then check out the rest of their EP, Blood Brothers, on Soundcloud.   Blood Brothers by Birthday Girls.. more

Another Stage Collapse: 5 Killed

First, it was the scary situation with Cheap Trick at Ottawa’s Bluesfest.  Then last night, five people died and at least 40 were injured when the grandstand collapsed at the Indiana State Fair just before a performance by the band Sugarland. Unbelieveable video. .. more

The Summer Music Drought

Not much new in the stores/iTunes is there? It has been a rather dull summer for new releases. Instead, we're all listening to stuff that came out in June or earlier. Here's why it's been a dull and boring summer for new releases. .. more

World Beatbox Champion Julia Dales

What I find most fascinating about this promo video is the list of people who have retweeted Julia Dales‘ stuff.   Let me just say this:  “One of these things is not like the other/One of these things doesn’t belong.”  See if you can spot it. Julia Dales from julia dales on Vimeo.. more

New Music from Feist

From the upcoming album 12-track Metals (due October 4), this is “How Come You Never Go There.” More at .. more

Mylo Xyloto? WTF, Coldplay?

Coldplay’s fifth album, the Eno-fied Mylo Xyloto (pronounced MY-lo ZY-le-toe), will be out October 24th.   Expect a digital version, a basic CD, a deluxe edition and 180-gram vinyl packages.  From the looks for things, EMI is spending a lot on packaging.  And let’s face it:  to say that the fate of EMI is resting [&hellip.. more

New Trent Reznor

Here’s our first taste of what Trent and Atticus Ross are cobbling together for the Hollywood remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, directed by David “Fight Club” Fincher and due this December.  .. more

Weakest. App. Ever.

And I say this as a former accordion player. Savageapps has introduced an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app simply called Accordion.  “Play the accordion, and sound like a pro!  Chords on the left, scales on the right!”  And they have the guts to charge 99 cents for the thing. Then again, it has been rated 4+ stars [&hellip.. more

Coolest. T-Shirt. Ever.

There was a concert in Gera, Germany, recently that attracted a large number of far-right whackos. Many of them were given free t-shirts. And when they finally did their laundry, boy did they get a surprise. .. more

Using Street Musicians to Predict the Economy

My knowledge of economics can be summed up in this old joke: "If you line up all the economists end to end, you still couldn't reach a conclusion." I shall add proof to that with something called the Quality of Street Musicians Index. .. more

a-ha to Reunite for Memorial

A-ha (sorry, but it’s the beginning of a sentence, so I had to capitalize that “a”) is going to reunite for a memorial for the victims of the July 22 massacre in Olso and Otoeya.  As Norway’s biggest-ever band, they want to honour the victims and the families of those affected. More on the story [&hellip.. more

Muse’s Matt Bellamy’s Semi-Nude Fiance

In case you’re not into magazines like Elle or US (I’m not, but my wife is), you’ll be excused for not knowing that Muse’s Matt Bellamy is engaged to actress Kate Hudson.  In fact, they just had a baby a couple of weeks ago. Should you need to know more about why they’re not married [&hellip.. more

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