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Published on June 13th, 2018 | by Alan Cross


Want to learn how to read music? Start here.

When it comes to learning piano, people usually will find that reading sheet music is boring, laborious, and perhaps, a nightmare!

Guest blogger Neil Nguyen from brings us a visual, clear, and very simple instruction on how to read music notes and their corresponding keys on a piano.

First, we must know 7 musical notes and their corresponding letters

7 Musical Notes and Their Corresponding Letters

Do C
Re D
Mi E
Fa F
Sol G
La A
Si B

Second, we learn the names of the musical notes and their positions in the treble clef and the bass clef

Musical Notes on The Treble Clef

Musical notes on The Bass Clef

Third, we match the musical notes on the music sheet with their corresponding piano keys

Connection Between Musical Notes and Piano Keys

The cornerstone-lines in the treble clef: G-line. G-line indicates G4 on the piano keyboard

The cornerstone-lines in the bass clef: F-line. F-line indicates F3 on the piano keyboard

The complete diagram of musical notes and their corresponding piano keys


The last words

In the original guide, Neil Nguyen includes the right-brained and the left-brained approach to read mmusicalnotes and their corresponding keys, which make it’s easier for you to learn the basic music theory.

Also, it’s well-written and contains a lot of illustrations. Click on the following link to visit the original guide on how to read piano keys and notes from

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