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Rumours of an Amazon Streaming Music Device

According to Billboard, Amazon is working on some new hardware, including an audio-only streaming device.  If we take the Kindle as an example of what Amazon is trying to do, this could be a very big deal when it comes to music.

The Kindle is basically a portable order pad.  Here in Canada, the only things we can really buy through a Kindle are ebooks.  But in the US and a couple of other territories, the Kindle is a window to everything that Amazon sells.

Now imagine a music player that works like a Kindle, give people always-on access to Amazon Music.  This would certainly give iTunes a bit of a shock.  To be fair, the Kindle Fire already does this and they’re much cheaper than almost anything Apple sells.  But it’s an all-in-one device.  We’re talking about a tiny audio-only piece of gear here.

And there’s more.  From Billboard:

The Wi-Fi audio device, meant for streaming through speakers or a television set, would have implications for the music industry. It could be a complementary device that rounds out a digital music ecosystem just as Apple’s AirPlay device has long given iTunes users a way to stream audio to any stereo or speakers. Or it could mean Amazon wants to offer a complementary product if and when it launches a music subscription service.

The company is said to be in exploratory talks with record labels for a service that would compete with Spotify, Rhapsody and other on-demand services. Or the device could be meant as a complement Cloud Player, Amazon’s cloud-based music locker and streaming service. A Cloud Player app is already available for Roku, Samsung TV and Sonos. In any case, a WiFi audio streaming device would help Amazon give its customers a better listening experience.

Interesting, no?

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