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Published on November 28th, 2016 | by Juliette Jagger


New Music From The Inbox 28 November 2016: Mark Martyre, Terra Lightfoot, Sienna Dahlen, Lori Cullen, Her Harbour

By: Juliette Jagger (@juliettejagger)

Artist: Mark Martyre “Take It All Away”
From the supremely talented and always raspy Mark Martyre, “Take It All Away” hangs heavy even in thin air. There is a quiet stillness about Martyre’s songwriting that speaks to fleeting moments, simple pleasures, and matters of the heart, and this one’s no exception.



Artist: Terra Lightfoot “All Alone”
Every Time My Mind Runs Wild

Off of her sophomore effort, Every Time My Mind Runs Wild, “All Alone” from Terra Lightfoot reaffirms the roots rocker as an endearing talent. Where her debut produced a string of softer tracks and a more subdued vibe, songs like this one reveal a melodically transformed and far more disciplined songwriter.



Artist: Sienna Dahlen “Your Eyes”
Ice Age Paradise

Juno award-winning jazz vocalist Sienna Dahlen has just released a brand new solo album titled, Ice Age Paradise. Featuring arrangements from Andrew Downing, Dahlen steps well beyond her jazz roots to deliver a cinematic and at times chilling performance that pulls delicately upon influences ranging from Radiohead to Nick Drake.



Artist: Lori Cullen “Off Somewhere” Ft. Ron Sexsmith
 Sexmith Swinghammer Songs

Off of her latest album, Sexsmith Swinghammer Songs, “Off Somewhere” from the lovely Lori Cullen, elegantly balances the worlds of jazz and chamber-pop to deliver potent balladry that embodies the essence of the sentiment: distance makes the heart grow fonder.



Artist: Her Harbour “Hewing Crowns”
Go Gently Into The Night

There is something curious and striking about “Hewing Crowns” from Her Harbour. As the debut single off of songwriter Gabrielle Giguère’s forthcoming sophomore release, Go Gently Into The Night, the song serves as a preface to the demons she attempted to quell while making the album.


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