Published on August 9th, 2017 | by Alan Cross


Yes, Canadian Internet Speeds Suck

If you’ve used the Internet in Singapore, Sweden or the Netherlands, you’ll know that download speeds are blazing fast when compared to much of what we can get in Canada. Statista shows where we rank in the world. This bites.


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3 Responses to Yes, Canadian Internet Speeds Suck

  1. Mark says:

    This is very misleading. I have a mid range internet package and get speeds that would be typically rank 2-4 on this list. I have friends who have serious packages that would get better than Singapore times. It is really about how much you want to spend. Canadians probably find it too expensive to get high-end internet packages and then there is the rural areas with little to no service options.

    • Nothanks says:

      I have waaaaay worse internet than anything on this list and I pay about $300 per month. As soon as you leave a major city it’s complete garbage so that brings the average waaay down.

  2. J Darcy says:

    Very misleading. Download times have as much to do with congestion, your modem’s location relative to your device, your device’s settings etc.

    This is like saying “Traffic is really bad in my city, it takes me a long time to drive from work to my house. Must be the low speed limits on city streets.”

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