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Study: Serious Music Fans Spend This Much on Music Per Year?

Just $422?  I’d have thought it would be more, given the price of concert tickets.  Then again, buying music is a whole lot cheaper than it used to be what with fewer of us buying CDs.  

This is the conclusion of a study presented at SXSW this week.  Read more (and get a bigger version of this image) at the LA Times.


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4 Responses to Study: Serious Music Fans Spend This Much on Music Per Year?

  1. shifty says:

    $442? I spend way more than that… being that one Vinyl record is at least $20-$30 and I buy as many as 3-4 minimum per month.. and that doesn't include CD's, or concert tickets and concert merch… do they include concert merch in this? Every concert I attend I try to at the very least buy a T-shirt as I know that it helps the band out more financially….

    how DO they get these numbers….

  2. Detached says:

    I bought exactly 54 vinyl records last year. I paid under $500. I buy most of mine second hand, averaging $1 – $9 each. I'm sure they don't count used purchases though, which is funny, because I'm the biggest music fan I've ever known, and yet it doesn't even rate.

  3. Mike McCann says:

    The painful process of doing my taxes has shown me that my average spending on music (and that's just purchasing CDs or vinyl, not concert tickets, magazine subscriptions, posters, merch, airfare for travelling to festivals, etc.) over the last six years has been between $9,000 and $12,000. I know I'm not the typical consumer and I'm lucky enough to be able to write large amounts of this off based on my profession, but if an "afficionado" is classified as someone putting out less than $500 a year, I wonder what superlative they'd use for folks like me? Besides obsessive, of course. 🙂

  4. Dee says:

    I have spent well over $1000.00 in the last 6 months on vinyl ALONE.

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