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Geohot Rap

If you’re aware of what goes on in the hacking community, you’ll know about George Hotz (otherwise known as Geohot), the guy who’s getting sued up the wazoo by Sony for the heinous crime of jailbreaking Playstation 3/PS3.   He’s not sorry at all.  Nope.  Not a single bit.. more

Streaming Services: Too Good to be True?

Hah! Found that article from yesterday's Globe and Mail on music streaming services in which I was quoted. (And this is kind of cool: My quotes were delivered via email whilst I was on a ship in the Adriatic Sea somewhere off the coast of Albania. Ain't the Internet grand?) .. more

I Like This: In My Coma

A debut album entitled Magnets & Miracles is coming August 30th.  They’re streaming the whole thing right now on Soundcloud.   IN MY COMA Magnets & Miracles by SoundsAndSights.. more

Saving School Music Programs

Here's how you can help with music programs in Canada's schools and look sharp at the same time. Guataca Music Wear sells t-shirts with proceeds going towards an organization called MusiCounts (a charity that I also support.) Give it a look. .. more

Weekly Music Sales Report

Remember how the industry was all excited that things were looking better than last year? I'm afraid that the party is over. That's what happens when there's nothing new and exciting in the pipeline for summer. .. more

I Like This: Gotye

Cool-sounding song via Andrew, a Canadian ex-pat living in Brisbane, Australia.  Apparently, this track by Gotye is extremely hot this now.. more

Gavin Rossdale’s Daughter Poses for Playboy

There’s more, but it’s definitely NFSW.  And as you’ll see, there’s no point in making any jokes about “bush.”  However, “Swallowed” jokes have already begun, no doubt.  (PLEASE, people…)  .. more

AoF Follow-Up: Wade Joins Gallows

Things are developing fast:  AoF announces break-up, Dallas explains his reasons for leaving and now the official announcement from Gallows that Wade McNeil is joing up. Unfamiliar with them?  Check this out.  .. more

I Like This: Matheiu Santos

Mathieu Santos, the bass player in Ra Ra Riot, has a new Animal Collective-ish-sounding album entitled Massachusetts 2010 where he plays just about everything himself.  Lovely summery stuff.   Mathieu Santos – Massachusetts 2010 by MathieuSantos.. more

White Stripes Cover Otis Redding

A couple of weeks ago, this unreleased cover of Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” showed up on Soundcloud.  It’s just starting to filter through the interwebs.   The White Stripes – I ve Been Loving You Too Long by dmrock.. more

UK Rioting Engulfs Music Biz

  The rioting, looting and burning that broke out first in London and then spread to other parts of the UK has now begun to affect the music business. A distribution warehouse in Enfield was set ablaze around 4am London time today (August 9).  Owned by Sony DADC, it was the repository for CDs from [&hellip.. more

The Recommendation Project Part 3: Covers

I'm convinced that social music--the ability to share music recommendations among friends and strangers alike--is gonna be hot. To test that theory, I've launched The Recommendation Project. Time for part three of the experiment. What's your favourite cover song of all time? .. more

AoF Break-Up: Should Have Seen It Coming

When I heard about the break-up of Alexisonfire, I had a flashback to a drinking session with George and Wade over two years ago. Suddenly, everything that they said that day made sense. .. more

Spreading the Word on a Musical Term

The word boffins in charge of the complete Oxford English Dictionary--the language police, if you will, for those of us who speak English--are constantly editing and re-editing their work. That used to be extremely difficult when the OED was solely a physical published work. But now that it's all online, new words are being added all the time. That's where I'm hoping to enlist your help in getti.. more

Weekly Music Sales Report

Sorry for being a day late with the weekly report, but out here on the Adriatic, Internet access can be, er, challenging. Back to normal by Sunday. Promise. .. more

Cruise + Music = Cruise-sick

No one goes on a mega-ship cruise expecting to find cool music (except, of course, the upcoming Weezer cruise. Go on: Google it.) But does it really have to be this wretched? .. more

A Brief History of Sports Anthems

Last week, I appeared on both the regular panel discussion of TSN’s Off the Record, but then I also stuck around to do a one-on-one segment on sports themes.  This is what happened.. more

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