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Published on April 14th, 2014 | by Juliette Jagger


New Music From The Inbox: Skating Polly, FEVERS, Hamilton Leithauser, Denitia and Sene, daysdeaf

By: Juliette Jagger

Artist: Skating Polly “Ugly”
Album: Fuzz Steilacoom

Before you rip this Oklahoma City-based duo for channeling to much Kurt Cobain, check out the whole video cause I couldn’t take my eyes off it. These stepsisters have more grit than any rock band I’ve heard in ages. They’re brash, greasy and unconcerned with looking “pretty.” They’re like a new age Bikini Kill.

Sounds like: “She wants to be a pretty girl / She wants to be stereo.”


Artist: FEVERS “Dance Cry Dance”
No Room For Light

Ottawa natives FEVERS, have just released a video for their infectious electro-dance-pop single “Dance Cry Dance,” and it’s all fuzzy guitars, sharp, piercing synths and momentum for miles.

Sounds like: “I wana dance, cry, dance and forget the shit that I can’t stand, I wana leave it at the door.”



Artist: Hamilton Leithauser “Alexandra”
Black Hours

This song comes on like a tidal wave and chugs along on high-hats and harmonica and hand clappin’ and foot stompin’.

Sounds like: “I don’t think back, I don’t need to, but I’m always thinking of you.”



Artist: Denitia and Sene “Divided”
Brooklyn based duo, Denitia and Sene, have returned with this stark, soulful blend of electro-hip-hop.

Sounds like: “What is love? / What is this I’m feeling right now? / Maybe you’re my drug / And I’m fiending right now.”



Artist: daysdeaf “Giving Life to Greys”
When Colour Lost Light

This one was an unexpected, unpolished beauty. Something of a conceptual project, When Colour Lost Light, from daysdeaf takes a subjective look at both the omni-present and unconscious influence colour has on identity.

Sounds like:  “We lost ourselves to each other.”


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Juliette Jagger is a Canadian music journalist and writer based in Toronto. Her byline has appeared in such media outlets as Noisey, The Huffington Post, and This Week In Palestine. She is currently editor of the National Music Centre of Canada’s online platform Amplify, and is the creator of ongoing interview series Origin Stories, which uncovers the inspiration behind hit songs. She is relatively certain Mick Jagger is not her uncle.

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