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Published on February 11th, 2013 | by Juliette Jagger


New Music From The Inbox: Whiskey Epiphany, Pants & Tie, Luke Vajsar, Ariane Moffatt, & Windmills

By Juliette Jagger

Artist: Whiskey Epiphany, “Feeling of A Lie”
Album: Old Story

“Feeling of A Lie” is a good ‘ol honky-tonk story about being crossed by a lover.

Sounds like: Kicking dirt in your face.


Artist: Pants & Tie, “7×7”
Women’s Complaints

This song is really something else. Try and imagine incessant electronic hammering, blatant and aggravated sexual propositioning, Danko Jones, NIN, subliminal soul, and strep throat.

Sounds like: Manic!


Artist: Luke Vajsar, “Let It Flow”

This song’s a beauty for one of those days when words just won’t quit and all you want to do is slide away on a great bass line.

Sounds like: Experimental lounge music


Artist: Ariane Moffatt, “Too Late”

Moffat is just such a solid songwriter. She composes the kind of lyrics that drive the nail in with absolute delight.

Sounds like: steal drums, sexual energy, and frantic nights. 


Artist: Windmills, “Things Fall Apart”

There’s something incredibly striking about the few notes that carry on throughout this song.

Sounds like: repent and accept



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Juliette Jagger is a rock and roll journalist, freelance writer, and the Editor-In-Chief of Toronto based music website, Anchor Shop. Her work has appeared in Vice’s Noisey, The Huffington Post, Exclaim!, and AUX amongst others. She is also the curator of New Music From The Inbox, a weekly independent music segment that runs here at AlanCross.ca.

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