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Cool! Sounds of NASA.

March 25th, 2019 | by Alan Cross

Who knew that NASA had a SoundCloud account? The US space agency has uploaded hundreds of hours of audio so

It’s Pi Day! An AI program has composed a song just for the ocassion

March 14th, 2019 | by Alan Cross

It’s March 14, or 3/14. Close enough to… …math’s favourite irrational number. Taken to 1000 digits, pi is actually 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751082097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651328230664709384460550582231725359408128481117450284102701938521105559644622948954903819644288109756659334461284756482337867831652712019091456485662346034861045432664821339360726024914127372458700660631558817488520920962829254091715364367892590360011330530548820466521384146951941511609433057270365759591953092186117381932611793105118548074462379962749567351885752724891227938183011949129833673362440656643086021394946395224737190702179860943702770539217176293176752384674818467669405132000568127145263560827785771342757789609173637178721468440901224953430146549585371050792279689258923542019956112129021960864034418159813629774771309960518707211349999998372978049951059731732816096318595024459455346908302642522308253344685035261931188171010003137838752886587533208381420617177669147303

A CanCon Coachella, 2000s edition

February 4th, 2019 | by Alan Cross

Cameron Gordon of Completely ignored contributed an extremely popular post a few weeks back imaging what an all-star all-CanCon Coachella

New Music from @keylowjules

January 18th, 2019 | by Andrew Dick

Hey everyone! I’m back with some more music from the Music Tech Community. The band is called Keylow Jules. A

Chapter 8 of the Brother Rock comic strip

January 7th, 2019 | by Alan Cross

Nashville-based cartoonist Randy Gibbard’s creation debuted on this site earlier this year. Here’s the latest installment. Get caught up. Chapters 1

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