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Random Music News for Monday, September 18, 2017

Polaris Music Prize Day! Come back tomorrow for all the results. And now, the music news for September 18. Did a Chinese streaming music company try to buy Spotify last year? That’s the rumour. Madonna was worried her underwear thief was out for her DNA. Why? To clone her? The top five ways the iPhone [&hellip.. more

Want to Buy Mics Used for Nirvana’s In Utero Album?

A couple of years ago, I was given a tour of Abbey Road. When we got to Studio 2, the place where the Beatles recorded virtually everything they did, there were a bunch of ancient microphones laid out for an upcoming session with a string quartet. “See that one?” asked my guide, pointing to a [&hellip.. more

So How Did the Juggalo March on Washington Go? Surprisingly Well, Actually.

Yesterday, Juggalos descended on DC to protest the FBI’s opinion that Insane Clown Posse fans are no different than gang members. Their protest was scheduled for the same day as a pro-Trump march called The Mother of All Rallies. Both converged on the National Mall. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing, apparently. In fact, the [&hellip.. more

Before They Were Famous: Previous Jobs of Rock Superstars

[Another list from the current intern-in-residence, Dorothy Lee. – AC] Unless you’re born to royalty, almost no one is famous right out of the box. There are years of struggle and dues-paying before luck intervenes and delivers you a life so charmed that it’s practically criminal. Here’s a list of jobs big rock stars had [&hellip.. more

U2 Show in St. Louis Canceled by Protests

Issues of race permeate the fabric of America. The latest flashpoint is St. Louis where people took to the streets to protest the acquittal of a white police officer in the shooting of a black man. What started out peacefully has since turned violent with acts of vandalism. The situation is so tense that Live Nation [&hellip.. more

After a Long Day in the Factory, These Robots Just Want to Rock Out and Destroy the Place

This seriously could be the coolest music video you’ll see all month. And it might give you a few nightmares, For this new project called Automatica, engineer/musician/mad scientist Nigel Stanford collected together some industrial robots–you know, the kind of multi-articulated monsters that makes cars–and created a mechanical orchestra that not only plays a series of [&hellip.. more

Trivia Time: 35 Crazy Facts About Music

[I gave Dorothy the Intern an assignment: Find me at least twenty-five weird facts about music. She came back with these thirty-four. How shall we grade her? -AC] Mick Jagger is a skilled ballet dancer, and he has been taking lessons for years. Axl Rose is an anagram for “oral sex.” His real name is [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Saturday, September 16, 2017

On the ground after skirting through Super Typhoon Talim on the way back from Asia. No North Korean missiles, either. Next trip: London in two weeks. Remind me to stay out of the tube. And now, the music news for September 16. Dave Grohl’s pop-up pub, The Foo Fighters Arms, is now open for business [&hellip.. more

Foo Fighters: Worst To Best

The Foo Fighters are a tough band to dislike and Dave Grohl is almost impossible to dislike. Consequence of Sound took six serious Foo fans and take a crack at their catalogue. With Foo Fighters, Grohl has become one of the most recognizable faces in not only the genre but the music industry. Nobody can [&hellip.. more

The Killers New Eno-inspired Track

The Killers new album Wonderful, Wonderful is due out shortly. In paying homage to the ever inspiring Brian Eno, they send their love. Listen to “Some Kind of Love,” which is based on a motif from Brian Eno’s 1983 song “An Ending (Ascent),” below. Eno is also credited as a songwriter on the track. The [&hellip.. more

This Really Happened: A Jennifer Aniston-Matthew Perry Windows 95 Tutorial

Unless you were around when it was introduced, it’s hard to explain how big a deal the introduction of Windows 95 was. After years of dealing with DOS and clunky DOS shells, Windows 95 ushered in modern PC computing. (Yes, Mac fans, I know, I know. But we’re talking about PCs here.) Microsoft licensed “Start [&hellip.. more

Live Nation’s Concert Finder Chatbot is Sneakily Brilliant

As we go about our daily lives, we leave a trail of data smog, petabytes and exabytes of zeroes and ones that tell the universe where we’ve been, what we’ve done and where we’re going. Victory goes to those who can interpret this kind of Big Data properly. Live Nation’s new Concert Chatbot is presented as [&hellip.. more

Attention Hardcore Fans: Here’s an Interview with Winnipeg’s Comeback Kid

[Another boots-on-the-ground report from occasional contributor, Andrew Epstein. – AC] The Winnipeg hardcore squad return with a new album of heaviness and melody. By Andrew Epstein – Photo – Alexey Makhov “I’m always hoping before a record that it’s somewhat of a moment,” says vocalist/guitarist Andrew Neufeld of Winnipeg punk veterans Comeback Kid. He.. more

It Used to be That You Need Radio to Make Hit Songs. Not Any More.

The old formula worked like this: A label found an artist, paid for recording a song and then lobbied radio stations to play it. The more radio played the song, the more copies the song/album sold. With a little luck (and the public willing), you had a hit. Points if you’re able to find the [&hellip.. more

These Glasses Allow You to Control Your Music with Your Nose

What if you could turn your nose into a remote? That’s the plan hatched by some engineers in Korea who think that using your hands and fingers to deal with your music is lame. They’ve just published a paper called “ItchyNose: Discreet Gesture Interaction Using EOG Sensors in Smart Eyewear.” We propose a sensing technique [&hellip.. more

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