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Google Predicts Breakout Artists in Canada for 2017

Based on what kind of new music Canadians are searching for through Google Play Music, the boffins who collect such data have determined these are ten emerging artists worth watching in 2017. Bebe Rexha is a songwriter who has worked with everyone from Eminem to Selena Gomez. James Barker Band is a Canadian country singer [&hellip.. more

There Were Fewer Celebrity Deaths in 2016 Than Research Expected

A lot of beloved celebrities passed away in 2016: David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, and Carrie Fisher, to name a few. However, MIT Media Lab researchers found that fewer celebrities died last year than expected. According to Science magazine, “they defined celebrity as a person who is written about in 20 or more languages [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Thursday, January 12, 2017

Again, sorry about any issues you may have encountered on this site over the last couple of days. WordPress has been very buggy for me. And now, the music news. You know who’s been busy lately? This David Bowie impersonator. How many headliners (singers, rappers, producers) do you need on a pop song today? It’s [&hellip.. more

Wondering About Gord Downie and an Order of Canada? Here’s an Answer

Yesterday I had a question about the latest list of all the people who are going to be receiving the Order of Canada in 2017. A hundred names were published just before New Year’s and Gord Downie wasn’t there. Why? His name was put forward plus there was a petition directed at Governor General David [&hellip.. more

Ryan Gosling’s Goth Band. Wait–What?

If you’re a movie fan, you’ll know by now that Ryan Gosling–another Canadian who successfully infiltrated the US entertainment system–won a Golden Globe for best actor for his singing stint in the schmaltzy La La Land.  Turns out that this wasn’t Gosling’s first singing rodeo. You might remember his singing bits in a movie called Blue [&hellip.. more

The World’s Oldest Instrument–A 9,000 Year-Old Flute–Is Played Again

As a drummer, I’d say that a percussion instrument (stick meets rock) was the first musical instrument. But as for something that played notes, this flute is probably the oldest thing we can find. Not only that, but this ancient Chinese flute is tuned to a scale that’s not far from our modern scale. Listen [&hellip.. more

Remembering Digital Audio Tape with “The One DAT Got Away”

For a while, it looked like we were about to enter an era where the humble cassette would give way to digital audio tape, something that was heralded as the Next Big Thing after the CD. But digital audio tape was doomed, thanks to pushback from the music industry and the introduction of the CD-R [&hellip.. more

More Music From The Inbox 11 Jan 2017 elbow, Fun Cam, London Grammar and More!

Artist: elbow, “All Disco” Album: Little Fictions Long time favourite of mine out of Manchester Sounds like:  Emotional psychedelia Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Fun Cam, “Vegan Girlfriend” Album: Basement Rock Ex of several Toronto bands and making some great new music Sounds like: Yes.  Yes, she is! Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: London Grammar, “Rooting For You” Album: N/A This [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Wednesday, January 11, 2017

There’s something very, very wrong with the website today. We’re trying to figure it out, so please excuse any wonky posts in the meantime.  And now, in music news… Barack Obama has been offered the job of “President of Playlists” by Spotify. The one hour hip hop episode of The Simpsons is coming this Sunday. [&hellip.. more

Turning New Songs into 80s Nostalgia: Is This a Thing?

If you came of age musically in the 1980s, you’ll probably remember how futuristic everything sounded. Synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, samplers. Who needs guitars and real drums when we had this technology? Well, it turns out that these sounds were fleeting and now date this music like the shot of Michael Douglas and his cell [&hellip.. more

This Movie is About a Group of Man-Eating Mermaids Who Form a New Wave Band

That headline is 100% accurate. The Lure, a new feature from first-time director Agnieszka Smoczynska, follows the fortunes of two mermaids (Golden and Silver) who somehow end up in a New Wave band in Warsaw during the 1980s (after a turn at being strippers, of course). One of them falls in love. The other starts [&hellip.. more

Weird ISP Piracy Case Gets Support from RIAA, MPAA

A federal court in Virginia ruled that an ISP could be held liable for one of its users sharing pirated content, a decision now being supported by the RIAA and MPAA. As Torrent Freak reports, the case filed against Cox Communications, filed by BMG Rights Management, claimed the ISP held some responsibility for the actions [&hellip.. more

Question: What Happened to Gord Downie’s Order of Canada?

Last year as part of the outpouring of affection and support for Gord Downie, there was a movement to see him awarded the Order of Canada. A petition at gathered 75,000 signatures. Yet when the list of recipients for 2017 was released on December 30, Gord’s name was absent. I know that Gord’s name [&hellip.. more

Still Not Enough Bass in Your Life? The Maybe You Need the Basslet

You probably woke up this morning thinking, “My life would be complete if I had my own personal subwoofer that could come with me everywhere.” Well, bunky, you’re in luck. Behold the Basslet, the subwoofer that you strap to your wrist. It’s simple. Plug in the Basslet between your device and your headphones and less [&hellip.. more

The Story of Sony’s Failed Giant Cassette Tape

The early- and mid-70s were an amazing time for innovation in the home stereo industry. People were still making the transition from those giant pieces of furniture known as “console stereos” that featured an all-in-one entertainment unit: AM/FM radio, record changer, maybe an 8-track player and two speakers. The big thing was the component system [&hellip.. more

Music News

Random Music News for Tuesday, January 10, 2017

One year ago today, we woke up to the news of Bowie’s death. Goddammit, that still makes me sad. And now, the music news of the day. U2 has postponed the release of their next album so they can write more songs about Donald Trump. I’m not kidding. Pussy Riot thinks the Trump-Putin bromance will [&hellip.. more

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