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Random Music News for Thursday, May 18, 2017

One more sleep until the long weekend. But you’ve already mentally checked out, haven’t you? Kill some time with these music news items for May 18. Speaking of the long weekend, World Fiddle Day is this Saturday. A couple in southwestern Ontario have named their new baby Killian Gord Downie Burton. (Via Mike) How many people [&hellip.. more

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden

RIP Chris Cornell, Dead at 52. Medical Examiner Rules Suicide by Hanging

Christ. Another one. Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell died Wednesday night/early Thursday morning (May 17-18) in Detroit. He was on the road with Soundgarden when he suddenly passed away after a gig at the Fox Theatre. (Here are some photos from that last show.) He was found at the MGM Grand Hotel after the gig. One report says [&hellip.. more

More Brave New Waves Vinyl Reissues Are Coming

If you were an avid CBC Stereo listener between 1984 and 2007, the late-night Brave New Waves probably needs no introduction. The fringe show that politely introduced underground music to the masses was a daily staple for plenty of music fans, and despite its cancellation a decade ago the program’s heritage lives on. Toronto’s Artoffact [&hellip.. more

The Spectacular Fall of PWR BTTM

A couple of weeks ago, New York’s PWR BTTM were the “It” band, the Next Big Thing. I featured them on both my daily radio show on 102.1 the Edge and on this site’s Top 11 Playlist. Vice called them “America’s next great rock band” while the New York Times declared them “fabulously defiant.” NPR [&hellip.. more

Ticketmaster Tries to Fight Bots and Scalpers with “Verified Fan” Program

You know the drill. A hot show finally goes on sale to the general public and it instantly sells out, scooped up by concert ticket-buying bots. Seconds later, tickets appear on secondary sites for grossly inflated prices, pissing off everyone who got shut out. Ticketmaster feels your pain. Really. In an unprecedented act of openness, [&hellip.. more

“Rock Isn’t Dead. It Just Moved to Canada.”

It’s always nice to get some American notice and approval, innit? This is from Where else can you go, if not New York? As the early-aughts New York revival faded to static, the center of gravity in indie rock reverted to its default provincial location: somewhere in the countryside, but not too far away. [&hellip.. more

“Why I Listen to Records. It Has Nothing to Do with Sound Quality.”

After months of building, my new home office is almost 100% functional. One of the last things I have to do is fire up the new two-channel NAD/PSB/Pro-Ject audio system, which occupies a music-listening-only corner of the basement. I can’t wait to finally listen to a bunch of vinyl that I’ve been saving for this [&hellip.. more

More Music From The Inbox 17 May 2017 The Hangmen, Harry Pane, HDLSS and More!

Artist: The Hangmen, “Heartbreaker” Album: N/A Another classic out of Swansea in the UK Sounds like:  that awesome retro feel Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: Harry Pane, “The Wild Winds” Album: The Wild Winds Beautiful sounds out of London Sounds like:  Full on feeling Link/Listen/Watch: Artist: HDLSS, “False Flag” Album: False Flag/Bystander Effect This New York state band [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Wednesday, May 17, 2017

For the first time in its 10-year existence, my wisteria bush is going to give me flowers this spring. About bloody time. And now, the music news for May 17. Here’s an explanation of Ticketmaster’s new “Verified Fan” program designed to cut down on scalping. Looking for a music city travel experience? Start with this [&hellip.. more

Another Call to Activate the FM Chip Inside Canadian Smartphones

Inside virtually every smartphone is a chip that allows the device to receive free over-the-air FM broadcasts. Telcos are apparently loathe to activate the chip because that might mean diverting us from using our data plans. Can’t have that, can we? There is, however, a (slowly) growing movement to make it mandatory for those chips [&hellip.. more

Elvis Don’t Mean Sh*t to Millennials

For years after his death in August 1977, the estate of Elvis Presley earned hundreds of millions of dollars flogging the King’s music and memorabilia. An entire industry grew up around Elvis: impersonators, stage shows, endless reissues of his music, all manner of swag and the turning of Graceland into a tourist destination. It’s been [&hellip.. more

Now That Black Sabbath is Done, Ozzy is Going to Open a Doggy Daycare

If you ever watched The Osbournes, you’ll know that the family loves their animals. That love is about to extended with a new doggy daycare facility on Ozzy and Sharon’s English estate. No, I’m not making this up. A company called Positive Dogs, run by a trainer named Francesca Maddock, has filed for a change [&hellip.. more

The Slants: On the Road, Waiting for the Supreme Court

The Slants are, first and foremost, a band. They’re not about to let waiting for a decision from the US Supreme Court get in the way of being a band. The Portland, Oregon-based quartet is touring in support of their latest album, The Band Who Must Not Be Named, not only playing clubs across the [&hellip.. more

Has the Time Come for Formatless Radio?

Conventional industry wisdom is that a radio station should focus on a certain type of programming. Pick a genre of music and stick with it within some well-defined guidelines. That way, the thinking goes, is listeners will know what to expect each time they tune into that station. Even more importantly, different formats attract different [&hellip.. more

Random Music News for Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Another day, more ransomware. You all patched up? And now, the music news for May 16. RIP Keith Mitchell, drummer for Mazzy Star. Looking at the weekend Canadian music sales numbers, total album sales are softer by 17% from this time last year. Digital albums are the big problem, dropping 26%.  And vinyl is down [&hellip.. more

According to the Internet Conspiracists, Avril Lavigne is Dead. Again.

Oh, Internet. You can be so wonderfully looney, especially when it comes to propagating weird rumours and theories. You want fake news? Sit down, kids, and let me tell you a story. One conspiracy that keeps coming back says that Avril Lavinge committed suicide in 2003 and was replaced by a lookalike in the same [&hellip.. more

RIAA-Associated Organization Buys Canadian Music Reproduction Rights Agency

Is American music industry policy coming to Canada? Possibly. Let’s peel this back. SoundExchange is the performance rights organization that collects and distributes royalties on became of America’s record labels for interactive digital music services like satellite radio, Internet radio (like Pandora but NOT on-demand streamers like Spotify) and cable TV music channels. Created by [&.. more

Wait: There’s Something Wrong with the Music in This Movie…

This email from Bradley popped in yesterday: I bought a copy of Romancing the Stone from a bargain bin for $5. My wife and I thought we couldn’t go wrong for $5. We watched it and it was…off. It took us about 30 minutes before we put our finger on it and realized the musical [&hellip.. more

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