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How Smartphones Are Luring Kids Away from Radio

November 3rd, 2011 | by Alan Cross

Here's another reason the radio industry needs to move toward IP delivery of their product and content. Pretending that the industry will always be a vital and indispensible over-the-air analogue is sheer folly.

Radio CAN compete in the digital world.  It just won't be through just AM and FM.

From Brandchannel:

It’s no secret that how consumers spend their time on media varies with age, so it’s fascinating to look at two recent studies (US and UK) to get a bead on how the generational shift in media consumption is advancing.

According to the latest Generational Strategies study from Frank N. Magid Associates, during the 9-5 workday more consumers use Facebook than watch television. The sole exception is Boomers, who prefer TV to Facebook, although 26% of those surveyed use the social network during work hours.

Bandcamp Targets MySpace

November 3rd, 2011 | by Alan Cross

Yes, MySpace is still around.  No, we're not sure how the new owners plan to resurrect it. Meanwhile, MySpace keeps taking punches from all sides.  The latest hit to the head comes from Bandcamp.  

This is from Bloomberg.

Four years ago, Ethan Diamond underwent an ordeal trying to buy an album online that a band had self-released: First the website crashed, then the download failed and left him struggling to find a link to report the problem.

Eventually the band’s singer e-mailed him a link to the songs, which were low-quality audio files with no titles or track information. “Every one of those problems was something I felt like I could solve,” says Diamond, a programmer whose previous venture was bought by Yahoo! (YHOO) and became Yahoo Mail.

He left Yahoo in 2007 and started Bandcamp the next year to create an easy way for bands to publish and sell music online.

Europe is Burning. Greece is Imploding. Italy’s in Peril. Better Delay the Album.

November 3rd, 2011 | by Alan Cross

Silvio Berlusconi is quite the rogue.  Not only is he governing a country with bibical debt woes, he's also facing legal action because he's accused of paying for sex for an alleged underage hooker. And he's still trying to explain what a "bunga bunga" party is.  

It's understandable, then, that Silvio has decided to delay the release of his new album.

Berlusconi has released three previous albums and has a fourth wtih guitarist and, er, parking lot attendant, Mariano Apicella. 

I am not making this up.

New Film on Punk Rock Dads: “The Other F Word”

November 3rd, 2011 | by Alan Cross

Punk rock documentaries are usually filled with some pretty extreme stuff.  This one is a little different.

The Other F Word focuses on what happens to punk rockers when they grow up and have families.

Can you image what it might be like to be child of Mark Hoppus of Blink-182?  

What if your dad is Flea from the Chili Peppers?  Chances are you might have some question about his behaviour.  

If you're in Rancid, how do you explain all those tattoos?  

And I'm trying to imagine how I might view my dad if he was Fat Mike.

The Hip Weren’t Always So Famous

November 2nd, 2011 | by Alan Cross

Every band has to go through a period where they pay their dues.  The Tragically Hip remembers all those times prior to 1988 where they showed up to play a gig and no one was there.

One of the most memorable shows they ever played was at a place in Bloomington, Indiana called "Jake's."

Weekly Music Sales Report: 02 November 2011

November 2nd, 2011 | by Alan Cross

Thanks to Coldplay and Michael Buble, it was a good week.  Very good.

Sales are up 20% from last week and 4% from a year ago.  Year-to-year pacing remains steady at 1%, but that could change for the better in the coming weeks.

But buried in all the stats is this:  physical albums sales are down 9% from 2010.  If there was any doubt that the world was moving digital, consider that downloaded albums are 36% higher than last year and digital tracks are up 41%.  

But back to the charts.

Best. Email. Ever. Radio People: You HAVE to Read This!

November 2nd, 2011 | by Alan Cross

The wild thing about radio is that you can’t see your audience.  You sit alone in a room, talking to yourself.  If this were any other situation, you’d be medicated and sent for counseling at a place where you couldn’t be a danger to yourself or others.

But it’s a real job.  You just don’t have an idea if your words are having any kind of effect on anyone until much, much after the fact, if at all.  Is the audience paying attention?  Are they laughing with you or at you?  Do they like you or hate you?  Or are they totally indifferent to what you’re doing, even though this is your life’s work and you’re pouring your heart and soul into being a radio person?

And you never know where your voice is being heard.  And under what circumstances.

Every once in a while, though, you get some feedback, be it through ratings, a conversation at a party, a talk with a client or something as innocuous as an email.  And sometimes those emails aren’t so innocuous.  This one goes down in my books as the Best Email Ever.

Billie Joe Armstrong: Problem Child

November 1st, 2011 | by Alan Cross

Here are a couple of things you may not have known about Green Day.  First, singer Billie Joe Armstrong was a real problem child.  

He was expelled from two schools, dropped out of a third and never did graduate from high school.  Green Day remembers playing a forty-five minute set after which they were paid a grand total of one dollar.  

They also remember playing a gig in front of a religious cult that quickly got very, very weird when all the followers started having sex with the leader right in front of everybody.

Another Top-Earning Dead Celebrities List

November 1st, 2011 | by Alan Cross

I'll save you the suspense:  the top-earning dead guy this year is Michael Jackson. And with the trial of his doctor happening in the lead-up to Christmas, this is going to be another good season for the guy. Too bad he's not around to enjoy it.

Here's the full list according to Forbes:

1.  Michael Jackson ($170 million):  Cash goes to the estate.

2.  Elvis Presley ($55 million):  Cash goes to the estate.

3.  Marilyn Monroe ($27 million):  Cash goes to Authentic Brands, who bought the rights from her estate.

New Releases This Week

November 1st, 2011 | by Alan Cross

Now that Halloween is done, it's full steam ahead for big-name new releases from now until Christmas. What's out today?

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