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Published on February 13th, 2017 | by Alan Cross


What If Metallica’s “Kill It All” Was Written in a Major Key?

Almost all metal is written a minor key. That’s what gives metal its dark power and majesty. But stay with me for a second: What if we were to arrange metal–say, Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All–in a major key. An interesting exercise–but something just ain’t quite right. (Via Tom)

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3 Responses to What If Metallica’s “Kill It All” Was Written in a Major Key?

  1. James Edgar says:

    Interesting. green day on speed maybe?

  2. Tim McMullen says:

    Is this actually Foo Fighters formula? Hear me out. This video was so good I’ve watched it three times (already, in a row). And midway through the second viewing I couldn’t help but hear a lot of Foo Fighters in the major key. Considering Dave Grohl is a metalhead/thrasher/punk/hardcore at heart (see PROBOT project) is it too far fetched to propose that he might WRITE Foo Fighters material in a familiar minor key, and then COVERT in to a major key to give it it’s universal, radio friendly appeal? Ultimately, what would happen if someone were to reverse the rolls in this video and play Foo Fighters in a minor key? I’ll bet we’d get some heavy, heavy rockers (think “In Your Honour” with its soaring guitars and hints at elements of thrash).

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